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League of Legends Build Guide Author IxieSorrow

Lux : Tryhard Style

IxieSorrow Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A Quick Notice

If you looked, there is multiple Rune choices, this is for those who prefer certain runes that still work for Lux. There is still other runes that work well with Lux, but the ones i have listed seem to be my personal favorites.

The same thing also stands for Boots, I listed Sorcerer's Shoes for both of these builds, but Ionian Boots are good boots for either, (more preferably on the more supportive build) as well as Mercury's Treads (For those harder CC Teams)

The last thing is Mejai's, Mejai's Soulstealer is an item i rush specifically because getting stacks on Lux is typically child's play. The item should be kept after you have it until you have full slots otherwise since it would be a waste of gold to sell it until necessary and you still have opportunities to get stacks.

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Hello once again! As you know i already have a Lux guide, and not only is it a bit outdated and cluttered, but it is also wrong on a few things that i now find important in her as a champion.

In this Guide for Lux, I will explain the difference between the first and second builds, The purpose of the multitude of runes, My Item preferences as well as optional items and more.

I hope to expand this guide with time and make it much better than my last guide for lux, feel free to contribute and ask questions as i will answer nearly all of them. Thank you and enjoy!

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Masteries are a Standard 9-0-21, Since Lux is one of the few actual AP-Support/Carry Characters, I build her with Magic Penetration masteries. Most supports will actually not run the magic penetration and take more important masteries such as those for survivability instead since their main job is to support rather than kill. Refer to this when i reach the rune section as well. Either way, Cooldown Reduction in the Offense tree is a typical want/need for AP Carries in general and it is taken specifically for that reason. Lux's cooldowns are quite long early game and Cooldown reduction is very nice to help.

In Utility, The experience gain is very good to keep up in laning levels, as well as possibly beating your enemy to 6 for your combination. Greed is taken for more gold, even if it isn't much, it's still some free wards or that little bit more you could need for an item. Honestly i would enjoy a third point into increased mana regeneration, but the buff length is very useful when you go to get Blue buff but not important enough to put 2 points into it for lux in my opinion. The rest of the masteries i don't believe need an explanation, but i will give one if asked for.

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As you can see, there is many rune choices to choose from, most combinations should work out fine with them but i will explain them anyways.


Greater Mark of Insight:
Typical Caster runes, these are very useful early game if anything at all. Your early game damage is much better if you have some early game magic penetration, this plus your masteries should secure your early game needs for it.


Greater Seal of Clarity:
These seals are for those who have trouble with mana, since you don't really get much mana items in the first build, if you don't feel you have mana issues then Greater Seal of VitalityGreater Seal of Vitality or Greater Seal of Force.

Greater Seal of VitalityGreater Seal of Vitality:
The Health seals here above are meant for a more secure time for those who feel their hp is quite low. Lux is very squishy and health runes have saved me in a pinch before. These once again are a personal preference and will most likely be your choice if you didn't take the Greater Seal of Clarity route.

Greater Seal of Force:
You might be wondering *Why seals that only give 1.8 AP late game, isn't that a waste? Regardless it's 16 AP that you'll have regardless of how good you do, and it helps your late game damage and works with Rabadon's Deathcap. These are the best choice if you don't feel you need either health or mana regeneration for seals.


Greater Glyph of Focus:
These seals are a great general rune type for most champions in the game. If you play many champions and don't have a great deal of IP to support their specific needs, you may want to get these until you can get something more specific. These runes help no matter what stage of the game you're in.

Greater Glyph of Force:
Again, why another AP per level source!? These are for the same reason's as the seals, it's a garunteed 27-28 AP end game.


Greater Quintessence of Insight
If you choose these Quints and you're doing really well in your game, they're surely buying magic resistance. These well help secure your damage late game so you rip them up no matter how much they stack it. (Considering if they only stack Magic Resist your AD carry better be doing something effectively..)

Greater Quintessence of Potency:
These Quints are meant for more early game damage that helps synergize with the AP Runes in your Seal and/or Glyph sections late game. If you plan on powerhousing your early game, you'll be lacking in mana, so you'll want to do it as powerfully as you can so you can win your lane quickly.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices:


Clairvoyance right now is a rediculous spell, Since lux is a support champion who still functions as a good damage dealer, running Clairvoyance is a must. It will allow you map vision, can prevent ganks, allow knowledge of enemy locations, if their buffs are alive for the taking, and to see if dragon or baron are currently being taken by them. If someone is running Clairvoyance however, you may want to run one of the following summoner spells:

Ghost: [My personal choice when Clairvoyance is taken, Lux is extremely easy to kill in most cases, having 1 more method of escape can come in very handy.]

