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Lucian Build Guide by Darkaren

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkaren

Make Lucian Great Again (8.1) [S8]

Darkaren Last updated on January 14, 2018
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Lethal Lucius

Lucian Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+14 ability power or +8.4 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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ADC Role
Win 52%
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Graves graves adc lul
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Well wasup, this is a guide for Lethality Lucian and it's quite complete, i'll try to update it if i can with some upcoming changes for runes/items or even Lucian himself.

As he's the lowest winrate ADC this is my revolution for this boring *** meta to be great again.

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Do as i say.


Always domination/Electrocute.

Sudden Impact is great for the extra burst when dashing towards an enemy.

Zombie Ward is just the best for AD's because you won't be killing wards and the other one is useless in bot.

Ravenous Hunter is great for extra lifesteal as you won't have much.

Ingenious Hunter is great for when you have an all in comp to have the youmuu's active earlier.



Triumph is op, unless it's nerfed u should use it.

Coup de Grace could be replaced with something like Cutdown or Alacrity but it's better to consider yourself as a kinda ranged assassin and it's better for squishys.


If you want to u can use it with Ultimate hat for less cd on ult.
Transendence because you cap 40% of CDR and you can go even further with lucidity boots.
Scorch can be good if you want some extra early damage.

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Items are life.

Start with Doran's blade.

For when you have an unfavorable matchup is quite good, extra hp, extra sustain, a bit less damage, but it can save your laning for times.

Start with Long Sword.

It's better for a lane against a Kog or when you have a Thresh, that sort of stuff, you want to go aggressive and get fed early, build those lethality items ASAP and this items just help you to further do such thing.

First Back.

In unfavorable matchups you may want to build a Vampiric Scepter, it's a good choice as for you need some extra life steal at times just to survive the actual meta with overheal, vayne, and all this lifesteal abusers.

But in favorable matchups you just want to rush the serrated dirk and get fed early, if you can buy serrated dirk you don't really need boots early on as the extra move speed to get to the lane it's given thanks to this item.

Mid game wet dream.

For this you want to farm a bit, you need a lot of gold for both BC and Youmuu's, but if you can achieve it then you're good to go, it's quite an op set and it really works well with early fighting, especially against those who didn't really thought "Oh, there's a lethality lucian"


The core is quite obviously Duskblade+BC+Youmuu's, it's just too much damage, nothing else to say about that, but once you have it you can start to deal some nasty damage.

Final build scenario

For most of the times you will win or lose before getting to this point, if you get to this point then i hope you're some amazing lucian player because you're about to get destroyed.

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Ranked Play

Basically how to play.

Champ Select

If they pick draven then don't pick this cuz you can't do anything in that lane.

Ask if you can have a Leona or Thresh support, do all ins every now and again and consider duoing with a jungler/support to actually rekt the other lane as quick as possible.

You're a low priority pick (no one wants to play lucian) you may consider picking champs for other laners that are needed more than yours.

Early Game

For first buy you should get a Long Sword and some pots/refillable, it's better to buy this way so you can build an even earlier serrated dirk for youmuu's.

Go aggressive at all times, you should tell this to your support as you want to get fed early, most matchups are easy to get fed if you know how to play the champ and the ranges of damage you have.

You want to farm up to 1k on the first back, if you get kills even better, getting serrated dirk is a big powerspike.

If things aren't going as planned then you can always chose to build lifesteal (as you're gonna build it anyway) or a cull if you're really far behind.

Once you get the youmuu's the lane is pretty much over, just pop it and run towards your enemies, it shouldn't be long until you force some sums.


As a mid-game champ you want to scale early and end games quick.

Thanks to Youmuu's mobility you can buy boots and go mid after backing if the wave is pushing towards your enemy, catching the mid-laner by surprise can give you some free kills considering that mid laners are mostly squishy and they won't expect that much damage coming from you.

Your positioning is key, but more is your awareness, you don't really want to be the long range carry, you want to get closer to rivals, keep in mind their skills, cc's and bursts can really make a mess of your day, but if you're good enough you can dodge most of this with your E.

Always try to be with your support, you may even want to follow him to where he wants to go, as it's better for you to have a sack of meat for someone else to beat instead of you.

