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Lux Build Guide by Raburi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raburi

Luxanna Crownguard: a guide

Raburi Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lux is overlooked the majority of the time, and yes, she may not be the best support champion, or the strongest AP champion, but she has a lot of utility and viability on the Fields of Justice. Hopefully this guide gives you some insight on this fun champion, whether you're new to Lux, or just looking for a new build to try.

This guide will show you the build I developed for Lux using both my own experience with her in-game and some inspiration I took from other Lux guides floating around Mobafire. If you have any questions or suggestions (or praise :3) regarding this guide, feel free to comment below!

PLEASE NOTE: There is a bug with the mastery planner and it does not correctly display the graph in the mastery section. The masteries in the cheat sheet are, however, correct. Furthermore, the tooltip and icon for Surge are not currently added to Mobafire, so please excuse their absence in the Summoner Spells section.


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Change Log

7th November 2011:

(Thank you to IceCreamy for the next 3 suggestions)
  • Took a point from Perseverence and assigned it to Quickness
  • Updated the mastery planner diagram in the Masteries section
  • Included Quintessence explanation to the Runes section

17th November 2011 (post-Fizz patch):
  • Updated masteries in cheat sheet and the mastery section (including the diagram)
  • Changed item build slightly, swapping a few items to be a higher priority
  • Changed Summoner Spell selections to reflect Fizz patch changes

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  • Hybrid of support and AP carry
  • Utility up the wazoo (snare, slow, shield, auto attack proc, long range ult)
  • Fast movement speed at completion of Sorcerer's Shoes + Lich Bane
  • Built-in ward (Lucent Singularity )
  • Easy champion killing between level 6-13
    (thanks to Finales Funkeln)
  • Potent passive ability end-game ( Illumination)
  • Squishy (if they can get to you)
  • Easily counterable with magic resist
    (which may force you to sacrifice an item for one with magic penetration)
  • Long cooldowns pre- Morello's Evil Tome
  • Useless alone (unless in mid)
  • Mana problems early game (and potentially late game)

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I use the following:

9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - This is because although Lux's damage output isn't as low as some people may think (with her being listed as support), any Magic Resist is a problem for her end-game. Plus, it's great (and funny) when you blast a cocky tank in the face with your Finales Funkeln and have it do more that just a tickle after they've stacked magic resist to counter you.

9x Greater Seal of Replenishment - This is because Lux is quite mana hungry compared to some other champions (for example, Sona's abilities excluding her ultimate ability all cost 65 mana at rank 5, while some of Lux's get to 130 mana at rank 3). Having the extra MP5 at lower levels really helps, especially if you're like me and enjoy harassing.

9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power - This is an obvious one. More AP = more damage. You could always change these to
Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration/ Celerity/ Force depending on your play style, but for a balanced Lux, I chose
Greater Glyph of Ability Power.

3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - The reason for the flat +AP quintessences is to help Lux get extra kills early game so you can get further along in the build you choose. The +AP per level quintessences don't give her that "pop" she has early game with the flat AP quintessences, and I've been able to kill opposing champions at their turret before level 6.

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I use a standard 9/0/21 caster build for Lux, as shown below.


You could always modify this to suit the summoner spells (or the play style) you're comfortable with, especially since the Fizz patch, allowing you to spec into the summoner spells you use with the first point. Below are the main features of this Mastery build.
  • Summoner's Insight
  • 4 Ability Power
  • 8% cooldown reduction
  • 10% magic penetration
  • 12 mana per level (216 @ level 18)
  • 9% increase to health and mana regen (plus 3 mana regeneration per 5 seconds)
  • 40 bonus XP per champion kill/assist
  • 2% movement speed

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Summoner Spells

Post=Fizz patch, I always get Teleport and Flash as Lux. Here's why:

Since the patch, masteries changed quite extensively, and as such, changes needed to be made. Teleport has a 4 second casting time and allows you to hop around the map, either to minions, sneakily placed wards, or your own turrets. Not to mention is has gotten me away from a gank or two (or five). Basically a great spell for helping yourself, your team and your victory. Teleport can be substituted based on your play style, but remember that to get the most out of summoner spells, you should spec into the node which buffs that spell. (Conveniently, the two I choose are under the same node!)

I would never give up Flash as Lux, even after the cooldown and range nerf. It goes hand-in-hand with Light Binding. This spell works both defensively and offensively. You can:

  • Flash a wall to escape or to help your team catch a speedy enemy
  • Flash out of an AoE attack ( Veigar's Event Horizon and Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero, for example)
  • Flash away after accidentally over extending to save your life (in saying that, this shouldn't be an excuse for you to over extend)

Just to name a few.

