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Quinn Build Guide by ManiacChester

Middle ManiacChester's Mid Quinn Smite Ignite Guide

Middle ManiacChester's Mid Quinn Smite Ignite Guide

Updated on March 27, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ManiacChester Build Guide By ManiacChester 1,144 Views 0 Comments
1,144 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ManiacChester Quinn Build Guide By ManiacChester Updated on March 27, 2021
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Runes: Only rune page I recommend

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Quinn Smite Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

ManiacChester's Mid Quinn Smite Ignite Guide

By ManiacChester
Mumbo Jumbo but it's interesting

Backstory:I loathe playing the adc role in bot lane but I willingly play Quinn in mid and I have a lot of fun with it. Quinn mid was kind of off meta but really fun. I started playing it with my friends which turned out to be fun but we saw a lot of defeats. Our jungler was pretty new and wasn't the best at juggling with ganking. It was tough so I decided to become the mid laner and the jungler. At first I tried mid quinn smite flash but there wasn't enough kill pressure without ignite. Yes you could technically kill the mid laner without it but ignite is just nice you know?

Disclaimer: Before anyone goes in the discussion section and says that without flash this is complete troll it is not. Flash is a nice spell and it is nice to have but it isn't completely necessary. Let me explain Flash has a cool down of 300 seconds that is 5 minutes in which you will not have a flash. Ignite on the other hand is 180 seconds. Therefore you will be using ignite a lot more than flash. In addition ignite scales with level therefore you will be able to use it more. I do want to additionally say that flash is a nice spell but I don't use it a lot when I play Quinn. I'm not Quinn AD therefore I'm not the best Quinn player out there. I do not know everything about Quinn as you may know but I try my best.

Continuing backstory: So anyways that's how I started playing Quinn Mid Smite Ignite and I had a ton of fun with it. I could do what normals Quinn do roam and influence other lanes. I could secure objectives that my jungler couldn't secure. Plus we could outsmite anyone with our double smites.
When to play Quinn Mid Smite Ignite
If you're feeling ambitious, or that you hard win the match up or even if you don't trust your jungler because they were auto-filled. Lock in Quinn Mid Smite Ignite. Become not only the mid lane but also the jungler.

The runes this build contains is really good into squishy comps but also really good into semi tanky comps. You are more burst reliant though so don't go trying to fight a tank like Malphite or Sion or you know what I mean.
How to play
There are other guides that are more qualified such as Quinn AD's guide on how to Quinn so go look at those.

When playing Quinn smite ignite is actually quite brilliant if you think about it. Jungle just got nerfed xp wise therefore you're probably going to be ahead of the enemy jungler by a lot in terms of cs and farm. This is important because level of champions directly dictate what level a player's smite is. Theoretically the enemy jungler is level 4 and you're level 5. Your level 5 smite is going to let you easily outsmite for dragons. So what you want to do is dominate mid, ping your jungler to gank bot or top with you, then go for the objectives there's literally no reason or method in which the enemy will be able to contest objectives with two smites and your fast rotations.

Also always shove waves then quickly rotate because that way the enemy mid laner has to decide whether to stay mid to keep up with farm and money or let you get fed by murdering their teammates. This is important because you want to stay ahead in levels of most players on both teams that way you can influence objectives much more.

Also if you have a tendency to miss cannons and sometimes you want a buff but there are others who want it just smite it. There's no way anyone's autos or spells do more than your smite. Just saying.

If you see the enemy jungler ganking like your top or your bot and isn't showing up with a buff. Ping your jungler or just go by yourself and invade their jungler by yourself. Hopefully, your team realizes that you're doing something to help them and that your jungler's mentality isn't fragile and flames you for setting the enemy jungler behind.

Basically, you're playing hybrid assassin Quinn. You're going to have enough damage to burst squishies but also enough to be team fighting. This should be good from Iron IV to Gold III anything above that I cannot guarantee that this guide will work for you.

