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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Milerzhus

Malzahar - The Tank Destroyer

Milerzhus Last updated on February 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have been playing this game for little over half a year now and the very first champion that I bought I still play today, Malzahar. This guide will show you how to make the enemy team run in fear when you come into a battle. Malzahar is an amazing farmer and quite often is the lead carry on the team. Malzahar is, in my opinion, the best champ to be middle with, your ultimate is one the best for middle along with your other abilities you should be ahead every time (in minion/champ kills, turrets down). I have beaten almost every champion in middle, and even though some champions are played with bad summoners, end result, good or bad, as Malzahar you can either hold your own or do better.

- Amazing AP carry
- Can take 1 champ out of teamfight with his ult
- Has AoE silence
- Null zone does damage based on percentage of health
- Great farner

- Low survivability
- No escapes besides summoner skils
- Ult makes him become stationary

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There are many different viable combinations, I can only give you the pros and cons and suggest to you what I believe is best, what suits your play style you will have to test out different combinations and see what best fits you. That being said here are the calculations and what I believe is best for you.

Overall AP/level is the best bet for Malzahar, while flat AP will allow you to better dominate early game, by mid game AP/level runes will start catching up and you will find yourself wishing you spent that IP on better runes!

All together at level 18 you will have an additional 67 AP, if you were to change the marks into AP/Level runes you would have an extra 83 AP at level 18. Movement speed quints are also viable on Malzahar but not as effective (in my opinion) as per level AP. I have done the calculations and if you were to get all mana per level runes, you would get (at level 18) 834 mana, if you are getting AA this turns into an additional 25 AP, not as much as the 67, but you also have almost unlimited mana to burn.

If you get CD reduction runes then you do not need the Ionia boots, simply get the sorc boots to help boost up your damage!

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Skill Sequence

Summoner Skills

The two you take will change how you play by quite a bit, , , and should be the only 3 you choose from, all others are **** for Malzahar and I will not discuss how awful they are, you should just know. If you are dying a lot, then I suggest ghost size and flash size, these two will increase your survivability by a lot, but you will lose your increased damage output with the loss of ignite, if you find you can get by with just one escape, then pick up ignite and remember you can cast it while you are in your ultimate. My preference over which is better, ghost or flash is tough. flash size can be amazing for an early game kill, and you can use it for jumping over walls to chase/escape, but ghost provides better chasing and escaping abilities, if you can get away from the stuns.

Skilling Order:

1 - Malefic Visions
2 - Call of the Void
3 - Malefic Visions
4 - Null Zone
5 - Malefic Visions
6 - Nether Grasp
7 - Malefic Visions
8 - Call of the Void
9 - Malefic Visions - MAX
10 - Call of the Void
11 - Nether Grasp
12 - Call of the Void
13 - Call of the Void - MAX
14 - Null Zone
15 - Null Zone
16 - Nether Grasp - MAX
17 - Null Zone
18 - Null Zone - MAX

is your main harassing skill, it goes through creep waves and replenishes your mana, and if your opponent is unaware about how it works he will soon find it afflicting himself for some nice damage. Some may say to leave MV at 4 as it requires two more minion kills to justify its use, but the damage is just so useful for harassing it is quite better to max it first, and then max call of the void.

, amazing AoE damage and silence, but its high mana cost and considering it is a skillshot makes it difficult to justify spamming it for harassment. Amazingly helpful in teamfights and good to help you get away with Ryalis.

is an amazing skill, it does damage based on percentages, which ultimately means it does not matter how much health an opponent has, some games I have seen null zone do 20% of max health per second. (But at this level the game is usually already decided)

makes Malzahar quite possibly the most dangerous champion to face 1v1, it is a 2.5 second stun that deals a lot of damage, its' damage scales with ability power on a 1:1 ratio! Nether grasp and null zone work very well together.

