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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Malzahar Build Guide by Jnoose

Malzahar, the Void's Swag

Malzahar, the Void's Swag

Updated on January 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jnoose Build Guide By Jnoose 3,594 Views 2 Comments
3,594 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jnoose Malzahar Build Guide By Jnoose Updated on January 5, 2012
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Malz is a fun and easy to love champ. Malz is great at everything from camping in a bush waiting to kill a unsuspecting champ taking a lovley stroll though his/her jungle, too team silencing and completely swinging a team battle in your teams favor.
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Pros / Cons

1-5 champ silence
A attack that does percentages of health instead of just flat DMG
Great farming capabilities

Minion that cant be controlled
Your stun can easily be interrupted
Can be squishy
Certain champs can hurt your early game-play.
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The runes I like to use are the ones I have found best for the part of the game Malz can be the worst at, late game... Also the quints of fort are there not just for health but also to let you rush and early. If you wanted to change the too and the too its fine. Most of my team comps I like to give blue to either the support or the spammers. also when doing ranked I recommended you use of the or
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pretty normal masteries for a mage/caster type, although I dont really like over the mp5 from . also I like another point in over the point
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These are the items i have found work the best at keeping malz a viable AP carry from at moment you get Rod of ages to the moment you see the victory pop up on your screen.

I like starting with x2 and x1 so that living is more easy and making the gank more accessible. build those boots into .

Next and the item that needs to be rushed is . the faster you can get this item the better. you would like to get this item by around 14mins into the game. if you are getting harassed hard you can go back and get catalyst the protector and this should help you early.

Next is . is item is so good got malz. after testing this item becomes a 35% slow to all who stand in it and this can come in handy when it comes to living and slowing champs after ganks. and once again, if you find yourself taking a lot of DMG you can always get and this should help you in the mid game-play.

the final necessarily is . after this item you got the void swag and enemy's should be afraid of you.

The last two items are totally based on the team comp you are playing against. here are some of those items i will recommend.

for the teams with lots of magic resist
also for teams with magic resist and teams who have lots of magic DMG.
for the teams who have lots of AD.
for teams with stuns or lots of things that can be negated.
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Summoner spells

and are the summoner spells i like the most on malz.

I mainly use this spell for its 50% healing reduction over the true DMG that comes with ignite. Also ignite can be used while channeling which is always great for the nuke it can do.

is a great spell for living and killing. I like to use this in early lane phase killing, and this is how. Kill minions using and when you see the enemy champ standing near the last minion get ready. Right before that minion dies and it bounces to the champ, flash and knowing that is going to bounce to him/her and get a easy kill.
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Team Work

Team work can be a hard part of playing a good malz. Most of the malz players I have seen played like to drop cal of the void on the person the team is focusing, but I rarely see a need to do this at all (unless it is someone with a flash like Ezreal's or kassadin's ). When casting a silence on a target who is about to die anyways its kinda pointless when you have the support and ranged classes who are blasting your team and healing their team. Those champs are the ones who the full extent of the silence is going to be on and are the ones who will be doing the least in the 2.5secs they are silenced. Also since you really have no AOE it is best to either use your ULT on someone who is getting away from the team or to suppress someone second or third on the kill order so that you can insure that more then one person is dying. A well played Malz can help kill a target, hold a person for the second or third kill and silence the two or three other team mates in a single team battle and this is what makes a good Malz player.
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The Kill Sequence 1v1

The order of spells changes dependent on the person you are trying to kill 1v1. I normally do not like to start the sequence with since when they are stunned there is no need for them to be silenced. Say your chillin in a bush waiting for someone to come strolling in. I like to always make sure I have at least 1 stack of so that when I cast the minion is spawning to insure the DMG. Start with and then but make sure you always stun on the null zone so that you can basically always insure the kill of the target. Once you have the champ stunned in the null zone wait about one second then cast since it will not interrupt the channeling of nether grasp.
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The Team Battle

As I was talking about earlier in this guide, in a team battle a good malz can completely swing the outcome of most team battles. Always wait for the tank to start the battle. Start with on the target your team has decided to kill first, then you are going to cast on the kill target (with expections that he/she will run for the turret) or a group of 3 or more champs. If the kill target is someone who heals you should always use on that first target to insure that the kill target will always die. After that you should find either 3 or more champs to silence or the range/support group of the opposing team. Once is casted you could on the second kill target if the first target is still living, or the third target if the second kill target is being attacked.
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Some Cool Tricks I Have Learned

When harassing during the lane phase you can use and to harass quite will on turrets. Cast on the target and let the voidling run at them. As they run to the turret follow them just out of range of the turret since it will attack you and stay in just close enough range so that the voidling will keep attacking the target and the turret will not attack you.

As I was talking about before in the items part of my guide and are quite a good combo since it is 35% and not 15%. Also with slows all targets hit by 35%. After is done channeling the target will be slowed 35% for only three seconds.

When casting in a bush it will not take you out of the bush stealth.
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