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Draven Build Guide by MapleLocked

AD Carry MapleLocked's Draven build, Examples, tips, ideas

AD Carry MapleLocked's Draven build, Examples, tips, ideas

Updated on August 9, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MapleLocked Build Guide By MapleLocked 1,328 Views 0 Comments
1,328 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MapleLocked Draven Build Guide By MapleLocked Updated on August 9, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Idea for playing Draven

Draven is very good for being a "Lane bully" as he has high damage at a low level and constantly throughout the match. One thing I like to do is get into my enemies heads and play defensively (As usually when you see a Draven you expect to be pushed back to your turret 100% of the time), farming the creeps really close to my turret allowing for possible jungle ganks from our jungler and eliminating any possibility of getting ganked myself from the enemy jungler. I will do this till around level seven, once I hit level seven I go in and start pushing constantly harassing the enemy laners to a point were they have to go back to base and heal up. One advantage I've found is people tend to Relax and think I'm a huge defensive player and then when level eight comes around they are caught off guard to find themselves taking a dirtnap. Around level 8-9 is when I tend to shred everything, If I see it, it will die without myself having to turret dive or over extend to where I get ganked/killed myself. Try it, but remember we all have different play styles so stick with what works with you best!
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Pros / Cons of Draven

-High Damage throughout the match
-Ultimate can go anywhere on the map
-Passive helps with getting gold
-Interesting/fun to play
-Hard to play if you're not used to playing games like League of Legends, or can just be hard to get used to in general.
-You WILL be a high priority target
-May be difficult to master Spinning Axes (Q)
-Hard to keep track of the Spinning axes during a team fight.
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Summoner Spells

Flash Is a great spell for escaping an enemy from death, use it through certain walls for quicker transport if it's an emergency.

Ignite Great for applying onto an enemy when you can no longer chase and their almost dead, Get some extra damage out for a team fight, it reduces healing done while on the target. Since Draven no longer has his passive were if you were to land a critical strike or use your Spinning Axe on an enemy that it would apply a Damage over Time effect(DoT), Ignite is something to consider while playing Draven.

Barrier Good to absorb some damage to reduce the amount that actually will affect your Health points(HP). Personally I use Barrier for most of the matches I play Draven.
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Items to consider

BloodthirsterGreat item not only for the Attack but for the life steal, the 12% life steal means that you can stay out in the field for a longer duration.

Infinity Edge The Infinity edge Is a great item for damage and critical strike, combined with its passive makes a great killing machine when combined with a Phantom Dancer. Although one of the more expensive items, it is completely worth the price and an item every ADC should get whether late game or early game.

Phantom Dancer This item is one of my most favorite items with Draven Draven its passive is amazing. It gives you the ability to move through units, which when catching your Spinning Axe is a beautiful feeling to move through things and not have to go around them.

Black Cleaver Is not usually the first Item I consider to buy but it does reduce alot of the enemies armor and gives you 50 attack damage and 200 Health points. Consider buying The Brutalizer early game to tear through your enemies with ease if you're planning to buy Black Cleaver.
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Remember to itemize correctly

Just remember that most matches you will not be able to have all the items you wish to purchase so please itemize according to what you're up against and the current situation you and your team are in. Other than that, Have fun playing the most awesome champion there is! Draven
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Please consider this is what I use to play the most awesome champion that is Draven. :)
If there is anything that is incorrect or may be possible to add please comment and let me know so that I may be able to fix it, Thankyou! :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MapleLocked
MapleLocked Draven Guide
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MapleLocked's Draven build, Examples, tips, ideas

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