As I mentioned, teleport can be substituted depending on your play style. Viable suggestions are:

Ignite's main use is to finish off champions with low HP before they can get away. This could be of use to Lux in conjunction with her Light Binding spell. For example, she could snare a low HP enemy champion, throw an auto attack to ignite illuminate, use ignite and Flash away. SPACE
Clairvoyance has multiple uses, whether it's checking baron, checking dragon, or, my personal favourite, eliminating blind shots with Lux's ultimate ability ( finales funkeln), allowing you to more accurately snipe low HP enemy champions. (Note: I would only recommend this to more experienced players who know how to conserve mana well) SPACE
Surge is an interesting spell. It increases your attack speed and ability power by a very hefty amount, and can really help to secure that kill at the turret with finales funkeln. If you play a very offensive Lux, this spell is definitely a tide-turner, but only for her ultimate ability, and to a slightly lesser extent, Lucent Singularity.

If you're new to Lux, Clarity might be a good choice to get used to her abilities (and the fact that you can't spam them because of her poor mana economy, especially early game). If you're playing Lux as a support role and your team has a lot of mana users, this spell is also viable.

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Ability Explanation


This is a pretty straight forward passive ability. You hit them with a spell, then you hit them with an auto attack to ignite the passive. This passive is the reason you should always get Lich Bane while playing as Lux. It increases your next physical (auto) attack's damage by 100% of your ability power, so this in conjunction with your passive make for a mean combo.

Say you have 200AP at level 18 (weak, I know). This is a formula to help you better understand the damage Lux can deal this way.

200+10+(10x18)=390 (The AP addition plus the damage from Illumination)
390+109.4=499.4 (the total damage from Lich Bane and Illumination plus Lux's auto-attack damage at level 18)

This means you'll be doing almost 500 damage with one auto attack after landing a spell on them.

Light Binding:

This ability (like all her abilities) is a skill shot, but I do recommend you learn to use quick cast (found in the options menu) as it really takes the hassle out of casting this spell (I usually find myself missing if I don't use quick cast to snare enemies when I'm trying to make a run for it). This spell is Lux's key support move, and is a great combo when used in conjunction with Flash. While chasing an enemy champion (or two, this spell can snare two targets), just flash towards them, use this spell to snare them, and let your team take care of the rest. Alternately, if you're the one running, snare your enemies and then flash out of range of them for a clean escape.

Prismatic Barrier:

Lux's shield. I never used to use this shield while learning to play as Lux, but I've found it to be a great shield in general. A well-timed shield can mean the difference between a kill for your team and a kill for the opposing team. Not only does it shield whichever friendly champions it hits on it's way out, it also refreshes it to shield the exact same amount on it's way back to Lux. In saying that, it is an annoying spell to cast when the person you're trying to shield avoids it, and it doesn't shield nearly as much as, say, Janna's shield ( Eye Of The Storm), but in saying that, it has the potential to put a fairly decent shield on your entire team, rather than just one target.

Lucent Singularity:

This ability does a very nice chunk of damage when you detonate it, even at low levels, and especially when you follow up with an auto attack to ignite Illumination. It also acts as a short-term ward, allowing you to scout into a nearby bush or past a wall, eliminating the uncertainty of face-checking. Like I explain below, this ability is also a great farming tool mid-to-late game, but I won't explain that here. The last feature is the slow it brings. Throwing this in the enemy champion's path and not detonating it will slow them down, usually long enough to let you cast Light Binding and successfully hit them, but if they're on their toes, you probably wont be able to do that since this spell is also a missile, unlike Morgana's AoE ability, Tormented Soil, which appears instantly upon casting.

finales funkeln:

The coveted laser. This, in my opinion, is one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. Easy sniping when an enemy champion is trying to make a break for it, and a short enough cooldown end game (24 seconds) to be used in every situation. As the tooltip explains, this ability also ignites Lux's passive, Illumination, making it do that 190 extra damage (which could secure the kill!). As with all of Lux's abilities, this is a skill shot, and as an added note, it does not travel to the very end of the skill-shot aimer arrow, but instead stops at the point indicated below with the red line.

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Farming (early-to-mid game)

Lux is a weak farmer early game due to her low damage output and low attack speed, but with a bit of focus, you'll be able to pull a decent loot.