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Core Items

Most games you can stick to a similar item path, but you may need to change up your items based on the enemy team, here is the reasoning behing the item choices.

and 2 - eventually going to be built into , so + 2 is also viable but the 200+ mana makes your mana pool very large for early game and with you can gain mana back pretty rapidly.

On your first trip back to town you should get and . Normally I have enough to get , , and a or two, but some games it doesn't turn out that well.

Your next items should start building , focusing on getting first, after that then get blasting/tomb in any order. Malzahar has very low HP and the health boost is far better than getting the or amplifying tomb.

If the game is going well and you feel you can steamroll the other team pretty well, go for Mejia's Soulstealer, but it is only really useful at 20 stacks, which is very difficult to obtain and hold. The 1235 gold could be spent towards getting your giants belt which you know will help you whereas Mejias could just be a waste.

Next up is getting whichever you see fit first, if the team is AD heavy then don't get the first, other than that it does not matter too much. The hourglass is key to Malzahar surviving, the enemy team will target you first as you are a very strong carry, bundles them up and if you have flash you can jump out cast a few spells to do some damage and then judge whether you should run or fight, I always place this item in my #2 slot, so the button is just above my fingers

Next is , you should have maxed out the passive by now, and if not then you are very close and the staff will continue on your +4 mana per spell

Next is , this baby will help you roll the enemy team if the game has carried out this far

Finally if you did not get Mejias you will have 1 item left, and that item is situational, most games will not last this long but if they do then you have to judge, I would suggest either or . helps with magic pen that you lose by getting instead of , but is a beast with its active, you just have to remember to use it. Morello's Evil Tomb is also a very good item, it is new and perhaps some have overlooked it.

Here it is so you don't have to scroll through the mountain of text



Situational item: /
Morello's Evil Tomb

Total Gold Cost of 5 core items = 13630

If you believe you are dying too often and need more survivability then use this build, it takes a little while longer to get going and that means you will not be as beast until later in the game, would could cause your team to lose. But this build offers more survivability at a higher cost, the end result is about the same AP and mana wise however you gain more health.



Situational item
Total Cost of 5 core items = 13810

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Arcangel's VS Rod of Ages


These two are both amazing items for Malzahar, but picking which one to get is difficult, here I will list the pros and cons of both!

- Can buy very quickly
- Can also get boots on first trip back
- Gain 400 mana, 52 AP initally, and 25 MP5
- If you have 3000 mana you will gain 135 AP

- Gives a lot of mana, but by end game you rarely get out of mana
- No health, only health item is

- Great survivability
- Adds mana, health, and AP
- Only gets better over time
- Better laning item than

- Large start up cost
- Not as much AP as AA (~55 less)


Overall AP wise, is the better pick, and you can charge it while you are at fountain or anywhere pretty much. But for suvivability is better. The extra 700 health or so by the endgame could spell life or death for you, and the longer it takes the enemy to kill you the longer your team has to kill them! You could have 1000 AP, but if you die instantly what good does it do? Alternatively you could go for both of these items, getting and then catalyst the protector While both are not totally recommended, they are viable, the mana will be a bit overkill, however it will get converted into AP, and the additional health is very nice.

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Early Game

Early Game:
Right after grabbing your and head to middle, I usually never go Malzahar unless I am middle, there are definitely better laning partners than Malzahar but he is not bad to lane with. You should not attack any minions unless it is to last hit them, and this goes for all champs, in normal and low elo the opponent will usually attack the minions causing you to be pushed back, which is good, we want that. Do not use any abilities until level 3 or 5, depending if you are pushed all the way back to your tower. If you are pushed back to your tower cast on the creep that the tower is hitting, and auto attack the creep as well, you will probably not be getting many last hits but your mana will still increase and the creep wave will not be able to do much damage to the tower.

Once you get to level 2 always cast it on the first creep in a wave (wait till you auto attack it once or the creeps do damage), if you auto attack it then it should die just in time for it to carry on through to the next creep and all throughout the wave, and hopefully hitting the enemy champ at the end, many champs underestimate the range MV has. For when a big creep is in the wave wait a bit before casting it then when you do auto attack and use on it as well to continue your spell. Make sure you are always moving around and trying to cast your MV on the enemy champ, run up to cast it then run back into minions, Malzahars harassment is very good, much like Zileans time bomb in this respect.

