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Shaco Build Guide by Jerv

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jerv

Make Them Rage (Jungle Shaco Guide S5, 5.19)

Jerv Last updated on October 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu Very bad early and is squishy early. Abuse this.
Nasus Gets countered by everyone early game.
Master Yi Terrible level 2 and no cc = Free win
Fiddlesticks Very bad level 1-3. He can't really do anything until he gets his ult
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About Me

My IGN is Cheezburger (lost a bet) and I played Shaco for 80% of S5. As I am writing this it's currently end of S5 (Worlds 2015). I may not be the best Shaco but after atleast 100+ games I know what I'm doing when I play Shaco.

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Shaco isn't a meta champ. He hasn't been for around 3 years. But noone will deny the fact that Shaco just destroys solo q. He's not that bursty, he's not tanky,he has an extremely high skill floor, he falls off late game. So why pick Shaco?. His job is too assassinate and annoy. His early game is probably one of the best in the entire game. He can make the enemy team's life a living hell for 20 mins (If you're good).

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Why Pick Shaco

Shaco has something going for him that other junglers like Lee Sin or Rengar don't. That is the fact that Shaco is a completely unpredictable walking psychological horror movie. His job is too scare the enemy team. If the enemy team is playing under tower 80% of the time and their jungler is almost never seen, congratulations, the're scared. This however is not an advantage. I prefer it when the enemy team is reckless so they would make more mistakes and Shaco is the face of "Capitalizing on Mistakes" in the LoL.

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Pros / Cons

- Good Ganker
- Good Counter jungle
- Can single-handedly put people on tilt
- Unpredictable
- Clone can be used to juke and escape CC
- No leash required

- High skill floor
- Very hard to use
- Small mana pool
- No hard CC other than a hard to land fear

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Theese are the runes I generally run

3 AS Quints - For early Clears
9 AD Marks - Well ofc
9 Flat Armor Seals - Good for jungling
9 Flat MR Glyphs - Frequent ganks mean you're gonna take early game magic damage

(Btw these aren't my Excact runes i found this of google but theese are the ones that i usually run)

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Early Clear/First Camp

For all the beginner's wanting to learn Shaco, I recommend watching this video:

It's fairly short at around 9 mins.
This is the video that helped me learn Shaco at the start of season 5


Start RED get JiTB (W) at level 1. The momment the jungle timer goes below 1:00, start placing boxes in the pit. Keep placing boxes in the far end of the pit and then let them tank the Buff, when they turn around to attack the buff, you start auto-attacking to proc your Backstab (P). Depending on enemy jungler, take Decieve (Q) at level 2 if they have a bad early game to counter jungle or gank mid. If you're not confident, take Two-Shiv Poison (E) and go for blue.

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Shaco's Role as the game progresses

Early Game

Shaco's role in the early game is to PUT PRESSURE ON THE MAP. Make the life of the enemy team a living hell. Counter jungle as hard as possible and make frequent ganks. This is the phase where Shaco shines. At level 2, you should gank a lane if someone's playing too aggressive.

Standard Gank combo:
Decieve (Q)
JiTB (W) somewhere in lane so they can't escape
Two-Shiv Posion (E)

Mid Game

At this phase you want to GET DRAGON as soon as you hit level 6. Use your Hallucinate (R) when you start and position your clone behind the dragon because it procs your Backstab (p). Then you can either Splitpush (Make sure you atleast have Tiamat) or Assassinate the ADC in a teamfight.

Late Game

This is what separates the Good Shacos from the Bad Shacos. By this time you should be full build. PLEASE however DON'T BUILD FULL AD. You need at least 1 defensive item in order to be of some use to your team. At this phase you should start contesting Baron. Since you are bad in team fight situations (Aka 90% of Late game). You should split push. When Splitting, I recommend buying Dead Man's Plate for extra MS. If not split pushing, then build 2 defensive items (Dead Man's Plate & Spirit Visage). So you can do tons of damage while being somewhat tanky. People will have to focus you down but you do two much damage and it's gonna take longer than they think. This allows your ADC to do more DPS.

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Items that are NOT RECOMMENDED

Statikk Shiv - I do not think that you should pick up this item at all. It may be good with split pushing however Shaco scales alot better with just flat AD and his Decieve (Q) is already a 100% crit.

Trinity Force - People get this item because it gives everything. But they get mainly for the sheen proc. The sheen would give extra damage to your JiTB (W) and your Two-Shiv Posion (E). IMO this item just wastes a slot that could have been used on LW or BT

Berserker's Greaves - Even if extra AS is good on Shaco, I recommend using Ionian Boots of Lucidity better because you will need to use your skills alot more to do more damage and for more utility.

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I hope you guys learned from this guide on how to play Shaco!

This is one of my longest guides I think and probably my best so far.

Please review this guide and tell me what'cha think about it.