The way to farm as Lux in the early stages of the game is as follows - target the casters at the back of each minion wave with your auto attacks. This is because all of your minions will target the enemy melee minions, giving you time to kill the casters at the back without much trouble. You should do this by giving around 3 (give or take) auto attacks to each, before launching your Lucent Singularity onto them and bursting it to get the last hit. This can be a bit tricky, and you may only get 1 or 2 prior to some AP items, especially if you aren't in the middle lane and your partner is hogging all the last hits, but keep at it and try to get as many as you can.

Mid game is when it gets a lot easier.

Simply launch your Lucent Singularity and burst it to maximise the amount of minions that are afflicted by your Illumination passive ability, then quickly snatch up as many last hits as you can by auto attacking and igniting it. I can usually get 4-5 per wave at this stage. The theory is that Lucent Singularity should be enough at this stage to bring the minion's HP down to a level that your auto attacks in conjunction with your Illumination passive ability should be able to last hit at.

Note: When farming as Lux (though, realistically, as any champion), be aware of your enemies. If they're missing, the tactics listed above aren't wise, and if they're very aggressive, keep in mind that Lux is very squishy, and should you try the tactics listed above, you could find yourself dead. In the mid-to-late game stages, your priority should not be to last hit minions (though the gold and XP is a major benefit), but instead to harass the opposing champions. This is because your early game should be dedicated to getting to maximising your gold intake to support you in late game, especially because of Lux's mana issues.

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Farming (late game)

There isn't much of a difference between mid game and late game farming, except that any minions caught in your Lucent Singularity will be killed (that's assuming you've finished your build). It's best to try and position the spell between the enemy melee and caster minions to hit them all (I usually hit all 6, sometimes I only hit 5). This can take a bit of practice, but once you do, you'll be farming very quickly and efficently.

The last way to farm as Lux end game is to use your ultimate ability (which will be at a 24 second cooldown by this time) - finales funkeln. Just launch it straight down the line of minions as you see them coming before they meet with your minions, so that you get them all. This is a very fast way to farm, however, should you get attacked during the 24 second cooldown period, you will be left virtually defenseless, unless you can get lucky with your Light Binding and get away, so use this method cautiously! I only use this method in the instance when there is only 1 enemy champion alive, or when your team has scored an ace and you need to quickly push a lane to get to the next turret.

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Blue Buff/Elixir of Brilliance

Both the Crest of the Ancient Golem ("blue buff") and Elixir of Brilliance are fantastic for Lux because of the intense cooldown reduction and either increased mana regeneration or increased AP, respectively. If you opt for blue buff, please remember, once again, that Lux is quite squishy and does not have good attack speed, and this combined with long cooldowns makes blue buff seem rather unobtainable. Have a teammate help you burst the golem down until you can last hit it, and remember to be wary of your enemies, especially if they have a jungler.

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Core Items

I feel that these three items are the most beneficial for any Lux.

Morello's Evil Tome: This item replaced Ionian Boots of Lucidity in the last version of this guide. This is due to the boots being a waste of a slot, because this item grants more cooldown reduction plus MP5 and ability power. Definitely a great choice for Lux. (Thanks to NewAkra for this suggestion)

Rabadon's Deathcap: This item is a no-brainer. 140AP + 30% AP increase. This item gets you to around ~350AP at about level 13 if you've scored a few kills and have farmed well (and you're following this guide, obviously).

Lich Bane: Explained in the ability explanation section of this guide. Basically, this item, as well as giving you a nifty speed boost and some AP, increases the damage you do when you ignite Lux's passive ability, Illumination by a significant amount.

The rest of the items you choose are purely situational, however I do recommend following the two builds I've included here. Build 1 should be used when your team isn't doing as well as desired, and Build 2 is for when you, yourself, are doing particularly well. This is due to Mejai's Soulstealer going to waste if you die too often, making Build 1 a much better choice in this situation.

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As an added note, Lux's "Sorceress Lux" skin can cause her to be harder to see when standing near the blue minions because of the identical colour and style of her hat, as shown below. In a team fight where minions are still present, be sure to be wary of your position.

This concludes my Lux champion guide. If you enjoyed this guide, please +rep me and thumb-up this guide. If you have any questions or comments for me, leave them below and I will answer you and make any changes I feel are warranted. Please remember to be constructive with your criticism, and if you thumb-down this guide, please tell me why so that I may improve in the future. Good luck in your future endeavours with Lux and thank you for reading this guide!