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Ezreal Build Guide by Ni14

ADC diamond

Master Tier Ezreal Guide

By Ni14 | Updated on October 8, 2019

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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
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Champion Build Guide

Master Tier Ezreal Guide

By Ni14
Who am I.
I'm a master tier ezreal player with over 60% win rate on multiple accounts.
Here's one of my best plays. Highlight, watch your ears. If you have any questions for me leave a comment on that video and I'll respond. I'll be trying to put out more content so sub to my yt channel. I was also ranked #1 ezreal for a bit according to leagueofgraphs.Pic
Why pick Ezreal Back to Top
Straight up this champ is just fun. Having 3 skillshots makes this champ one of the hardest ADC's to play. He also has a very high safety lane phase in exchange for lower damage in lane. Which is why he has the highest pro player presence in the game. He's a high skill high reward champ. The whole flash on 10 sec cd is also nice. Since crit ADC's are pretty bad right now Ezreal excels since he power spikes mid game. His only problem is you have to play very patient with Ezreal. Dying sets you 2x farther behind than anyone because you rely on stacking tear.
LEVEL 1 BABY. Back to Top
You know you want to proc klepto. Just don't die or blow summs to get it. >:) I like invading for klepto stacks cuz its fun.
Laning Phase Back to Top
In lane all you should be looking to do is poking and csing. Your e makes it so that you should never die in lane to champs like naut/blitz/pyke because if you e as they q you don't get pulled. You should only ever w if its safe for you to e in place or towards them without getting punished. If you can land w q theyre mispositioning badly and make sure to punish them for it. You should only w if you can get the mana refund, especially early. You usually cannot all in someone if theyre full hp because ezreal's early dmg is low.
Mid game Back to Top
This is where you're strongest. Once you have Muramana Iceborn you should look to fight. If you hit your skillshots you win. Just save your e for when the enemy uses something that will kill you. Play around your cooldowns.
Mid-Late game Back to Top
When you have 3 items same thing, look to poke. If you're going the ad build you should be looking to teamfight. If you have the ap build you're looking to catch someone with your surprising burst. Buy control wards, theyre so important. Playing around vision is super important.
Late Game Back to Top
Don't get caught. Teamfights play around your cds and you should be fine. DONT try to deal max damage if you'll die for it. As long as you're landing q's it shouldnt matter who it hits in most situations. You'll deal more damage the longer you stay alive. Kite kite kite.
After Ezreal Nerf thoughts Back to Top
Ezreal is still playable however because of the 7 second e nerf you're no longer allowed to harass with w e as viably anymore. You can still harass however you have to be extra careful vs pick supports such as thresh/pyke. The q nerf has turned a lot of pro players away from the ap build as well but its fine because the ad build is just as good just slower. Just play a bit safer till you have cdr and levels and youll be fine.
Random Info Back to Top
I've heard a couple people say that ezreal q resets his auto timer. This is false it just seems like it if you don't perfectly auto the instant q end. You can however speed up your auto q auto by moving during q animation then auto attacking. This is assuming your auto attack is already up.
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