As soon as you hit level 6 you can begin to really put the pressure on, as if you have been harassing the enemy champ you can burst him down pretty fast. Your combo with on the warrior creeps and your on the spell-caster creeps will break down waves very fast, often pushing the enemy champion back to their tower. When you do this you can run up close to the tower and cast on the champion and run out of tower range before you get hit as does not do damage immediately the tower will not focus you. Dont be afraid to use your ult in range of the turret, a combo that gets many is cast null zone around the tower below the enemy champ, they will feel secure cause you will not tower dive, when they are in use your ult to stun them, cast on them (you can do this without leaving the stun) and right before your ult finishes cast on them and out if you need to. This will get them almost 100% of the time, if they escape they will need to go back to town, allowing you to as well.

When you are at town make sure to get first, the earlier you can get this item the better, and are very cheap as well,(they increased the price so it will take a little longer to get them now) if you can get both then get it, if not then just tear and boots level 1 are good enough. As soon as you get , always cast and in the fountain, it increases max mana by 8 and for free. Always do this in the fountain for the rest of the game. Also remember to grab wards and a or two, this will allow you to stay in your lane longer, getting you more exp and gold.

When you get back to lane phase you will find yourself at a much greater advantage then the enemy champion, you should hit level 7 pretty quickly (if not already) and your will be able to steamroll through the creep waves allowing you to push the tower very effectively. What I normally do after we are at the tower is cast on the creeps and then and the general area they are in and then auto attack the tower, your spells will take care of the creeps while you focus the tower and the enemy champion will be afraid to come near and attack you. Always try to cast on the enemy champ, even if it means you cannot cast it on the creep wave, with your the CD will be lower allowing you to spam . You should be spawning voidlings very quickly and they can be devastating to towers. Either the enemy tower or the champion should go down by 15 minutes. Always be watchful of enemy junglers, try to ward the bushes and always keep an eye on the mini map, over extending can lead to death.

As middle I hardly ever gank unless their middle is off somewhere, if the middle is MIA you have two choices. Gain a huge experience and economic advantage while pushing their tower, or go and gank another lane, personally I never leave my lane to try and gank another lane, I think it is stupid, now yes there are situations where you can leave and go gank, but most of the time it is a bad idea. If you are in a lane and the enemy champion is not, then you get more experience and as Malzahar you can push to the tower even as the enemy champion is there, let alone not. If you go off to gank, the enemy team is probably already alerted you are MIA and are less aggressive, causing you to sit in the bush making the experience be split 3 ways and you are losing out on minion kills. If you stay and push a tower, the tower gives gold to all members on your team, whereas a gank only gives 1/ 2 people gold. Any well farmed champ is going to be doing well, especially if they are middle and already have an advantage over a dual lane champion. Leave the ganking to your junglers or when you have taken down their tower.

Only after the enemy tower is down do I leave my lane and go try to push others, being very observant in 5s pays off, map awareness is key, always be checking that mini map for where the enemy champions are, Malzahars only escape are his summoner skills, and with my build I only have or , when that is down try to not be over aggressive, you are a tank destroyer, not a tank.

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Middle Game

Middle Game:
By middle game many different things could of happened, you could have mopped up middle and be ahead with 3 or 4 kills aiming to finish your , or top and bottom could be doing bad and although middle is rocking your team needs some help, dont be afraid to oblige. Worst case is you have flopped middle and are barely able to stand your ground, and top and bottom arent doing so well either. I am very pessimistic and if I ever am in the last scenario I will usually try to convince my team to surrender and try again next time, unless it is ranked, I hardly ever surrender in ranked. The way I see it is if you are going to spend 40 minutes to try and win a game when the enemy team is already ahead, then my time is better spent improving my early game so I can make sure a situation like this doesnt happen again. In my opinion middle or solo lane are the strongest champions, therefore if you did well in your lane but top/bot are lacking, then you should be able to help make up for it and help win it for your team.

