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Warwick Build Guide by Brigadell

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brigadell

Madstone Warwick

Brigadell Last updated on August 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My thank you, and the general idea

How,s it going everyone, this here is my first guide so please bear with me. Id like to start off by giving a big thanks to Trick2g, Without him this guide wouldn't exsist. I've watched all of his Godyr guides, and give all the madstone credit goes to him, its a brilliant idea, and if you haven't checked him out id advise doing so. His youtube channel is Trick0850 and he as well streams on twitch so check him out. Now on to how the guide works so basically by purchasing Madred's Razors and Spirit Stone you simply destroy any jungle creeps(including drake and baron) and have literally infinite sustain inside the jungle, which is awesome, So simply you farm the jungle as often and as fast as you can, and gank lanes when necessary. If all is done properly you will carry the game with ease.

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How it Works

Alright so lemme get a bit more in depth, so the cool thing about having Madred's and Stone is they both have separate Unique passives that pertain to the jungle that let you just dominate. you will be able to merc dragon and baron by yourself, and at much earlier levels. Now the cool thing about WW is has has so much built in sustain with his passive and his q that he can already stay in the jungle for days. Now you combine that with Madstone( Madred's and Spirit ) and the jungle becomes your own speedy rejuvenation pond. So if your sitting low on health and mana, it aint a pro, instead of backing you just gotta go merc a jungle camp or two real quick and your good to go. And being able to solo Drake at lvl 6 or baron at lvl 15 is super helpful, and can really change the tides of the match if your behind, or simply secure a guaranteed win. Now only that but WW's kit compliments this play style quite gracefully.

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The Strategy

So it starts off like any other jungler, buy your Machete and 4 pots ( you wont necessarily need the pots, but its just safer to grab them in case something goes wrong ) and you head to the buff you wish to start. I strongly advise starting blue buff, i think it makes things faster and easier, but the choice is realy yours. Now since WW's ganks aint to strong till he gets his 6 don't worry about ganking until then. Be sure to notify your team of this as well, people might ***** but, whatever, your just gonna waste time trying to gank without your Ulti. so literally what you do is just burn through the jungle, hit every camp, dont skip camps, and do this until you hit lvl 6. If someone dies in lane, don't hesitate to go hold there lane for a minute an get you some free farm, it will only speed things up, and if they try to ***** abut you taking there cs or pushing there lane, there idiots cause there just gonna lose that farm to tower and minions. So once you hit your 6 you should have more than enough gold to go buy your madstone, and you should also still be sitting at full health, and good mana, and probably still have 1 or two pots left, depending on how things have gone so far. At this point you can, go back and buy, gank a lane, or keep farming, its really your call, and is in the moment dependent, they all have there advantages.

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My notes on ganking with WW

i personally believe WW has some of the Strongest Ganks. His ult does good damage, almost a 2 second stun, has good range and gives you lots of health back, as well as having a relatively low cooldown. Now some tips on gankin with WW. For starters i see this all the time and im not sure why. For some reason people leave WW's E on all the time and thats a bad call, if your going to gank a lane, and the enemy is at low health turn that **** off man, otherwise your basically telling them beforehand that your on your way coming to gank and your ompletly ruining your element of surprise, you can activate your E whenever you need, it has 0 cast time so you don't need it on when your running around unless someone is mia and low health and your chasing that ****er down. Numero 2, you don't have to use your ****ing ulti immediately, always make sure you ping your ganks and give the lane a heads up in case they aint paying attention, but play everything tactically, WW has pretty solid movement speed so if the lane your ganking is warded you will still probably have time to catch tht ***********er, but use your ulti the right way, a lot of times you can bait out the enemies flash and then **** on them anyway, or maybe the gank goes wrong and your low health you Ult is a great way to get some health bk and turn that fight around, so just be tactful as to when and how you use that ult. 3rdly, if your coing to a bush to gank and the enemy runs off signalling that its warded, use your sweeping lens, pick up the free gold of the ward, and then either A. go back about your business in the jungle or B. wait a few seconds and see if the idiot comes back and rock that ****er, But again i like to use WW's ult to gank as much as i possibly can. Oh and don't be scared to take the kills, if your doing **** right your gonna carry the hell outa your team.

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General Play

alright so you have the basic idea now lets expand just a bit more. So you should be Constantly busy. Once you get your Madstone you should have no problem soloing dragon. Now that doesn't mean just rush right over there, but at the same time it does. See no one is expecting a lvl 6 solo dragon so chances are your not gonna be contested, however you need to be cognoscenti of the situation. Inform your teammates to keep there lanes occupied, and if you you know where the enemy jungle is even better. If things look good head over there, sweep the river in front of drag to make sure by some of chance it isn't warded, and stay in the back of the pit when your fighting him, so if by chance the enemy jung comes bot to gank hopefully they don't see you whoopin on drag and try to contest you.

Things to Keep in mind.
- If your Ult is up, and the opurtunity is there Gank a lane

- If ya aint gankin then ya farmin, your gonna fly through the jungle and you wanna get those Feral Flare stacks as high as you can so tear through that jungle

- If a lane is down, take there farm, let no minion go to waste

- Focus the cary with your ult in team fights, you will wreck squishy carries

In reality the cycle is very simple and easy, and even if your not getting fed off kills, you will be doing more then well on gold and Exp of jungle camps and minions you pick up from the losers that cant hold there lanes.

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End Game

Ok now remember Summoners Rift isn't team deathmatch, its objective base, so focus on those objectives. Your W is amazing for taking towers, so abuse that ****, and after you have your Randuins And Spirit Visage your gonna be pretty tanky, so don't be afraid to tank towers if you need to. Make sure your always keeping lane pressure, and always getting stronger. Don't give them a second to breath, or an opportunity to make a comeback, so absolutely no Mercy. Follow these steps, and pray for the best.

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Last Words

So again this is my first guide, so i apologize if its not perfect and if i have missed anything. I plan on updating if it needs updating, and more than willing to answer any questions and give any guidance to anyone who ask for it. Id love to make a youtube video for the guide, however i have no experience or knowledge in making videos, so if there is anyon out there who is willing to help me make one it would be much appreciated, and i would be more than willing to give you the notice and credit for it, as well as possibly compensate you somehow. If this guide has been helpful to you in any way shape or form, please let me know, it will make me happy for taking the time to make it, and again if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. And finally again my biggest of thanks to Trik2g for giving me the idea and knowledge to make this guide. Thank you all for checking out my guide, and i wish you all a good luck. =)