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Galio Build Guide by Hartz4Fear

Mage Galio FTW...

Mage Galio FTW...

Updated on November 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hartz4Fear Build Guide By Hartz4Fear 8 4 10,499 Views 7 Comments
8 4 10,499 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hartz4Fear Galio Build Guide By Hartz4Fear Updated on November 2, 2011
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First of all:
I´m from Germany so don´t expect right grammar. But you can expect a really nice build guide which shows you how to play with Galio... Mage.

Galio is one of the best midchars in the game.
You don´t believe me, do you?
But just read this guide and i will change your thinking about Galio.
This guide is only about soloing mid because thats the true way to play Galio.
No it isn´t a tank. I played him often enough to compare ;)
And he is NO MR TANK.
If u play him just for MR u will get around 150 AP.
And with 150 you can´t deal huge damage.
And only MR tank is quite useless.
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Galio is one of the champs which need many mana.
Mass of mana.

So our first item is in 99% of the games with 2 which makes us able to stay in lane till we are able to buy . Ifyou haven´t got enough money to buy the Chalice (500 needed) you have to stay in the lane and play really defensive! Try last hitting minions only with your abilitys because Galio is a meelee and walking close to the enemy is like suicide. 500 Gold is easy to get so you won´t have stay a long time.

Stay in lane till u are able to get the Chalice.
And port b then! Maybe finish up the minions wave for not losing Xp.
Buy the and 2-3 Potions. Then port yourself back to the lane with the summoner spell.
Now u can spam as much as u want!

After that you need shoes. And we are mage so we choose
don´t buy . They are useless for us. We wanna deal damage and the 18 AP they give don´t increase our damage. 20 MP is much better.
If you wanna buy shoes earlier you can do it but I normaly buy it after Chalice because you have an really nice which dealy huge damage and speed you up. But I will tell this later ;)

Next we need to push our AP. I think I dont have to explain much more reasons. It´s the importantst mage item so we need to buy it early.

After Rabadon´s the game is often finished but if not your next item to get is . The reason is really easy: After using your Ulti you will be focused. So just use the Hourglass and they have to look for other targets. After 2 seconds they are busy and you are able to kill the opponents who didn´t die through your ulti and survived against your teammates. This item also give you 100 AP (+30 because of Rabadon´s) and Armor which helps to survive during using your ulti. So this is an really nice item for Galio.

Tipp: Many people hate UNIQUE ACTIVE items because they think they are un useable during a fight. These people don´t know that there is the possibility of using items with the numbers:
Itemslot 1= Key "1"
Itemslot 2= Key "2"
So just pull in the 5th slot (my favorite slot for Unique active spells because its easy to reach).

we need to buy next. We need it to survive during our ulti. And it has a nice slow which makes our "Q" skill to an epic slow skill. Sometimes I change it with Warmogs. Reason: Warmogs stacks are easy to get (I will tell you later too:P) and it gives just more HP. But which Health item you buy is your decide.

Our last item is is really funny because your HP will go down during your ulti. Your opponents will think yeah we are able to kill him soon. But suddendly you interrupt (Yeah it is possible :D) your Ulti, deal your huge damage and get because of the SpellVamp full health again...

Now there are 2 Possibilitys:
1.Sell your Chalice. Sometimes you have huge mana problems in the endgame then.
2.Forget about an other item and don´t sell the chalice.
This decide is hard but huge damage is useless without the needed mana.
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Summoner Spells

1. FLash!

Most important spell for close to every champ.
Great escape mechanism.
But galio will be able to initate quite good with flash. Just flash in and turn on ur Ulti!

2. Teleportation

TAKE IT!!!!!!!
Many people say: "Wasted spell..."

It isn´t.
1. You need this early Chalice.
2. It will give you a huge XP advantage.
3. Ganking with this is really nice. Just port to a ward in a brush in one of the lanes...
4. If a tower gets pushed from minions. Just port to it and you´ll get 15 free minions.
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There isn´t much to say.
Just the normal Mage stuff.
Don´t forget skilling Flash and Teleport
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Just the usual Mage stuff...

Mana Regeneration per level is important!
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Solo Mid!

Many allies will flame:
"OMG Galio is tank"
"****ing ******... Not galio mid!!!"

Just tell them:
"Pls trust me..." And hope they will let u mid...

If they allow you to go mid. You will dominate;)

You will get an huge XP advantage...
1. You have teleport.
2. You farm like hell.
3. You are able to take out the wraiths from the lane. BUT ask your own jungler maybe only do it if your team have no jungler.
But on the opponents part of the jungle you can do this whole the time the wraiths respawmed.
Its like counter jungling from the lane.
You can clean this camp with Q+E... more gold, more XP, more lane dominance!

Farming is really easy. But you will realize this while playing him AP in mid;)

As fast as you have the Chalice try to counter the opponent when ever he walks in range.
But don´t forget the minions. They wanna get farmed too.
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Galio has a huge damage output in teamfights. 2 AOE DMG spells and 1 awesome Ultimate.
You aren´t as squishy as other mages.

Don´t underrestimate your shield...
You can´t get down if you place it at your self but placing it on the AD carry is normaly much better. You get the heal because he will get focused and he gets Armor and MR.
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Thanks to VollmilchNuss and cerruw,...

For testing my guide:D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hartz4Fear
Hartz4Fear Galio Guide
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Mage Galio FTW...

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