If you have a jungler then ask if you can take blue, or try to steal the enemies blue if they do not have a jungler. With blue buff you should be able to cast spells almost continuously, and your spells will always seem as if they are up because of the additional cooldown reduction. Middle game is all about ganking and pushing towers, top and bottom champions should stay in their lane getting experience and minion kills as quickly as possible, when you come to gank, you do not need to hide yourself all the time, simply helping to push the lane, while harassing the enemy champions is all you need. Once they are by their tower, if the 3 of you tower dive, then at least one should go down. Malzahar can get his ultimate off and only take 2 hits from the tower, which is around 400 damage, not too much, but will be worth it if you get the enemy champ down and eventually the tower.

When going to other lanes remember to keep an eye out for your lane, if it is getting pushed then go back to your lane and begin harassing the enemy champ, you may even get a kill. I believe the more you can stay in a lane farming experience and gold the better you are. Keep those MIA calls up and always be looking at the map, all champions should be accounted for, and if they arent then dont get too aggressive, games are usually won on the mistakes of others, not the brilliance on your part. If top/bot are not doing well, then switch places with one of the champs, remember you should have middle tower down by now and their middle champ is probably not in their lane but trying to gank to make up for his failure in middle. If a champion is under leveled then giving them middle while you are off getting blue buff or pushing their tower then everyone benefits, you should almost be able to take on 2 champions in a dual lane while pushing the tower, allowing for your weaker players to remain positive and get back into the game. League of Legends is a team game, although one champions can carry a whole team, it will feel much better being able to ace the enemy team with only losing one or two on your side. Remember KDR means nothing, winning or losing does.

Wards are very vital, not until I hit level 30 did I ever use them, or see someone use them in normal play, they are very inexpensive and if you get at least one kill or avoid a death because of them then they pay for themselves. Place them in the river between baron/entry to blue and dragon/entry to blue. These two spots are vital as they show if the enemy jungler is coming to your side, shows if middle goes to gank bottom, shows if bottom comes to gank middle, and if the enemy team is doing dragon. Dragon is a game changer, when you kill the dragon, your entire team gains 190 gold, and someone else gets 25, thats 975 bonus gold for your team and the 975 gold lost for the enemy team, after a small team battle if you are the victors and pushing down a tower is not possible, grabbing dragon and red/blue buffs are highly recommended, killing dragon is like a champ kill, for everyone.

If all goes well then you should have 3 towers down on their side without having any lost on yours, your moral will be high and theirs will be low, just continue playing smart and the game should be yours, no game is ever perfect and everyone makes mistakes, just try to minimize them and create situations for your opponents to cripple themselves. Most importantly, even though you have decimated middle and other champions run in fear of your presence, you are not invincible, you will die most of the time if its 2v1 and the enemy has CC, you shine in dealing damage with a shield of minions or champions in front of you.

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Late Game

Late Game:
Late game refers to first set of towers down in each lane, and almost all the fights include all or most of the champions. By this stage you should either be completing the or working on Archangels Staff . The [icon = Zhonyas hourglass is amazing for team fights, as they will focus you, and Malzahar drops fast, those 2 seconds of invulnerability allow for the enemy team to missclick their abilities on other team members, and be waiting for you to come out of that state, leaving them unfocused on the rest of the battle, because as they see it, if you go down then the battle will be much easier.

Malzahar is not an initiator, leave that to the tanks on your team. When a fight begins, drop your first, trying to hit as many as possible, this silences them for 2 seconds, causing them to not be able to use any of their spells, next drop your n over the person you wish to kill (usually the enemies carry), finally use and watch their health drop, if they arent dead, cast on them and they will die either by you or someone else, moving the onto another champion, hopefully another carry. As soon as you feel as if you are getting damaged, instead of flashing away, use your , it will draw attention to yourself, allowing the enemy team to bundle around you (great for AoE abilities), then behind your tanks and carries, your skills should be up by now and should focus the remaining carries, even if you die and your team wins, then you have done your job. This is one of the reasons why I choose to not get as even being very cautions, you will die as Malzahar, survivability is key.