If the ADC is farming solo bot and you see their support don't be affraid of going in a 1 on 1, unless the other AD is fed/Draven then you should win every single 1 v 1 (as long as you don't suck)

You're not a great objective carry, you should focus on getting more kills, even if that means that some of them must go to your mid laner or jungler.

Late Game.

You don't want to get here, but if you do, then you're mostly screwed, you need to be good, your late game isn't as good as some other ad's is, you need to have the awareness of when to go in and how to, try to get close to their carries, even if you're not as good hitting off-tanks or tanks you can still pretty much delete AD's.

Don't try to split push and don't force fights, in late you're just a pawn, follow your team and try to build depending on what you need (even if considering replacing some lethality items for some crit items).

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Team Work

You wanna have some champs with you.

Team Comp

This is mainly for what you want as for a support, i'll also leave some other champs you may consider for having Jg/Mid.

Leona: Imo, the best for Lucian in all metas, it's a really good support because her passive works really well with your combo and her style of "all in all times" is quite good for what you want to do.

Thresh: Next to Leona is Thresh, this one mainly depends on how good the Thresh is, but considering that he's decent enough you can get some early kills with this guy that will just make you win a ton of games.

Bard: This one isn't that good but if played well enough it can be as good as thresh, his damage is insane and you can follow up almost everything that he does.

Brand: Playing with Brand is interesting, you can get ahead and just destroy everyone, but if you fall behind you're gonna have a bad time, you want to get people in unconfortable situations so he can hit his skills.

Blitzcrank: This one sucks for most of the time, his grab can help you, but his all in isn't that good because he can get kited and killed quite easily, the minions block him a lot, it's not that good to have him.

Rakan: It's decent, he doesn't have the best all in pre-6 but once he's 6, bot is a party, tbh you won't really do much with a Rakan unless he knows how to hit his stuff really well.

Alistar: If the Alistar knows how to play the game and how to be 100% aggressive then this is a great champ to have, it enables a lot of dives and you really want the enemy laner to be destroyed, but if he misses his stuff you're cucked.

Morgana: The black shield can be good for your all in, but she's so passive it doesn't work for most of the times.

Janna: The matchup can be easy or hard depending on how much you trust in Janna, she needs to shield you before trading and you need to make almost every trade effective, but if you fail then you're done for the game.

Lulu: Lulu can win her lane by herself, she's quite good to play with because she can boost you, but for most of the times you want some hard cc, and her W isn't really in range for most of the time. (imo ban her lol)

Shen: Shen is just op, if you can have him then you good.

Soraka: Lol u suck. For real tho, you can trade a bit more with her thanks to her healing, but that's pretty much it.

Sona: If you wanna engage you're gonna have a hard time, but the poke can help a lot, plus the sustain can help you to do more trades, at level 6 u should all in and hope for the best.

Zyra: She wins the lane by herself so it doesn't really matter, whatever you do, just don't feed.

Tahm Kench: He's good for safe play, but you don't want safe play.


Twisted Fate, Talon, Taliyah, all of them are good for their quick roaming, you can get fed a lot with them.

Almost every hard cc mid is good if you want to gank them.

Maokai, Kled, Ornn, those style of champs that can start a fight are always good for Lucian, as i said before, you want to fight a lot.

Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Amumu, same as with the top laners, they can start fights, that's good.

Kha'Zix, Lee Sin, Evelynn, this are great because if they camp your lane you're gonna get some kills in your team, even if you don't get them, they can carry, just remember to follow their ganks or ask for them, they're quite good.

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Laning Phase

This is on every lucian guide.

Lane Phase

You want to go aggressive most of the times, ping your support and go in, don't be affraid and do your combo in a efficient manner (E+aa+Q+aa), go in depending on timings on the rival and on your own electrocute keystone to actually trade in your favor almost every time.

You wanna drop the game League of Legends and download Farmville.

Tbh you don't really have to farm a lot, but as in every guide, use your Q to farm and poke at the same time, after lvl 9 your Q basically destroys the ranged minions, try to get good angles to punish the rival whenever he goes for a last hit to try and engage on him.