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Camille Build Guide by kimmothy

Top MASTERS Camille Guide- Kimmothy's Season 11 In Depth Guide

Top MASTERS Camille Guide- Kimmothy's Season 11 In Depth Guide

Updated on November 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kimmothy Build Guide By kimmothy 131 8 241,405 Views 12 Comments
131 8 241,405 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kimmothy Camille Build Guide By kimmothy Updated on November 5, 2021
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Runes: Standard Conq page

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Standard Flash TP
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

MASTERS Camille Guide- Kimmothy's Season 11 In Depth Guide

By kimmothy
Hey guys, welcome to my Camille guide for Season 11. My name is Kimmothy and I am a 1 trick camille who has genuinely been enjoying playing this champion for a long time and have climbed all the way to Diamond 1 in Season 10 and am Mastesr atm now and climbing. Im from South Korea but I am currently in Singapore playing on their server.

If you are looking for a CARRY top laner, amazing mobility, a high skill ceiling with tons of flashy combos and outplay potential, you literally don't have to look anywhere else. Camille is the champion for you.

This is my very first guide on mobafire so I am not very adept at making things looking flashy or attractive so I apologize in advance! But I put alot of indepth knowledge about Camille on this page, which I value more, which is why I posted this. So I really hope you enjoy it and can find some use out of it~

I am unable to show my rank as and other sites don't take Singapore server accounts into consideration so below is the proof!
I am streaming every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Feel free to drop by to hang out or ask me any questions about Camille, you won't regret it :)
My whole channel is Camille content with matchups, highlights and full game informative commentary. Check it out for further info at

- One of the best late game champions
- Strong early game despite good scaling
- Insane mobility
- Outplay potential
- Super strong side lane
- Access to backline
- True damage hits like a truck


- Has some pretty hard counters
- Harder to master
- Once behind, can be hard to catch up

Why Should you play Camille?
Like mentioned in the introduction, she has one of the BEST carry potentials in the game at the moment, even after the W nerfs, it only influences her early game sustain and poke slightly. Like the pros and cons mentions, mobility, catch, damage are the perks but best of all, is super fun AND rewarding to play. There is also the hidden perk of kicking Teemo over walls
Runes and Summoner spells

General rune pages can be seen at the top of the page! Please read the notes on each too <3 I wanted this specific portion to speak about when to take which runes.


Conqueror is best scaling rune. So you can take this into most even matchups. Grasp of the Undying is a rune taken to boost your laning phase. People will say conqueror is the best scaling rune and take it into hard matchups and the game is over before they can even scale. So if you are against a hard matchup, take grasp and give yourself an easier time. Even in even matchups, you can take grasp to give yourself the extra boost. My advice is that if you are new to Camille, try out grasp until you are more fimilar and then start using conqueror. Also a side note, if you are planning to take grasp into a ranged matchup, consider how often you will actually proc grasp. If you won't be able to proc it alot, you might as well go resolve secondary instead.

Examples of grasp matchups: Renekton, Jax
Examples of conqueror matchups: Irelia, Riven

Press the Attack is a very lane focused rune for early snowball. If you can't get ahead during the laning phase you are arguably wear outside of it when compared to grasp or conq. Super high burst early game, can consider it into ranged matchups but I rarely use this rune.

Specific differences

Second Wind into ranged matchups. Paired with Doran's Shield its really nice sustain. Take this instead of Bone Plating when the enemy can proc bone plating very easily or just constantly poke you.

Unflinching can also be taken if enemy has heavy CC.

Legend: Alacrity vs Legend: Bloodline. Bloodline if going Titanic Hydra, other wise its preference. I like taking alacrity so I can take double AD in runes.


FLASH: Flash allows you to execute so many combos with Camille's abilities and can help you in life or death situations. In my opinion, you should always take this.
IGNITE: Taking ignite allows for extreme lane pressure in the early levels to snowball your lead. Also works as an anti heal. People have been running tp/ignite. This is for lane kill threat but I feel as though as you slowly understand matchups more and more it's not necessary.
TELEPORT: Teleport adds so many opportunites to the game. If you get dove under a turret due to a stacked wave, you can gain most of the wave with this without setting yourself too behind for example. This allows you to create cross map plays and gives yourself an easier time splitting. A must have for me in the top lane.
Early Levelling
Early levelling
Just wanted to include this section to say that Camille can level either Q, W or E level 1 depending on the match up. It is important to know when to start what, and as long as you have all 3 abilities by level 3 you will be okay.

For example, against a squishy ranged match up, you might want to start E level 1 to trade, get them half hp and all in lvl 2 with Q and E. Against harder match ups, you generally start W to clear minions and trade with sustain while Q start may be good into brute forcing level 1s.
Trinity Force Trinity force is such a big power spike for Camille, with the stacking passive and the high Q damage it can give you. Camille finds great value out of its mythic passive (Using MS, AD and Ability Haste). Go this item in all if not, majority of your games.

