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League of Legends Build Guide Author PP2468100

Lux, the one-shot combo! DEMACIA!!!

PP2468100 Last updated on January 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys, I am PP2468100 or also known as emberlegend in other games. I am quite new to mobafire and this is my first build I have ever made so please excuse me if I do not use all the features as they may be hidden or unknown to me at this moment. If I do find out how to do these features then I will update my build as well as updating it when ever there is a new patch bring any major changes. Feel free to put in the comments what you think of this build and what can be improved to make it better.
Well, without further ado here are the chapters to the build explaining why I have chosen what for this build.

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Pros / Cons

Lux has many pros but she has few cons which is one of the reasons why she is my main Mid-Laner and why I think that she is the most bursty champion in the game.
Has really easy farming technique.
Lux has the biggest range out of most Mid-Laners.
Her kit provides her with great initiation, de-engagement ability and trading power.
If used correctly she has the highest kill potentiality out of any other Mid-laner in this game.
She can be countered but one thing about Lux is that she can always counter her counters not matter what.
She can win back any lane even if you start losing it.

When you get snowballed, the opponents can easily come back into the game.
She is useless if all her spells are on cooldowns.
She is a free kill if she has no mana.
Most champions who have skill dodges such as Fizz or Zed can counter her.

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The masteries I run with Lux are standard masteries for most APCarries playing at mid taken a point on offense whenever possible and putting a few points in utility. There isn't much to explain about my reasoning for my points on the offense tree since it is self-explanatory but I will go in a bit of detail for my points in the utility tree.
Firstly, like many other AP Mid-laners, Lux relies a lot on mana, especially when you are poking them with your E as it's mana cost gains a lot more mana per level. With the points set in Meditation it will give you more mana regen which will help you in lane whatever the reason is for, whether it is to do poke damage or to help you farm, it will help you extraordinarily. I have fleet of foot for a very specific reason. To help you chase down people to trigger your passive. When you trigger your passive it will deal a huge chunk of magic damage and using the passive is also part of your big combo. I have a few points in the utility tree to help you with lifesteal, spellvamp and health regen to help you stay in the lane longer since it will give you more sustainability. Finally, I have one point one Summoners' Insight because let's be honest to ourselves, everyone likes having their summoner spells on shorter cooldowns.

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There are many reasons for these specific runes since these will help you win your lane against all the enemies you will go against, these runes will make the difference between you winning or losing against your counters such as champions like Zed. I have flat ability power quintessences for extra damage to provide you with extra damage on your poke. Secondly, I have magic resist glyphs since these will help you cope with the damage from other enemy midlaners. I take magic penetration marks to ignore the magic resist glyphs your opponent will likely use against you. Finally, I have ability power seals for just that bit of extra damage which may tell the difference between you losing or winning fights or trades.

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After you get some damage from items, you get experience from minions and gain a few levels and when you have lots of mana and mana regen, it is almost impossible to miss a cs. You can just use one E and just about be able to clear one entire minion wave giving you lots of gold and maybe giving you an edge over your opposing Mid-Laners. Your passive makes it really easy to cs since it gives your basic attacks extra damage if they are afflicted by it due to getting hit by a spell.

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In this chapter I will be explaining to you my item choices and why I have chosen these specific items.
You can build anything on Lux, you can build anything you want on any champion but the reason to winning games is what you build and how it affects you. If you go AD Lux, your auto attacks will deal a lot of damage but that is a case of you not utilizing her to the full potential since your spells will do >0. All of Lux's spells deal magic damage and scale off ability power.
For my first build we have the standard build I normally use. You can buy the items in any order but the order I put them there is the order I normally use (boots being an exception, you can buy them whenever). Athene's Unholy Grail will give you a lot of ability power, some magic resist to be able to take some more magic damage and a unique passive called mana font. This passive gives you 1% mana regen for each 1% of mana missing which is figuratively the best item for Lux since Lux uses the most mana in this game for her combos. The rest of the items are fairly explanatory since they are standard items you would build for an APCarry (except for morellomonicon) but I will give some information and stats about Void Staff and Morellomonicon.

