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Yasuo Build Guide by jrlawson

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jrlawson

Making people face the wind like a boss; Yasuo PRO BUILD!!!

jrlawson Last updated on February 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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A bit about me...

My name is Jacob and I'm quite pickey about the champs I play. When I first got Yasuo i didn't do so well. I got a 3/9/12. We lost that game and ever game after that looked quite grim. I didn't like Yasuo and thought it was him who was bad when in reality it was me. I'm not gonna sugar coat this introduction and im gonna tell you Yasuo is a ***** to play at first, but he is the only champ to crawl his way all the way up to my number one favorite after doing so horrible with him. One game it just clicked and i got a 29/2/13. I had to play a game with him because my good champs were either already selected or banned. It just clicked that game and thus i am able to write this guide for you. This will be a little quick guide because I am a teenager and know that most teenagers don't want to read some huge thing...

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Pros / Cons

Can work well with most champs
Low cool down
Farms way easily
Is a counter for most champs

Hard to master
Squishy early if not fed
Can't think of anymore

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So I like to start with a Doran's Blade most games. I then progress to Berserker's Greaves because it gives you a nice attack speed boost and speed boost. You can change up your boots under certain circumstances, like for example you'll want Mercury Treads if your against heavy AP and Ninja Tabi if your against heavy AD. I then like to then get a Shiv. Your Shiv gives you extra as, ms, and crits. It's a game changer and you will notice the difference immediately. Next you want to move onto a Infinity Edge. It gives you the 90% chance crits that lets your auto attack do 400-800 damage. Next it's really up to you and the match up your in. I usually go with a Hydra because of the splash damage and life steal. Blade Of The Ruined gives you life steal just without the splash damage. Next is Randuins or Visage. I would go with a Randuins for an easy get away, but if you really need the extra health and magic resist for what ever reason and the Katarina or Kassadin are wrecking you, go with the Visage. Finally you want to go with a Last Whisper. This is something that is a must have for the tank on their team or if they are building a lot of armor. If you absolutely need to you can get a Mercurial Scimitar just to get rid of the Heimer's stuns and not get wrecked by his missiles.

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Skill Sequence

Like almost every champ you start with Yasuo's Q. If you are brand spanking new with Yasuo then I will tell you that if you land two successful hits with it your third Q will shoot a tornado. I then next like to get my E, his Sweeping Blade. This lets you catch up to enemy champs or evade them. You can combo your E and press Q while your still moving to spin and if you hit anyone around you it counts towards his Steel Tempest tornado. Third i then like to get my Wind Wall. It keeps all ranged attacks out and will protect you wile your recalling or running. I then like to first max out my Q and then move to my E. Then you can finish your Wind Wall last and make it much wider.

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Your summoner spells depend on what kind of player you are. I like to go with the basic Ignite and Flash. Flash isn't a necessity but it gives him a true escape. Another good idea to go with will be something like Ghost and Ignite or Barrier and Ghost. You always have to keep something with movement consistent.

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Team Work

When you are in a team fight with Yasuo, you want to try always have a tornado ready. It can be used to knock up enemy champs and escape or to secure the kill. If you are being Yasuo you should try and ask your team to pick champs with a knock up ability of their own. Ask your support to be Janna and if your not midding, ask the mid laner to be Zyra. Ask the jungler to be Xin Zhao. Ask your top laner to be Alistar. People like that. When your in a team fight and you know your team has got your back, use the enemy team for target of your sweeping blade to get a low health enemy.

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Unique Skills

Yasuo's unique most unique and best skill of his in my opinion is his Way Of The Wanderer. He has flow instead of mana. When his flow bar is full it makes the most OP shield that is the most quickly available in the game. If you have home guard on your boots, by the time you get to your inhibitor, your flow is full just from the sheer speed you have.

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Alright guys this is all the advice I've got for you. I will be sure to update it when I find any more cool are sweet tricks! Thanks for reading! If you liked this guide and if it was helpful, PLEASE VOTE!!!