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Orianna Build Guide by HexSeal

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HexSeal

Make the Ticking Stop-Hugely in-depth Orianna S6 Guide(WIP)

HexSeal Last updated on September 12, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Orianna Check the tear-ROA build, it shows all the matchups and everything but in this build you're squishier and naturally want to play more aggresive from the early damage spike rather than getting tear stacking, and you also get that sweet 20%cdr and mana passive.
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Hello, My name is Max, although more known as HexSeal. I'm a streamer and a passionate Orianna main. I've been playing her since early-mid season 4 and haven't stopped since. Currently only plat on NA(which I plan on changing this season) I have been studying and playing Ori for such a long time I decided I should right down my thoughts for other people to take advantage of. I'll update this guide as much as I can to keep it relevant to the current meta. Made for r/Orianna Mains

Orianna Stream:

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Orianna is a utility oriented burst mage with the power to change the game with her ult alone, but then has the rest of her amazing kit as well. She'll save you and your team from many really bad situations with shields, speed-ups and slows. She has amazing early game laning power and after 6 has great roam and tp gank potential. Late game is where she really shines, though, as her damage ramps up to insane levels being able to chunk tanks and oneshot squishies. This guide will go over how to utilize all of this and show the finer details of Orianna's kit but try to make it as simple and painless as possible, so bear with me. Just keep in mind that she is not easy and will take a lot of dedication to be effective against good players. She demands micromanaging and being able to focus on many things at once. But, I can say the journey is worth the reward by far.

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The runes are pretty simple. Most late game mages like Azir will take the same runepage, minus the hybrid pen, but if you're strapped for ip magic pen works about the same. Scaling CDR is necessary for moving the ball around as much as possible because you'll constantly have to reposition it to keep up with a teamfight, as well as deal more damage. Also, with it late game your ults gets to less than a minute so it's really spammable to kill single targets and still have it for a teamfight. Scaling Health Seals are for the little bit of defense you need and with armor no longer being as efficient as these there's no reason not to. They scale well and give you a little bit of extra bit of survivability later on. Finally, the quints aren't scaling ap but just flat because early on you need the flat ap to trade better(or at all really). Without this you do a ton less damage early and nullify your presence early.

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The masteries are pretty self explanatory. Almost all burst mages take Thunderlord's, and it scales the best into late game, giving an extra kick to your burst. I take Bounty Hunter over opressor because you do the majority of your damage while they're not cc'd and the extra 5% damage after you've killed everyone at least once definitely helps, but oppresor is the safer option and better for newer players, or a vet who knows it's the better choice for the situation. I love the cdr over the pen as the 45% when you have blue late game is really nice and you already have all the magic pen you need. The rest talk for themselves.

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Situational items:
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Really nice for kiting bruisers, tanks, and the like. Gives you a big chunk of ap and hp to go with it as well. A personal favorite as the passive allows you to chase better too and is definitely worth it's gold in stats.

Abyssal Scepter: This item has gone through some changes, and for the better. People won't rush this as much against you anymore if you get ahead because it's nerfed early, so it's not a get out of jail free card. But, it does get good late game and is great against tanks with it's mr and lowers theirs. The cdr also allows you to reach the cap which is always nice, and it gives you a respectable 80 ap to go with it.

Zhonya's Hourglass: The passive makes this item worth it in a lot of situations. You can get this item earlier if you need(before rabs or in between rabs and void staff) because it nullifies zed and helps against divers such as fizz and ekko. Good against people who like you a lot and keep jumping on you in fights. Being able to troll and bait with it is just the icing on the cake.

Luden's Echo: A really nice item for burst. Gives you an extra kick when you ult to engage in teamfights and gives you better waveclear and damage. The movement speed helps a lot and the ap it gives it great. Usually get this when really ahead or don't need any of the other items.

There are a few builds in this guide and you're probably thinking "Hex, you list a bunch of builds, but which should I really use?". Testing is a great way to figure this out, but the ones I recommend are the morellos-roa and morellos-rylais. Pros love the Rylais build as it gives great kiting and all around great stats and early cdr(which feels amazing) but the roa-morellos not only scales better but also gives a bit more in the long run. The roa-tear build is good too but the meta at the moment is focused on the early-mid game, and that build takes a while to scale and delays you being relevant.