Morellomonicon is another major item for lux since it provides you with cooldown reduction which allows you to spam your spells more often, some mana regen and some ability power which are all needed for Lux. Arguably, you can use Mejai's Soulstealer as an alternative but it won't give you mana regen and it will be slightly difficult to get to full stacks to get the cooldown reduction. The only good thing about it is it gives you 180 ability power at full stacks which is more then 2x the amount on Morellomonicon. I use Void Staff to as it is the equivalent of a Last Whisper but in an ability power form. It gives you 90 ability power and it ignores 35% of the opponents magic resist which allows you to unleash the one shot combo.

The lane bully build is designed to do tons of damage with your basic attacks since your passive+lich bane will deal a lot more damage. The easy farming one is designed for you to spam your abilities during the laning phase so you never miss a farm, it's also built as a safe start which provides a lot of sustain.

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Skill Sequence

There isn't much to say about her skills since I put it in the best order (in my opinion). Your E is the easiest skill shot to land and combined with your passive during early game it will do a lot of damage. After you upgrade your Q and R whenever possible so you can build up for your one shot combo.

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This chapter explains why Lux has the spells and why you should use them.
Lux was originally first introduced as a weak champion until someone showed the world that she is the most OP (OverPowered) champion in the League. Even though somebody has done that, I am not seeing Lux being banned in every game or picked in every game which is the biggest insult ever to such a champ. If you lock in Lux it is gg, you have won but if they lock in Lux it is bg, they have won.
Your Q will deal a lot of damage later and later on in the game and it is the essential skillshot which tells you whether or not if you are a good Lux player and if you can use your combo. The combo I tend to use is a shortened version of the real combo which is Q+E+R in that order and an auto-attack. If you follow this build you can do that combo since you will deal enough damage to 1 shot the squishies and complete destroy the opposing team in any teamfight. The reason why I made this combo is because it is slightly easier which will give you a 100% rate to hit the combo if you land the Q and send your other spells in the fastest possible time.
Your shield is only really used to help your teammates in teamfights to be able to sustain more damage. Apart from that it is for your team to disengage along with all your other spells or you can use it to secure yourself an assist without accidentally taking a kill from somebody else since you will be so fed that kills will be the same as >1 gold. You can also use it during your laning phase when you might take a lot of damage from your opposing Mid-Laner.

One way to counter your counter's such as Zed or Fizz is by waiting for them to use their mobility and engaging on you which gives you a free combo to use and allows yourself to deal tons of damage to them and even one shotting (<- New word created by me! :D) them. You can use your shield (W) to counter all the damage they do to you when they engage with their mobilty spell.

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Ranked Play

I cannot provide much information here since I don't have any recorded stats or stuff like that. The only thing I can say here is that Lux is your number 1 train ticket to get to challenger and to surpass the "Korean Hype Train" and maybe one day become good enough to make Faker's Zed an embarrassment but that will take a lot of games to achieve and so that I don't seem cocky, it is also something I haven't achieved (long way from achieving it) but I wish to be able to.

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Creeping / Jungling

Farming/Creeping/Jungling isn't a big subject to cover and this chapter will be very miniscule since I covered pretty much everything in the farming chapter. The only thing I can say is that if you use your whole combo there you can kill the camps without take any damage, your shield will absorb the damage like a sponge absorbs water.

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Team Work

Most of this chapter has been covered in other chapters but I will still mention somethings and one thing I have to say though is, Lux is the glue of the team the same way there is somebody who always glues everybody in a big group of friendships.
Most of Lux's kit was made for teamwork and assassination. You can use your Q to trap their damage dealers and squishies for an instant kill, you can use your W to shield everybody from damage, you can use your E to slow them and hit all of them which triggers your passive if they are all hit from your ult (R) after your E hits them all.

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Unique Skills

Lux has the most unique varied passives in the game.
Below is a list of them (I made them up but they are true).
Team Player - Works in any team comp
One Shotter - She is capable of one shotting any squishies and deals the most damage causing her to be insanely bursty.
Assister - Has a shield which can give her any assist.
CC Master - She has some of the most crowd control spells in the entire game which deals insane damage which causes her to deal insane damage.
Outrageous Devastater - She has the capacity to kill people instantaneously if they threaten to kill her/ kill her. She has the capacity to 1v5 an entire team and run with a pentakill and full health. She has the capacity to make RIOT ban her altogether from LoL due to her damage.

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Well this is it for my Lux Guide to one shotting. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. I have tried to make this guide slightly humorous but I am not a very funny person so maybe it won't be as funny to you guys. Please note of any mistakes in the comments so I can go to fix it asap. Thank you for reading and go out there and get challenger with Lux!


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