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Master Yi Build Guide by prorob21

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author prorob21

Master Yi, now you see me, now your deaed

prorob21 Last updated on September 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Defense: 6

Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
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Utility: 3

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My first guide

It's my first guide on Master Yi. Helped me a lot, hope it helps you. I decided to make a guide because my i was bored and wanted something to do. Then my friends MRCJ (game name) told me i should build a guide for my favorite champion. I took his advice and made one about Master Yi and here it is.
So this guide is a ad and dps guide. It consists of Berserker's Greaves, The blood thirster, The black Cleaver, Infinity edge, madreds bloodrazer and Phanthom dancer. For more information look at 'item build'. If you think this guide might not be good check out the 'pros and cons' of this guide. This guide will do over 9000 damage in the time of 5seconds and will attack 10 times.

Keeper of the ancient art of Wuju, Master Yi is a mystical warrior from the isle of Ionia. He descended from one of the few tribes dedicated to the preservation of Wuju, a martial art founded with the principles of absolute spiritual awareness of one's self and one's enemy. When the armies of Noxus invaded Ionia, Master Yi joined in the Ionian defense to fight the craven enemy, bringing his village honor through his unparalleled mastery of the blade. The ensuing battles ravaged the land, but no conflict inflicted as much horror as the day the armies of Noxus closed in on Yi's village. Left undefended, the village became the unfortunate test subject of the latest invention by an up-and-coming chemist, now known as Singed. The remains of the village that Master Yi returned to were so horrific that it remains a festering scar on Ionian history. To this day, no Ionian will ever publicly speak of what occurred.

After the Noxian invasion was contained, Master Yi fell into a deep isolation. For years, he trained morning to night, speaking to no one and refusing offers of consolation by fellow Ionians. The only thing stopping him from madly charging into Noxus battle lines headfirst was his pledge to keep the Wuju style alive. Even though he seethed with impatience, his rage became a tool for sharpening his practice of Wuju, developing stronger and deadlier skills for his eventual vengeance. The only thing that roused him was news of the League's formation, and Noxus' subsequent enrollment in the League. Master Yi now brings his mastery of the blade to the League of Legends with unflinching purpose: to avenge his kinfolk and end the predations of the Noxus once and for all.

''The art of Wuju lives on in Master Yi, and is plunged through the hearts of his foes.'' -- Soraka, the Starchild

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Can take down enemies fast
fast moving and easy to catch up to enemies
Can regain lost hp through jungling and minion kills due to life steal
Will do 9716 damage over 5 seconds

Low hp
Low mana
Low armor penetration
Total cost of the build is 17310 gold

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Item build/summoner spells

Berserkers Greaves Berserker's greaves
Berserker's greaves is found at the recommended items section. It increases attack speed and movement speed. This item is really useful because Master Yi does not have a fast movement speed.
The blood thirster The blood thirster
The blood thirster is a expensive item that gives you added attack damage and added life steal. It is found in the Life steal section (under attack). This item gives you health for the damage you do and is useful in team fights.
Infinity edge
It is a item that gives you attack damage and critical damage and chance. It is found in the damage section (under attack) Infinity edge is a good item because it gives critical damage and chance so you can own a LOT more guys.
The black cleaver
gives you added damage and speed. It is found in the speed section (under attack). This is the last item made by B.F sword. It id good for lowering hp fast.
This item is called MADRED'S BLOODRAZOR
It adds attack damage, arrack speed and armor! it has a passive which deals damage equal to 4% of the targets maximum health. This item consists of madred's razor a pickaxe and a recurve bow. It's passive allows you to deal massive damage to others and will help in gang fights ot team fights
Phantom dancer
Adds attack speed chances for critical strike and movement speed. It is found under the speed section (attack). Good item, helps you run faster and kick more *** than normal because of the increased attck speed.

summoner spells

First of all i would like to say that you should not get heal because master Yi has a skill called 'meditate' . You can use this to heal yourself instead of using the heal spell. You can't activate meditate on the move because it will interrupt the channeling unlike heal but you can easily run away using exhaust or highlander.
Secondly i do not recommend getting revive . Revive gives you increased movement speed for a short time after casting but if you are awesome and follow this build hopefully you will only die once or twice and will not need it.

1. Ignite
Ignite is a spell that is unlocked at level 7. Ignite is a summoner spell that deals damage over time to a enemy. It is good when you do not want to pursue some one but still want the kill. It is effective for harassing in an early game because it deals around 420 damage. This spell should not be confused with 'smite' . Smite only attacks minions but ignite attacks enemy champs. -Ignite is a useful spell to me because its good for chasing and most important its good for kill stealing :P
2. Exhaust
Exhaust is unlocked at level 1. Exhaust is a spell that slows down a target's movement speed. In addition it also dulls the damage of the target meaning they do less damage. It is good for when you are chasing someone. It makes the target easier to catch up to. -I use it when i am chasing some one or if we are fighting 1 on 1 and im loosing I cast exhaust so i do more damage and force them to run so I can get a couple more hits in and hope i get the kill.

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Double Strike
Attack twice every 7th attack.
Alpha Strike
Master Yi leaps to an enemy striking up to four enemies (following your cursor) dealing heavy damage and has a 60% chance at level 5 to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions. -If you can't catch to an enemy and Highlander is not available try using this skill to catch up
Master yi channels restoring health over 5 seconds. While channeling Master Yi gains armor and magic resistance -Use if low on health, a good replacement for potions at level 4-5
Wuju Style
This is a passive skill. Its worth getting first because you gain physical damage. If activated the skill doubles its effectiveness but removes the passive bonus until cool down is over. -Great way to drop enemies to low hp fast or if you are facing a horde of minions.
This is Master Yi's ultimate. Increases master Yi's movement speed (80% at level 3). He gains immunity to all slowing effects. This ultimate also increases attack speed for up to 12 seconds. If you kill an enemy champion this cool down is instantly refreshed. -Easy way to catch up to enemies and make a quick turret kill.

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How to play

Personally the way i play Master Yi is buying three health potions and one mana potion at the start. These help you stay in lane longer and you can regenerate your HP and mana withought having to recall. When I am chasing some one i use Alpha strike or Highlander to catch up then use ignite or exhaust to kick their butts and take em out. Since Alpha strike follows your mouse you can easily use it to last hit minions by waving your mouse over them. If you are about to die using Yi and the others run faster the situation seems pretty bad but if you run into the bush to your teammates instead of straight to your base you might be able to get an assist and make a clean escape. If you are facing a ranger such as Ashe or a mage such as Veigar it would be difficult to kill them BUT the combo i found to kill them was use 'wuju style' then use 'alpha strike' to get to them and keep hitting them until they back off or if you want rush in and take the kill. Some players play aggressively which means even though you are next to your turret and you are dying they still try and kill you. The technique i use to get around this problem is to simply cast meditate when they are in turret agro range. When they realize you have healed they try to run back so cast exhaust so they take 1 or 2 more hits from the turret. Then activate wuju style and go in for the kill.
-team play
Master Yi is a great ganker because of his ability to deal lots of damage in a small amount of time. So if you are in the bottom lane for summoners rift for example try flanking the enemy ie. going behind them and attacking. With good timing and a coordinated attack all enemies will easily fall. If you are rushing a turret and trying to blow it up and you do not have many minions the obvious thing to do is wait for more but if you have a tank in your team tell him to come with you and backdoor it so it dies. If you spot enemies killing baron use ignite when baron is low on hp . This will help in case you fail the next move. This next move involves good timing and fast reactions. Get Baron in range of alpha strike withought the others seeing you. When baron nasher is nearly dead cast wuju style and alpha strike baron. Then cast highlander so they can't slow you and run for your life to the closest team mate you see. If it works GJ! if it didn't then try again next time.

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Special thanks to MRCJ for reviewing this guide and helping me finish it.

If this helped put a comment below and if it didn't tell me why in a comment.

Don't forget rate this guide but hopefully not the thumps down button. So have fun.