Items NOT to build-
Lich Bane- this looks like a good item at face value, and don't get me wrong, will give you huge damage. But the problems is, if you're positioning right you shouldn't be in range to auto so most of the time the passive goes unused and then it's just a ball of stats, with mediocre ap and extra mana you don't need, along with cdr when by the point you get this you've probably capped it out by now.

Luden's- ONLY GET THIS ITEM WHEN FED. This is a luxury item, and while it gives good damage there are better options when you're not just roflstomping. Only time I would get this early is with PlaysWithBalls' build which I'll add to this after some playtesting.

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Skill Sequence

R-Q-W-E is by far the best skill sequence. W max first is good if you're against someone who you can always hit with it(i.e., TF) as it gives huge burst early but also eats mana, and even then still q still a good choice. Q allows you reposition the ball more and is great for clearing waves and poking/punishing. W next, though, as you'll have some items and mana by the time you start maxing it at level 10. Next is e. We left this alone up until now because it not only has good base stats but also serves as a good tool the reposition the ball, so you can max it last because it's always useful, and bigger shields are always nice. And of course, just for the sake of completion

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Q-Command: Attack- Reposition the ball, does damage along the way. The base for everything. From here you branch out. Low cd, good poke in lane, great for waveclear. You need to learn the range and speed, especially when moving the ball long distances.

W-Command: Dissonance- High damage but before a mana item very high in cost. Use only if you hit q and sometimes not even then, because you want to be able to get an auto too to proc thunderlords. Q does half the damage for a third of the cost, so don't use if you start to get around 50% mana. Always try to use with thunderlord's decree. The only time you use it otherwise is to clear waves or huge late game poke as when combined with q with do 70% of a squishies help alone, and another q with thunderlords means a kill. But an important note about this ability is that it should always be used to max efficiency. Ex: You're getting chased, and you have w. Make sure it not only speeds you up but also slows them. Sometimes you can kite them with q-w as it slows too, but be careful and learn to judge the situation. In lane you also want to use this to slow, giving you free autos, along with the damage from itself.

E-Command: Protect- Great ability for repositioning. Brings the ball back to you which helps if you're chasing and left it behind. Also great to get it on your teammates and you need q right after. Not as effective in soloq as players don't always do what you want when you want to ult off them. Soloq is a crazy place. But if you see an opportunity or discuss it before, don't hesitate as it can set up an insane ult. Also great to protect your other carries if you're safe or think they'll be more effective. I would recommend setting and easy to reach button to self cast e as it helps a ton.

R-Command: Shockwave- Here it is. The ult of legends. You can win games and set up the coolest and biggest plays in the game. You'll make it or break it with this ability, although late game it has a 50 second cd so you'll be able to pick people off and still teamfight. Not only that but it can help you escape and help push people off objectives just by scarying the enemy team and getting them low. But, be wary using this in lane as it usually gives(usually assassins) an opportunity to go in, and champs like Zed and Fizz with save their ability for it so you HAVE to play around that. In teamfights, you usually want to hit as many people as possible, but sometimes they have carries that need killed and it's fine to just ult them if they're together. Doing that to engage fights can single handedly win the fight, but during the fight you can usually get positioning.

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Pros / Cons

-Good at all stages of the game(little less pre-6 but still not bad)
-Really low cd's so you're not usually too punished if you miss.
-Game changing ult on insanely low cooldown.
-Huge damage
-Really nice to help team, and you can be either a carry or helping the carries, or both.
-Enough depth to keep on your toes always discovering new little trick and options to situations.
-Extremely clean and fluent
-Always extremely useful even if you fall behind.
-A good Orianna will change the way you see the game.
-Great community behind her :D

-Teambased, takes teamwork which isn't always present in yoloq. Can carry but harder.
-Extremely hard and will takes many games to get above average(but also makes her a great champ to main)
-Ball can be slow, makes it hard to kit fast champs with a lot of mobility with great prediction skills.
-You'll get camped A LOT which isn't fun(maybe just personal experience)
-Easy to make huge mistakes.
-Takes extreme attention skills(comes with experience)

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