Ignite/Exhaust: Your primary job isn't to get that close to your enemies late game, so these won't be very helpful under that circumstance unless you like getting up in people's faces to abuse your innate ability. Exhaust can also be a useful spell to help help allies survive an attack or help yourself get away from someone who rushes into your carrys like Irelia

Clarity: If you still badly have problems with mana, clarity can be used, though late game it will probably just be a wasted summoner slot for most situations (if you still need to use Clarity late game you're probably casting too many unneeded spells)

Teleport: Another replacement for Clairavoyance this can be useful if you need to recall for items, need to cover a lane for someone temporarily, or instantly get into a battle that occurs.

Any other summoners you really shouldn't consider that much. I do however have one final note. DO NOT pick 2 summoners in which both do not help you escape. Lately i've been seeing many Teleport Clarity Lux's running around, getting ripped apart because they have no method of escaping once someone rushes her past her abilities. Always have Ghost or preferably Flash with you. It will save your life more times than you can count!

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I Haven't specified anything until now so that those who couldn't catch on would have to read to understand the two main ideals behind these builds. The first build is meant for a Mejai's rush, since Lux get's stacks like no tomorrow. It's more developed around dominating your lane quickly, getting Mejai's, then jumping directly into high damage and penetration to shut out your enemies immediately. The Second guide on the other hand, is more based on an EU bot style. You carry 3 Wards with you in the beginning in order to ensure your lane is safe from ganks until around the 12-15 minute mark. You let your partner score most of the creeps and get early gold per 10 items in order to keep up with items. It will also be your main objective to ward the map when your jungler isn't or cannot. Lux is a bit special when it comes to an EU style though, she will need some farm early, and make make it up quite easily later on. Try to keep your Gold per 10 items as long as possible in order to use them up as much as you can.

Now to actually move into items besides the starting.

Getting Rabadon's Deathcap early plus Mejais in the first build will give you extreme amounts of early game Ability power, your damage should be without question with this setup. With the first guide your main objective is hitting enemies as hard as you can. This item helps get you there.

In the second build however, there is a slight shortage of Ability power. This helps increase your abilities in this supportive build, and allows you to do some damage as well.

For most normal supports, getting Ionian boots, or Mercury's Treads would probably be the more viable options but since a support based lux involves supporting with decently high ability power, these are typically the boots you will want to obtain. Lux tries to stay as far back as possible so you really don't need tenacity all that much anyways. Zhonya's Hourglass should cover any problems you have for your team to come to your aid. In either build, this item helps your early game damage significantly


For the first build, these next three items are meant for having high damage output to help out everything you do. You'll have near CDR Cap (if not already there) with Morellos, the amount of MR they have will matter much less with Void Staff, and Zhonyas for another kick up for damage and some survivability. When you get to this point, assess the enemy team. If they're high on a specific thing (Ap/Ad) or one select person is ripping through your team, it might be best to get a survivability item, and then drop morello's evil tomb later. If you do end up doing this, which can be quite common, you will most likely start getting an Elixer of Brilliance (the blue one) for the CDR fix starting around level 16.


In the second build, you start off with gold per 10 items and let your ally bottom get most of the creep kills. Lux however supports differently than other supports, she supports by setting up times for her ally to do massive damage to a select target in their lane, and also help DO quite a bit of that damage herself, where as most other supports focus more on keeping their ally alive. From here the build pretty much follows the first until you get to Shurelya's Reverie. you get this item to help push your team for chasing or escaping. It can also get you close enough for your ultimate to hit to score a kill or do some damage to the enemy team quickly. It helps your CDR as well but can be substituted for an item with more ability power. Banshee's veil is one of the survivability items i talked about earlier, once again this item can be switched for an ability power item if required. it's meant for when you're getting focused pretty hard, and the typical person focusing you is an ability power champion or someone like Akali.


Please note that if you do end up getting a survivability item that you could be doing something wrong! Lux is supposed to stay as far back as possible while doing her role, so if you're dying too much, you might be too close for comfort tot he enemy team.

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Situational/Additional Items to Consider

Offensive Items

Abyssal Scepter is a great choice when the enemy team and your team has quite a bit of AP on it. Everyone on your team will do more damage due to the Magic Resistance Reduction that it brings, it makes you a bit more survivable due to the Negatron Cloak, and it also adds on to your personal damage.

Rod of Ages should only really be considered if the enemy team consists of a few champions that you know will rip through you like butter. You should try to fully attain this item before 20 minutes in the game if you do choose to get it. The catalyst should be gained half early so you can abuse it's effect for your laning phase.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is good for the same reasons as Rod of Ages, though instead of getting Rod of Ages, you can get this item anytime you feel it would be useful since it doesn't have the *The longer the game goes the better the item is up to 10 minutes* thing going on. It also adds slow to every spell you hit which isn't that great for lux, but the extra kiting can be very useful as well.

Defensive Items

When you feel like you will not be able to go glass cannon and need some more survivability rather than damage, try to look at some of these items depending on the situation.