What to do:
Auto Attack -> E -> Auto Attack
This is the basic combo I highly recommend you to start with this when laning and this is good throughout. Wait for your harrier proc, and do this combo and it'll proc electrocute doing a nice chunk.

Gap closing with E combo
E -> Auto Attack -> Q -> Auto Attack
This is when they're far away from spam E click until you're on them closing the gap. Then Auto-attack to proc the carrier and Q to activate another harrier proc, then auto thus leading to a dead champion.
Early Game
Early game we'll go more in depth here.

Before 1:30 you want to be in one of the bushes near your lane. You don't want to just stand by your tower like a bad mid laner. Watch for invades. If you're feeling bold and want to follow my guide go and ward enemy blue or red depending on which side of the map you are on. This will be useful later on with your smite.

At level 1 level up your E and simply poke the enemy with your autos. Try not to miss any minions you can smite if you really need to but highly wouldn't recommend save for either stealing the warded blue or red buff or to get cannon on the third wave. If you can do the normal combo I mentioned in the how to play section. Wait for the enemy to walk up to cs somewhere along the middle of the lane Auto Attack -> E -> Auto Attack this will chunk their health a bit.

At level 2 or second minion wave coming through if the enemy champion is around half health wait a little bit for your passive to refresh. If the proc shows on the enemy do your Auto Attack -> E -> Auto Attack this time try to run them down. Ignite them and with another auto attack they'll most likely die. This usually is first blood for you. With this lead you should slow push it if you're still healthy and make sure to use your health pot now. If the enemy is a Shaco don't risk it just shove and back. The wave will most likely push to you.

At level 3: If you're still healthy to continue pushing the wave around 2:15 is when scuttle spawns so go grab those. I usually go for whichever one my jungler isn't going for but if you're feeling generous go help them out. You can e to rid of the shield if you're lucky or unlucky the enemy jungler will come to contest and you'll kill them and can smite scuttle if anything negative occurs.

Remember the initial ward you place at blue or red go invade them and steal it. You outsmite them I think if you're level 3 and they don't have a super fast clear or they ganked somewhere. I would suggest taking the enemy's red, blue and gromp because they're single targets and they're the easiest to take. The rest of the camps are also good but I don't like them as much.
Earlly Mid game? When you hit 6.
When you hit 6 that's when you really shine. Your mana pool is really small like only 407 and your R alone is 100 mana. That's nearly 25% of it so don't just carelessly use it. Try to gank either bot or top or even invade the enemy jungler. Unless top is playing Teemo, Malzahar, Yasuo, Karma, Soraka (I saw one of these in my last game but not really meta anymore) or like some really squishy champion don't bother. Let the top laner do their own thing. Try to gank bot whenever you shove.

BUY CONTROL WARDS Let me just say how many times I've seen mid laners not buy control wards. They are literally so useful and yes you can go sweeper but control wards are good. Ward whenever you leave lane in the bushes near your lane or in the outlying bush next to objectives. These are so useful.

Another thing you can do when leaving lane is fake leaving. Place a control ward then hide in it and wait for your laner to come. 10/10 you'll kill them. First let the R hit them, use an auto, then Q auto attack and e auto attack. Or you can reverse the q aa and e aa. Ignite for good measure. Guaranteed that you kill them this way.

Count to 5 or 3 if you want to just go kill bot. Then leave to destroy bot honestly the enemy bot lane will probably be flaming you in chat to go back to your own lane or just be screaming mid diff because their laner is never rotating bot against a Mid quinn. Smh. How are they even supposed to follow.
Mid Game
Quinn doesn't have a lot of range. So carefully choose your battles. Split push for the purpose of drawing someone away from objectives because you're fast. I wouldn't recommend this because your team loses a whole smite. This could be detrimental for objectives if your jungler is behind in levels or is rather inexperienced in their role.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ManiacChester
ManiacChester Quinn Guide
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ManiacChester's Mid Quinn Smite Ignite Guide

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