By level 18 your ultimate should be around a 50 second cool down time, allowing you to quickly kill or damage champions that are out of place. If an enemy tank is trying to initiate, drop null zone and then ult him, your other team should be able to jump on him and take him out before the enemy team even engages, if the enemy team has committed to trying to save their tank and rush in then you have the choice to either back away or combat them, most of your abilities will be on CD and winning will be difficult, but the fight should be 5v4 and you can judge whether or not you will win. If you fail however and your team loses the match, you will probably be blamed for dropping your ult on their enemy tank, judge the situation accurately, this will take practice.

Endgame battles will usually be decided by how well each team targets, and remember, even if you dont ace but leave them with 1 or 2, if you dont feel confident in pushing, then getting baron/dragon are good alternatives, but you should always push the tower. As Malzahar, when tower diving, try to let a tank hit the enemy first, then you can burst away, because even in late game, those towers can hurt.

Not much else can be said in late game, just get baron ASAP and when it is safe to do so, wards are not so important, I would only suggest one at baron seeing as almost any champ can solo dragon and red/blue fairly quickly. As a carry you should be focusing the enemies carries whenever you can, deal with the tanks later, your skill order in fights should be > > > , the last two are interchangeable, however with MVs short CD, if you use if at the beginning of a fight, it should be up by the time your ult is done. Elixirs are a great bang for your buck as a mere 250 gold can help make the difference between life and death.

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Tear of the Goddess, one of my favourite items in the game, I normally trade this sucker in for AA when I have around 2200 mana, that usually puts me around 200 abilities cast (and yes I have counted, many times). When Malzahar has 3000 mana, he gets an extra 90 AP, and his abilities scale at a 0.8, 0.01, 0.8, and 1.5:1 ratio, in other words - wow! One might ask how do you cast 500 spells to maximize this build, the answer is you dont, I have never maxed out my mana, however these little tips work for anyone with tear of the goddess , and for Kassadin to charge up his pulse cannon. Whenever you are in fountain, cast null zone and call of the void, once you have around 1500 mana, start casting on your way to your lane or wherever (just make sure to not make your mana too low), avoid casting as you are travelling as the CD for it is quite lengthy compared to call of the void, and you dont want to be stuck in a situation where you need to use null zone but its on CD!

During early game when your creeps are at the enemys tower, cast MV on a minion and drop down null zone and call of the void, then attack the tower, the enemy champ will likely not come in range of you and the creep wave will quickly be destroyed allowed you and your minions to attack the tower. Watch for your MV as it will jump to the enemy champ making the tower focus you. Also if the enemy champ is refusing to back off from the tower, run close to him while the tower is hitting your creeps, then drop everything you have on him, (icon = Malefic Visions]MV, call of the void, null zone, , and during your ult of course). At level 7 this will do, approximately, 930 damage (assuming you have followed the skill order and the champion has at least 1k health) , and that is enough to kill almost any champ at level 7, even at full health.

Blue buff is extremely important, and although you dont need it, getting it would make your skills much more mana effective and allow for more spamming, which allows for more maximum mana. When getting blue, drop all your spells on the golem and focus him down, you may think that casting your MV on the lizards is good as it will replenish your mana when it jumps, but remember you are getting blue buff, mana is a non issue.
Voidlings, amazing to have but also give away your position when hiding in a bush and they arent. This small drawback is basically meaningless, after your first trip back to town you can spam away your skills, allowing you to almost always have a voidling out on the field, and they help make towers drop, they also chase enemy champs for quite the distance, playing Malzahar a lot will give you a feel to as how well their mechanics work and allow you to use them to your full advantage. Pretty much they attack whatever you are attacking, which helps a lot in early stages when your MV arent quite enough to kill the creeps.

