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Master Yi Build Guide by sima93

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sima93

Master Yi Fast Attack Guide - Quick Kills

sima93 Last updated on June 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide, and it is work in progress, so it may suck a little XD. The goal of this guide is to create fast dealing damage champion so you can kill quickly or, in other words wait for the right moment in the bushes and assassinate the target.

So if you think that you can help me improve this guide, or you have some advice to give me, please tell me in comments :) i'm ready to listen and learn. And as you advice me, i'll change this guide to improve it, starting by improving runes and masteries :) so help me please to finish this.

Btw sorry for my bad English, I hope that you will understand what i want to say :D

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The first item that you need to buy is Boots of Speed and upgrade them to Berserker's Greaves as quickly as possible. After you did that, buy Dagger and focus on building Zeal . when you get zeal focus on buying Phantom Dancer. Next items should contain Zeal as well, so you need to buy another Zeal and then upgrade to Statikk Shiv, and then the same thing with Trinity Force. after that you'll see that you can kill enemy fast enough, but you can die fast too (and enemy champions will focus you in team fight because you doesn't have good defense) so you must buy something to rise your HP, i recommend Warmog's Armor, and after that you can buy Nashor's Tooth because it is useful to deal more damage and to deal it even faster, and you have cooldown reduction what is great too.
But if you are still dying easily you should buy Thornmail instead of Nashor's Tooth

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You have Skill Sequence on top.

I think that good way to attack your enemy from the bushes or from some range is by using Alpha Strike and selecting the target you want to kill, because you will appear next to it. But before you use it, activate Wuju Style so you make more damage. After your target starts running away, you activate your ult Highlander, or you can activate it right away when you attacked the target, but I think it is better to activate a few seconds later so you are sure too kill enemy with your ult and refresh all cooldowns. So you can attack another target. TO go for the multiple kills.

You can also use your ult Highlander to run away from enemy.

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I like to use Ignite so i'm sure that my enemy will not get away. No matter what.
And i like Heal because Master Yi is squishy and this spell comes in handy

You can use other spells if you like, but i think this two are all you need.

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Alpha Strike in combination with Statikk Shiv is a great way to kill minions fast and to gain lot of gold fast. it is good at higher levels for Jungling too.

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Game scores

this one shows how this build is superior to another yi builds

And one defeat because my team are noobs, but look at my score