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League of Legends Build Guide Author spiritcontrol

Lux, The Glass Cannon

spiritcontrol Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Hello everyone! This is my guide to Lux.
I tried some builds here on mobafire, and came up with my own one, with which I can carry a team to victory.

I love playing Lux. And I think, handled properly, she is one of the best AP Carries in the game. Lux has the range and the damage output, to be the personal nightmare of most champs.

This is a guide to Lux on Mid Lane. (She's pretty useless on other lanes)

Some intro to Lux herself:
Lux is NOT a burst damage champ. Not at all. I don't play her as a burst damage dealer, and my build doesn't make her one. My game with Lux is about waiting and harrassing the others mid. If you are looking for an insta-10second-ultra destruction build where you can be very aggressive and dominate the mid lane right on, this might not be the right build for you. If you are looking for a sustain build, which can carry a team and offer pretty good support (although no heal), this is the right one for you.

How I play Lux:
I play Lux as a slow building, mid & late game dominating champ. Champs like Annie or Brand will get you a kill right on at Level 6, but Lux (mostly) wont.

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Let's go a bit in-depth with Lux abilities:


  • Illumination is your best friend in fights against champs, whos range is less than yours.
  • It is your worst enemy in fights against champs with a range greater or equal as yours.
  • Also, it's a wonderful last hitting tool (on champs and minions)
Try to hit your enemy with your auto-attack after landing a hit with Light Binding, Lucent Singularity or Finales Funkeln. This will deal the extra damage required to take down an enemy champion early on.
Light Binding
  • Light Binding is your best tool to escape ganks, and avert attacks on you. If you see someone charging towards you, or the jungler appear from the bushes, bind him, and run. Run to your tower. Lux is squeeshy, and can't take much punishment. You can't attack two people at the same time.
  • Light Binding also saves you from tower dives. If someone charges you into your tower, wait until they are in range of the tower and bind them. Depending on your skill and health, you can land a kill by throwing a Lucent Singularity onto them and triggering Illumination.
  • Light Binding can also save team mates. You top priority is to run AND save your team mates. Lux can't take much damage and has little health. This build isn't going to change this fact, so making your team mates survive is a top priority.
Try to hit your enemies with Light Binding first, then triggering Illumination, cast Lucent Singularity onto them, and again, trigger Illumination, and get the hell out of there.
Prismatic Barrier
  • This is a great tool to reduce incoming damage. Whenever you completed your attack combo ( Light Binding -> Lucent Singularity -> Finales Funkeln), cast Prismatic Barrier and run. Lux has a pretty high cool down time (especially in the beginning of the day), so running to the next tower will be your best chance to survive.
  • This is also a brilliant tool to increase the survivability of your team in late game. Especially protecting the AD Carry with Prismatic Barrier is a good way to keep the carry alive.

Lucent Singularity
  • Lucent Singularity is a great damage dealing spell, as well as a great zoning tool.
  • Lucent Singularity can help you escape, and deal damage. Cast it behind you, run, and if the enemy champ is on the edge of your Lucent Singularity, trigger it. If you are low on health or the enemy champ is a nuker, like Annie, don't try to trigger Illumination.
  • Lucent Singularity is a great tool to farm. If you already have Rabadon's Deathcap, you can instanly kill the caster minions with your Singularity.

Finales FunkelnFinales Funkeln
  • Finales Funkeln is, if well placed, a pretty good finisher and can get you up to a quadra kill.
  • It's mostly a farming tool and a finisher. Use it to farm a complete wave after you got Rabadon's Deathcap, or preventing the enemy team from pushing a tower, by nuking their minions away, before the tower attacks the minions.
  • Don't be afraid to spam your ultimate. It will be ready every 30 seconds. This makes it perfect for farming or preventing an enemy champ from pushing towers. Also, a well placed Ultimate makes a push on mid pretty fast useless.

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Summoner Spells

Let's talk about Summoner Spells.


I think this is a necessity. Lux is incredibly Mana hungry and you (most of the time) can't have the first blue. Lux depends on Mana. So Clarity is my first choice. It prevents me from having to buy Mana items like Athene's Unholy Grail. It provides Mana in times of need for me and stays viable on Lux throughout the whole game. Even after the Buff of Finales Funkeln from 200 Mana to 100 Mana in late game and the Buff of Light Binding to 50 Mana on the first level, I find my self needing Mana in battles and Clarity just provides that. So it's a logical choice for me.


A no brainer on a squeeshy champ. The moment you see the enemy mid champ charge towards you or the jungler appear from the bushes, Flash towards your tower. Lux can't take punishment, so keep her out of battles. Just Flash away and wait until the Jungler disappears.


This is also an option, instead of Clarity. But I don't think it's a good option. If you are close enough to ignite, you are too close already. Lux has an incredible range, use it. As I said, if you are close enough to Ignite, you are too close already. Also, Finales Funkeln provides the effect of Ignite long range. I don't take it with me, neither should you.

Spells you wont need nor should you take them (for this build):

You can exhaust with Lucent Singularity and your auto attack does not give you enough bang for the buck to be able to take someone down, even IF he is exhausted.

If you need heal, you shouldn't play Lux. Heal does not benefit a long ranged caster like Lux.

If you take promote, you are doing something wrong. Promote does not benefit Lux AT ALL. You neither want your lane pushed nor do you need a promoted minion for tower pushing.

This can be an option instead of clarity, but I would prefer to get a Banshee's Veil. If your enemies have a heavy CC (crowd control) centered team, this can be an option. But it's not a preferable Summoner Spell.

Teleport is mostly useless on Lux. You are fast, you can defend towers by nuking away minions attacking it with Lucent Singularity and Finales Funkeln.

This *could* be an option, instead of flash, but only in combination with Cleanse.

If you are Level below 10 and you get killed a lot, you should take this instead of Clarity. You don't need Clarity if you are dead, because your Mana gets replenished anyway. Revive is an option there.

It could help you get that extra damage into your Finales Funkeln, but as my build is more centered about sustain in the early game, Clarity is my first choice.

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Greater Quintessence of Potency
This gives you an edge in early game. +15 ability power makes your Light Binding and Lucent Singularity much more potent.

Greater Seal of Clarity
As you progress through levels and get stronger, this helps you with your Mana problems in early game. I prefer these over Greater Seal of Replenishment as it gives you an edge in late game. You could substitute these with Greater Seal of Replenishment, if you can't get around your Mana problems in early game. But if you have Clarity and your Jungler gives you the Blue Buff, no problem at all. Late game, here we come.
Greater Mark of Insight
This gives you an edge in early and mid game. It helps you get more bang for the buck, as my build is centered around AP, this also helps a bit in mid game. Don't get me wrong, these runes will help you in late game, but you will never be able to snipe a tank, which builds around magic resist. These runes help you get a kill early on, as they negate the enemies champ base magic resistance.
Greater Glyph of Force
These are very good in combination with Rabadon's Deathcap, that's why I get Rabadon's Deathcap early on. You get a whole lot of AP this way.

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Things to consider:
Summoner's Insight
This is a good idea, considering that I propose Clarity and Flash as Summoner Spells. This gives you 20% Mana for your Clarity and reduces the cooldown of Flash by 15 seconds.

Runic Affinity
Increases the duration of Blue Buff and is therefore a good idea.

The offensive skills should be pretty clear why, except since I don't use Ignite, I have no point in Summoner's Wrath . If you wish to use ignite, put one point into Summoner's Wrath from Mental Force .

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Alternative Masteries


If you have problems last hitting, you can give up 3 points in Mental Force , and instead get 3 points in Brute Force

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