Many people underestimate the power of null zone and nether grasp, many times you can destroy enemy tanks when they try to 1v1 you. Your ultimate is the one of the best single target CC in the game, 2.5 seconds is an unbelievably long time for a stun, even if you cant get your null zone nether grasp combo off, just using it on a champ that is running away allowing for your team to get the kill is worth using it, remember KDR means nothing in a game, if someone complains about how you KS then tell them, yeah, I secured that kill (if they dont get the joke then its their loss).

Call of the void actually provides vision, anywhere but a bush, so casting it over a cliff will help to see if you are chasing through the jungle, and with Rylais it will even slow them down. When running from champs, casting null zone or call of the void will slow them down (if you have Rylais), also very useful for chasing as you can cast null zone ahead of them, slowing them down enough for your MV (which will give them a 30% slow debuff) and then you can lead them into your call of the void for even more damage and slows, silencing them so they cannot use their skills. Practicing call of the void is key to a good Malzahar, although it is not difficult to use, it can change games. Consider you have 300 AP (not even that much) a call of the void will slow them down, do 540 damage and silence them for 3 seconds with a full hit, and if you can get in MV, that is an extra 560 damage over 4 seconds, and then you can back off, you have done over 1000 damage in a matter of 3 seconds and have safely escaped.

This applies to all lanes, but more important for middle and solo. Never go back to town unless your opponent does, Malzahar can be played very aggressively, always posing the danger of bursting your opponent, so dont expect to go back in lane till you have 2k, you should go back around 1500 at the least, if not then you need to figure out how to force your opponent to go back. If you kill the enemy champ (most of the time will be at their tower) then you can finish kill the creep wave and then I suggest porting back immediately, you will gain the gold and exp they missed out when they died and your minions will pick away at the tower, of course if you stayed the tower may go down an additional 1k health, but if they have teleport and a slow, then you arent looking so good and your advantage can quickly go away. If you go back as soon as you kill them, you can get your items (should be better than enemy champs) and you will be fully restored, and will it back to middle at the same time as them, if not before. Staying in your lane whenever your opponent is there allows you to gain an equal amount of exp as them, if not more, and whenever they leave lane you can further your exp lead.

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Laning Against Certain Champs

Against different champions you need to use different strategies. I will add more specific ones as I see fit but just use the general strategy in the early game paragraph if the champion you are laning against isnt posted here.

: The tiny master of evil, I love and hate going mid against this champion, I love it cause he is easy to kill, but hate it because all he has to do is cast a stun which has a huge area and then can nuke me down quite easily. Veigar is not so good at farming, and I mean that with respects to Malzahar, you can push to the tower quite easily against him (after level 3 or 4). While at the tower try not to ult + zull zone him until he is at least a quarter damaged, his health is quite low so one or two MV will do that. Veigars range is not the best, so you should be able to catch him with a bouncing MV from a minion. Once in the tower range, try to bait him into using his stun + nuke combo, try to stay inside the stun skill until it is gone, then do your combo down, if he stuns you his combo will probably hit you as you went with Ionia boots instead of merc treads. If you dont want to be too aggressive at the tower just throw down a MV on him and get out of tower range before he can use his stun, the tower hits hard. About 3 or 4 will get him low enough that you can go in and just ult + ignite him for the kill then flash out before taking too much damage from the turret. With the addition of new Zhonyas items, the death cap makes Veigar much more powerful, the death cap not only makes his AP more, but also your AP more, allowing for a huge damage increase for his ultimate, be wary. For late game try to not get stuck in his stun, wait until he casts it, then move in for nether grasp, even if he isnt under null zone the 2.5 second stun will spell death for him. MV is very hurtful on low health champs because it is not a skill shot, you just select the champ and it does a good 400 damage or so. You should always smile when you see that they foolishly put Veigar against you in middle.

