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Malzahar Build Guide by Dazana

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dazana

Malzahar by Dazana

Dazana Last updated on August 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guide ever so be gentle ^-^

Since i got not much to say here i will post some results that i got with this guide, the full games can be downloaded at the end of the guide.
So these are my stats i got today (22-04-2011):

Oh and please note that my native language is not english, thank you

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I'm still working on the runes but this is what i use right now, they give me high ap early game. And some nice mp for late game.


My current rune set is slightly different from my old runes, i changed my seals of potency to seals of Vitality, after some trial and error i felt that these runes are more fitting for my play style that is more aggressive mid game over early game. More of a personal prefference.

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Beacause of the full offence with the runes i felt like i needed some defensive masteries and it works for me. But if you feel you need more mp/5 you can go 9/0/21


I picked these masteries with my change in runes, i had some more hp so i could take some more utility in my masteries, the movement speed and bonus mp/5 help you lane longer and a shorter cd on flash is always worth it.

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Summoner Spells

I will just highlight the spells that are viable or commonly used but not viable for Malzahar imo.


Awesome spell, but do use it correct. As escape try to flash over walls, if you just flash forward it could be better to take ghost.
Also can be used to catch up: flash --> ult --> let your team slap him

Good escape spell for floating like a boss.
Also great for early ganks:hit lvl 6 --> get out of sight --> ghost --> float (like a boss) to side lane --> use whatever is needed to get a kill or two (maybe three because of random jungler/teleporter)

Great spell for map control and team saving actions. If you like this spell take it. If needed tell your team to buy wards so you can tp behind/in stealth to the sidelane.(Another great reason to ward).

Can be a great spell to destroy those stupid beefy healers. Also nice to give that little bit of bonus dmg early to do the job. And yes people will rage even more if you use your entire nuke close to the enemy so you can add ignite to it, but that's something you should ignore and just do. ;)

ALWAYS take ghost or flash, ALWAYS. The biggest disadvantage of being Malzahar is that he has no escape from itself. So you NEED it in your summoner spells. It not even a choice. I don't understand that they gave you the option to chose from ghost and flash on one slot and the rest on the other. Anyway i think yo should get the point now. If you don't you kinda need a escape spell in yuo summoner spells.

Not Viable

You just don't need it. It's that simple. Early game you use your to keep your mana pool up and to farm. Mid game you nuke one or two and get the hell out of a fight. Or if you're still farming you got a cataclyst to keep it up and still you got your . Late game you shouldn't have mana problems if so just ask your team nicely if you can have a blue buff or steal one from the enemy (with help from team ofc.) or you could always build an mana item.

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This isthe skill that makes Malzahar: harder, stronger and more fun to play. It gives Malzahar the chance to silence and deal en **** load of dmg. Becasue of the awkward shape of the spell and the short delay this could be one of the hardest to use spells in the game.

Most non Malzahar playing enemies you meet will rage at you ulti, but this is the spell that deals the insane amount of dmg. Why not max it sooner? because it gets stronger late game. Late game your enemies will have more hp, it deals more dmg and your other spells are less (still hurt like ****) effective.

Your main farming spell and lane pushing spell. Spamming it the right way won't get you out of mana. Also can give you a quadra kill while spreading from carry to carry in a teamfight (don't count on it, but it can happen)

Malzahars Statue of Liberty. If someone says Malz, this is what you think about. It's a improved version of mostly because it's ranged. Still youdon't want to cast this when you're in the middle of a teamfight. Most of the enemies won't use their cc until you use your ult. You can use this! Wait with your ult untill it's later in the teamfight. Just spam your other skills, your will hit them hard and separate them. You caught a lone wolf? burst him down! if you got a choice it's like this:
1. AP/AD carry (take the most fed one)
2. Support (Supres a soraka and she's useless)
3. Offtank (if fed this can go above support)
4. Tank (only when caught overextending and your team is close)

Also never use you ult on someone with or a Gankplank. They activate their skill/item and you just wasted an game changing ultimate.

Acts like a normal minion unless you use . Pretty straight forward. Can be used to last hit when you're getting outzoned. When going for first blood with you team take your at lvl1 and charge it at spawn untill your next attack spawns one. It helps a lot in a lvl1 teamfight. Late game it's mostly good for farming.

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Skill Sequence

The main reason i try to max the so soon is that it gives you great farming without a great mana cost. That way you can lane longer and get more gold and level quicker.

So the skill order basiclly is like this:
> > >

I do like to get one point in at level 4 so you can use your entire nuke at lvl 6:

--> --> --> (--> )
Use ignite only when needed like a mundo with his ulti on.

Side Note
If you're premade and want to go for lvl1 fight take your at lvl 1 and charge it at base untill you next spell spawns a voidling. Try to stay in the back and silence anyone who's get offguard. Silence=no flash or any escape mechanism.

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Core Items

Ok now the part most of you have scrolled down to: Items.

Starting items

+ 3x
This with 3 Health Pots can be a good starting item, If you are facing a Gragas, Kennen, Ezreal in mid lane the bonus speed will often safe you from their skillshot (if you're paying attention it is).

+ 5x
This starting item is not seen very often especially after it's taken out of the items used for . But it can still be viable when facing a AD carry in mid or when playing top lane. It will set you back on your build, you should try it at least once in my opinion to see how it works for you.

+ 6x
NOT recommended, 20 ap on start and a lot of health pots sounds great, but after 4 minutes you're pretty much screwed if you don't go back to base. And you're the champ that stays in lane for as long as possible.