Banshee's Veil is a great item to get when the enemy has someone like Karthus or Orianna on their team. This item can lower the amount of damage they do to you while giving you more health and mana.

This item is great when you're getting focused down extremely hard and the enemy's team is quite balanced. If they focus you after you have this on and your team isn't completely useless, you can completely change around a team fight with

This item kind of works like Guardian Angel for you but with a bit of Hp and a nice active to get people off of you. You may prefer Guardian Angel depending on the situation though.

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Oracles Elixir

In either build (since this should never NOT be considered) you should try to pick this item up as soon as you either A: have a free 400 gold before recalling that can sustain your lane control/screw up an invis champion/or help dragon control. or B: if you have the feeling the enemy team is placing quite a bit of wards.

Getting rid of their wards not only makes them waste some of their gold once you destroy it and gives you 25 gold per one you take out, but it also takes away their vision of key things and locations such as Baron and Dragon.

Always consider the possibility of getting this item regardless of whom you're playing!

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Skills and their use in lane

As you may notice in most Lux guides, most people rush her E, Lucent Singularity first. The reason why is because if you're the primary AP, you can harass very freely WHILE farming due to it's area of effect, not only that but it slows and gives vision to the general area that it is thrown. Light Binding is not leveled first as your main objective is just to hit someone with it so the rest of your nuke hits early. With only one point into Light Binding you can still use the skill with the lowest mana usage possible. If you aren't supporting, you can use your abilities more freely. Light Binding should only be used if someone plans on ganking your lane, if you are ganking yourself, if you are running away/chasing, or if you are trying to set up your nuke. Lux is quite mana hungry so try not to spam it otherwise.

Prismatic Barrier in my opinion, is lux's worst skill, but it doesn't mean it's useless either. It will save your allies if you can line it up to hit as many of them as possible, and can save your and ally lives against things like Karthus's Requiem. If you're in a teamfight, try to throw this before anything else unless something else is completely nessicary.

Lucent Singularity costs quite a bit of mana to cast, typically i don't even recommend harassing until level 3 so you can get your second point into this skill. everything else you need to know about Lucent Singularity is in the first paragraph otherwise.

Lux's Ult Finales Funkeln is a great quick finisher for any lane gank, killing someone running away, or hitting as many people as possible in a team fight. If you have enough ability power, this skill can rip apart enemies and easily change team fights late game.


When going to do as much damage as possible yourself to an enemy, your entire rotation is based off of your Q, Light Binding. If you miss this skill then the rest of your skills will be harder to land and it will cut your overall damage output quite a bit. If your Q does end up landing, it will cause one of 3 main things. set up one to two kills, prevent enemies from chasing you, or allow you to burst using your combo.

Since Lux's ult takes a small amount of time to actually cast, your skill order relys on you knowing that your Q will hit. You throw your Q and throw E immediatly afterwards. At this point you should know if your Q hit or not. If it did, ult ASAP. If you delay even for a split second they have the opprotunity to get out. If you do however do this in the right fasion, you should chunk out 70% of the average champion's hp bar if not kill them and damage anything near them.

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Why no lich bane?

The reason i don't get lich bane, is because you should never ever be in range for melee champions to do anything to you. If you're close enough to auto attack, then they're close enough to rip you in half. The only exception to this is when you're unaware of the enemies location or they jump past your team to target you. Either way this item is expensive, and there is much better substitutes that can help you throughout.

What do i do when they're destroying me and i cannot get any stacks, what should i do with mejais?

This will happen now and then, when this does happen, the best thing to do would be either to replace it with Fiendish Codex, (for morello's evil tomb later but this will help you early game) Get Giant's Belt (for Rylai's which will help your survivability in these situations) or get a Chain vest or Negatron Cloak and begin to build an item that will help prevent you from dying, such as Banshee's Veil,Guardian Angel, or Randuins Omen. there will be other defensive items that will benefit situations depending on who you are fighting as well.

If that's you're reasoning to not get Lich Bane, why do you list Abyssal Scepter as viable?

I list this item as viable mainly for the fact that it is the only current AP item that also gives you Magic Resistance. The effect on it is only a bonus that can help out your team, and not something that should be relied on for the same reason as Lich bane.

There's no way i can get mejai's with what team i am fighting, they'll just rip me apart!

If this situation occurs, which can be very common, the thing i have noticed that has worked the best is starting off with a Meki Pendant, and then rushing Fiendish Codex for the mana regen, minor AP and cooldown reduction. Just played a game with this style because i was forced to take on Swain middle and it worked beautifully. After that i just built some hardcore AP, and got Rylai's as my fourth completed item to make sure that i wasn't destroyed by the rest of the enemy team.

If you ever get stuck in this situation i heavily recommend trying this out!

More notes to come as well as additional things when i'm less tired!