: In my experience, you are either great with or terrible with Vlad. Sadly most people are bad with him, but you will encounter good Vlads, and heres my strategy to defeat them. As with all champions you want to act weak and let them push the lane, staying in exp range and only moving in to last hit a minion, nothing else. If the Vlad is aggressive he will try to cast his transfusion on you whenever you can, but by the 2nd or 3rd minion wave you will be pressed up again your tower and if he comes in to hit you he may sustain damage from the turret, which should discourage him from attacking you, if he does just try to get your MV off on him before he pools or runs away. Your MV will go through the creep wave and hit Vlad if he is near them, after a few times this happens he will back away from the creep wave, allowing you to push, you should not start pushing till level 4/5. If you both have awareness then you should gain level 6 first as you are a better farmer than Vlad. If you do and he does not, then you should gain level 6 well before him. Keep the harassment up with MV as often as you can and you should have Vlad pushed up against his tower when you are both level 6/7. If the opportunity strikes when you hit 6 then start your combo, (if you can get MV off before your combo that is great) and you should be able to kill him, make sure to use ignite, or at least get him low enough to go back allowing you to go back as well, remember getting tear early as possible is important for late game. Once you are both back the Vlad will recognize you are not the push over he thought you were during the first few levels, you are now actively keeping him at his tower, and if he tries to move out of tower range to attack you then you will burst him down well before he gets you. At this point he should only have around 1100 health, if that, and at level 7 you can get down around 930 health leaving Vlad quite scared of you.

: This is where my ego for Malzahar gets hurt. Ashe is the hardest champion to play against 1v1, her range greatly exceeds yours and her ultimate can crush you. She can push creep waves very effectively and do a lot of damage to your tower. Being able to hold your own against a good Ashe is difficult, even for the best of us, but you have to remember she has low heath just like Malzahar. Always stay behind your minions so volley doesnt hit you, it hurts quite a lot, and if she is attacking the tower auto attack her and cast your abilities on her. If you took flash and , once you hit your ult if she is damaged a little then you flash in, cast your ult + ignite, and time it so you can get off MV before your ult is done. This should either kill her or force her to go back to heal. After you have both healed and returned to your lane then be careful not to be too aggressive, your ultimate and flash will be on CD and a Malzahar left with no escapes is a dead Malzahar. MV will do loads of damage to Ashe, after 3 of those if she has no health pots she should be hurt enough to ult + ignite her for the kill. If you do get the kill and dont have to go back to heal make sure when you are pushing the tower you are doing two things, first is looking for MIAs, if there are none then stand a little to the side of the tower and your creep waves, many times Ashe will shoot her arrow straight down and hit you for the stun and a ton of damage, if you are standing to the side you can avoid it. Look out to see if she has teleport, if she does then make sure to tell your team and be watchful of the teleporting action. Ashe will be able to zone you hard, this is the main reason I dislike going against her mid. She can volley and normal attack you down in seconds, never push the lane against ashe, and if the creeps are at your tower, try to keep them there till level 6. Yes you will probably be significantly down in cs, but if you are able to hold on till level 6 and kill her then you can start farming and hopefully get a few more kills. At the very least do not die, a fed ashe isn't the most difficult to deal with, but it would be better if you were fed. In late game try to CC her, she has no escapes and her health is just as low as yours. Best of luck against this ashe, but if you have a choice to mid against her, I wouldn't.

: You should always grin when you see you are up against Lux. She can farm creeps just as well as you but Lux is primarily a CC support champion, in my opinion, whereas you are a carry. Until level 6 just make sure you dodge her binds and Lucent Singularity (the ball of light). Her health is just as low as yours and if you can harass her well enough, at 6 just flash ignite and MV should take care of the rest. After level 6 you must be very aggressive and try to zone her out, do not cast MV on the minions until you are ready to push, always cast MV on Lux and continue to zone her out while only last hitting the minions. You will gain exp + gold and she will just take damage from your MV. Her laser has a low CD, so just assume it is almost always up. Other than that just standard play will help you best Lux.