Great starting item in my opinion. Most of the games i try to keep it as long as possible.

Core Items

If you're having a bad start (denied for a lot of farm, often ganked, died, etc.) it is a good idea to go for another dorans for the basic stats. Even if you have a decent start but feel like you need a little more ap to kill your nemesis on midlane it can be just the item.

My first back will be when i'm low on hp or when i have 1950 gold. (yes it is a lot of gold for the first back but it it's very well possible when in mid or 1vs1 top lane)
Now you will do a lot of dmg and farm very easy. When you're laning against someone who just won't stop harrasing you it might be a good idea to get a cataclyst first for the bonus hp and mana.

Plz note that after OR Catalyst the Protector you need to finish your boots first. This will give you better mobility in lane and it will increase your ganking succes greatly.

After that try to finish your basnhee (and your boots if you didn't allready):
I just love banshee on Malzahar, it gives hp, mana, magic resistence and a awesome passive that will save you a lot of times. Ofcourse if you feel like you don't need banshee this quick it's possible to go deathcap first to rape the enemy, but don't do this when you are facing decent enemys or less item dependent chamops like Annie.

Next up is Deathcap:

This will give you nice ability power bonus, and the 30% will stack with every item you will buy next, so no reason not to get it.

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Good item if you're still getting hit by enemy casters (though you should already have a banshee) get this after your core if the enemy team has between roughly 30-100 magic resistance.

Another good item, but it shines late game. And malzahar need to nuke from lvl6 to the end of the game. Also you don't really need that bonus mana, it's nice but not needed. And for this item to shine you need it early and i see noo messing around in the core for this item. I ussually get this when there are two other caster are in my team. Most of the time i just ask if i can get blue buff.

It's a good item to counter high hp enemys, but you got you to counter them so i feel no need for this item. if you want some ap and mp/5 and cd redux go for

I like the stats of this item and the passive is pretty awesome but not for malzahar. It means you should auto attack after you did your combo but they should be dead after you used your combo. so no.

This item is worth it's money if you can keep 5 stacks. If you are convident you can keep them go for it, but try to ignore this item the higher elo you get.

Great item if the enemy isn't buying any mr. So you just want AP, CD redux and mp/5. And it gives it all

Yes this item is pretty awesome, you can't lose the stacks on it and the stats when it's full are pretty high. The only diadvantage it has that you need it early in the game and that means you need it before your core build. And i don't want think it should replace either deathcap or banshee. so no

This item is the item i get most of the times after my core build. It gives a nice amount op ability power and some hp. And the the passive will make the chasing or escaping a lot more easy.

A little ap and 40% mp. Get this if the entire enemy team is getting banshee or if two or more have over 100 mr.

Getting killed by enemy ad carry? get this after your core. 100 ap + 30 ap becasue you got deathcap and all the armor and a awesome active. Only disadvantege is it gives no hp, bu hey you can't get it all. (also nice to use in teamfights when all of your spells are on cd, just activate it and when you're back so are your cd's)

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Farming/Team Work

Farming is a very important factor for malzahar. You really need to last hit well with him or you will be more of a support then a caster dps. That's why most of the times you would need mid lane. This will give you a great gold advantages if you last hit.

If you're new to Malzahar try going some coop vs ai matches to practise your last hitting.

work in progress

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LoL Recorder

this is an awesome tool, it records your entire LoL game without getting laggy and the recording are about 2-5 Mb. Great tool to show your friends how much you suck!! ;)

Get it here

These replays probaly don't work anymore with the recent updates in LoL, I will be recording some new games soon and put them up here.


here is a replay of me going mid in a solo normal game:


You can see me play to aggrasive in some situations but i got a nice kd at the end :D

Here's another game: normal game solo but this time i'm laning


and this time i got an even better kd (partly becasue of the ks i did, but i said srry so it was allright :D)

Another ranked mid:


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Warding is rewarding!

I can't say it enough but every team needs wards.
so here's a little map of good ward spots:
Green are Sight Ward they should be up at all time. The higher elo the more important it is to ward. If the enemy team has a jungler it can be a good idea to ward his jungle, this way it's easy to steal buffs.

Purple/Pink are the they should be up at baron and dragon. This is mostly the job of the support or tank if there is no support. The pink wards at the lanes are only needed if the enemy team has a evelynn or shaco or other champions that can be inivisible.

Ofcourse there is no need need to ward baron or dragon if they didn't spawned yet.

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[*] changed ghost to flash since I see myself using the flash -> ulti combo to pick off enemies to kill with the team

[*] Changed the item sequence, i see myself often buying another dorans ring and going deathcap before banshee

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After reading this entire build/guide i know you're like: "Wow i wanna play this kick *** champion!". So you buy malzahar (if you didn't allready) and you click on start normal game. You find a game and in the first second your team instalocks an Annie and Gragas. Now you can do a number of things. Rage at your team and pick Malzahar anyway losing the game. Pick Another champion that your team needs/lacks and tell your team that insta-locking is kinda selfish. And ofcourse you can queue dodge. In order of what i recommend its: 2,3,1.
1: I understand that you wanna play Malzahar but your team/winning the game is more important then playing that one champ you want.
2: As it should be.
3: Good alternative if you're ***** to play Malzahar, but you should learn to play more then one champ anyway. (preferable is every role of a the team (Tank, Offtank, AP/AD carry, Support, Jungle))

And for some randomness: