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Master Yi Build Guide by Daverave

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daverave

Master Yi, The joke

Daverave Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Change Log

Overall Changes
29/07/11 Added bonus Jungle Section!
Item Changes
29/07/11-1 The Bloodthirster Removed.
29/07/11-1 Guardian Angel Added.
Mastery Changes
29/07/11-1 point into Utility Master.
29/07/11-2 points removed from Brute Force.
Rune Chnages
Skill Changes

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The Joke Introduction

Some call him the "Right click champion" Some call him EZ mode personally i call him Yi the joke and in this guide i will tell you how to become one with the joke, maybe even become the joke so if you follow the instructions on this build you will become The joke.

P.S This guild is mainly focused on 5v5s as i do not have much success with The Joke Build in 3v3s.

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Joke Sequence

'Q' Alpha Strike 'E' Wuju Style 'R' Highlander Range of the target
''R' Highlander 'Q' Alpha Strike 'E' Wuju Style' To Chase down targets
''F' Ghost 'Q' Alpha Strike 'D' Exhaust 'R' Highlander 'E' Wuju Style' This is Useful in team fights Remember to Exhaust the damage dealing hero.
This is all common sense.

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Joke Items

The order of the items is very important You don't want to much damage/Life steal/Speed to early! If you spread it across like this you should find your self telling jokes at all levels (especially level 18)
The Sense behind the items.
Potions: You want these potions this early because you ain't getting 'W' Till level 12 so its essential that you have these potions!

Berserker's Greaves This is essential this early on you must get these if you want to become the joke.

Last Whisper: good for early ganks because of its +40 damage (not the best but isn't a bad investment for the late game). You Need armour penetration when it comes to late game.
NOTE: Some argue a second Phantom Dancer is nice here but it TOTALY depends on the type of tank/team you are up against if he/they are stacking AD (Attack Damage) defense you get the Last Whisper if not Phantom Dancer

Vampiric Scepter: The main reason you want this is to roam. Around level 7 or 8 you will be jumping lane to lane between each gank so killing jungle creeps will give you back your health making you always ready for a gank!

B. F. Sword: Dat Damage

Zeal: With the Life steal you already have and the damage having this increase in attack speed is vital!

Infinity Edge: Yi (The joke) is all about that critical strike son.

Phantom Dancer: At around this stage of the game when you have this item you will start to feel the joke inside of you grow.

The Bloodthirster: When you play The Joke Style Yi thirsts for blood. You will help greatly in team fights if you target correctly.

Guardian Angel: You will always get targeted first and probably get Nuked. Getting this Item will bring you back to life with half your HP if the fight is still going on make sure to target the threat! This means target people who do damage E.G if there's an enemy viegar and gangplank in the fight and you just died to viegars nuke target gangplank obviously

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Roam like a true joke

At level 6 You want to think about ganking every ***********er because it turns out Yi is a joke and being a joke means you can quickly travel lane to lane without being noticed. How you might ask well let me tell you something if you can get to a lane before the next creep wave your practically traveling at the speed of light.

NOTES: Kill every minion you pass in the jungle at around level 8 to keep up with people Q E the red and blue buff and Yi can solo drag at around level 10 if he gets 24% life steal. Killing Blue will help greatly with ganking since they thought having Yi's cool downs removed every kill was balanced. So once you get that first kill they can't escape you.

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Joke Fights


Doing the joke build leaves you super weak and you can get 1 shoted/nuked very easily and in order from getting insults thrown at you, you must use your common sense so:
Team Fights:
Appear late to the team fights and when you appear make sure to use Alpha Strike right away. (Keeps you from getting targeted) Always Exhaust the threat so he won't do as much damage, this is vital.
Be aggressive as **** never for 1 second let them think they can have a minion kill, if they get a minion kill REMIND them that was completely luck and next time they try to go for another one you will end them, this is vital.

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Joke Jungling

Yi jungling? When you role joke style, Yi can do anything.

With this style of jungling its very delicate and risky!

Item set up:
Vampiric Scepter>> Health Potion>> Dagger>> Health Potion>> Health Potion>> Health Potion>> Berserker's Greaves>> Long Sword>> Last Whisper>> Zeal>> B. F. Sword>> Infinity Edge>> Phantom Dancer>> The Bloodthirster>> Guardian Angel

Same Rune Set up

Instead of Exhaust Get Smite
Keep Ghost

Instead of Cripple Get Plentiful Bounty

Before i go into blue i need to explain the potion. Some of you might be wondering how can 'The Joke' buy a Vampiric Scepter and a Health Potion at the start, well if wait after minions spawn for 10 gold and ghost down to blue you make it just in time.

Blue Buff (Get middle to pull) Alpha Strike use Health Potion here

Wolves Alpha Strike>> Wuju Style

Recall When needed, every time you recall it slows it down but you can get your items faster

Wraiths Alpha Strike>> Wuju Style

Wraiths Alpha Strike>> Wuju Style Smite the stronger one down OR if you the you are attacking has about the same hp smite that one down.

Level 4 Check to see if there is any possible ganks at this point if not start over from Wolves

Red Buff Get Red buff at level 6 (Usually after your second blue)

Level 6 Check to see if there is any possible ganks at this point if not continue jungling till you see a possible gank!

Counter Jungling Think about counter jungling at level 6 or if you have last whisper (Armour pen)

The reason i included this is because its basically the same item set up, and easy to do since you don't need anything special.

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Joke Summary

Basically Yi is a joke and in order for you to become Yi, The joke you must follow this guide.