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Yasuo General Guide by TerrorOfDeathSA

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TerrorOfDeathSA

Master of The Wind

TerrorOfDeathSA Last updated on March 13, 2015
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Middle Yasuo

Yasuo is a very powerful champion for Middle Lane. Has a great passiv Way of the Wanderer and his q Steel of Tempest do very bid damage and has a very small Cooldown. Can dodge enemies magic with Wind Wall and Sweeping Blade and can go Counter Attack.
With Yasuo you can poke them Constantly and with his passiv can take 0 damage if you fill up your passiv and use Wind Wall and Sweeping Blade. Yasuo can inflict very bid damage even the hole game but he is week in early because he can be ganked easy.
For this build you don't need any critical runes because later with items you are going to have 100% critical chance. First you need to buy Statikk Shiv because you get AS, Critical is higher and can poke easily and make more Damage. Later you can buy Blade of the Ruined King for more AS, Lifesteal and Active power to slow them and Infinity Edge to increase your Critical Chance and get AD.

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Team Play

Yasuo can be a killer in Team Fight and be supportive with his Wind Wall. Yasuo Wind Wall can be very useful can save your and your Teammates life and can help you block their damage to turn around the the Fight. Yasuo should be in a good position to block with his Wind Wall then engage if he can. Best would be if you have in a team who can knock up too like Malphite or Wukong then you just use your ultimate and then the rest of the team go in to help. You should always try to get and ultimate their ADC or Mage so they have no more damagers and can secure the win in the Teamfight.


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