Divine Sunderer A situational mythic after the nerfs. Against tanks or high max hp targets that are hard to get through in teamfights or the side lane. Generally with this item, you will miss out on attack speed, but you will have more sustain at 1 item due to its passive.

Ravenous Hydra Generally a second item choice. Super nice waveclear and sustain. This item allows you to sustain while splitting (trade, sustain off wave) meaning more pressure for the enemy team.

Titanic Hydra Your other second item choice. With this, you will still gain waveclear and the damage will still be similar. You will lose out on side lane sustain but can be counteracted with bloodline but gain HP stats in return. After testing, the two item spike with this feels really nice in teamfights. This item is still a decent choice after the nerfs.

Sterak's Gage Your 3rd item in most games. You gain a lot of tankiness with this item which will pair with Camille's high damage well. It also has sustain when dealing or taking damage to enemy champions which is always a bonus. After completing this item your sustain will be really good (sustain from this item, hydra, bloodline if running it, grasp/conq passive).

Guardian Angel Generally I build this item 4th if the enemy is heavy AD. This item also allows you to play more risky when diving the back line because if you die mid-way, you can stall for item with another rotation. Also the build path has stopwatch which is really broken. Even if the enemy isn't necessarily heavy AD, you can still consider it later on due to its passive.

Spirit Visage I build this 4th item if the enemy is heavy AP. It offers boost to shield and heals (Camille passive shield, sterak's shield, steak's healing, rav hydra healing, w heal, conq/grasp heal).

Death's Dance Another viable 4th/5th item if the enemy is heavy AD. The burst you recieve from them is reduced, which can buy you some key time for your true damage to charge up or another rotation to kill them.

Silvermere Dawn Another item against heavy AP. This one is more for heavy CC's you can easily get caught by which will end up stopping you from doing your job in teamfights or even the side lane skirmishes.

Chempunk Chainsword Anti heal item. I generally buy executioners early if the enemy has lots of healing but don't complete it until way later.

Plated Steelcaps Into heavy AD comps or if the enemy side laner depends greatly on their auto attacks (Irelia, tryn etc).

Mercury's Treads Enemy has heavy AP damage or lots of CC. If you ever engage onto the enemy back line and you get insta CC'ed, you can get one shot and be useless. This at least lessens the likelyhood of it.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Snowballing boots. If ahead early can really take this to pressure the enemy even harder. Lowering all your cooldowns is insane and even lowering your summoner spell cooldowns allows you to make more plays frequently.

- Biggest one I can give you is use practice tool to practice every single combo. If you want to rank straightaway thats fine but getting warmed up using practice tool is super efficient.

- If you are struggling against a certain matchup, it is also a good idea to ask a friend around the same skill level to practice that match up in a custom. This saves time from playing an entire game and flipping the matchup. This requires you to have a friend btw

- E1 on a wall can scan nearby enemies (alcove, baron)


- Use your passive shield, make a habit of looking at the cooldown
- Make a habit of perfecting auto q because the q will still go through as they run away as long as the animation starts
- W has a nice sustain, trade then disengage with w or engage for short trade with w
- Using Q1 on a minion then using W for a auto-Q2 trade can catch people off guard as the movement speed bonus can catch up to them


- Q1 minion - W - Q1
- Q - R (Q animation cancel
- E1 - W - E2
- W - E1 - E2 or E1 - W - E2

- E1 - E2 - Flash
- E1 - Flash - E2
- Q1 minion - walk up, e away - Q2

- Q1 - E - Flash - Q2
- W - E1 - Flash - E2
- E1 - W - Flash - E2

If you prefer a video instead, I made this one for your viewing pleasure
Split vs Teamfight

In most solo q games you will be splitpushing. You have insane turret taking potential combined with dueling and mobility to dip in and out when necessary. Take the opposite side of the map where an objective will be contested. So go split top if dragon is up and bottom if baron is up. Do this when you have tp up to join your team if necessary.

Generally the idea of splitpushing is that you are able to contest and or beat the enemy side laner on a 1 on 1. This will allow you to put pressure on the enemy team by solo killing the enemy laner and taking turrets or drawing 2 players bot lane to contest you, giving your team a numbers advantage. If the enemy top laner has no tp and you do, it can also create an advantage as if a teamfight breaks out, you will be able to join while the enemy can't.

The ideal conditions can be: you can beat the enemy side laner, you have tp, your team has wave clear, your team has globals to come join you if necessary


As Camille you would prefer to side lane but if a team fight is necessary, you generally want to look for a flank. Your e range is insane and a quick comobo of Q1 a ward, e into enemy carry and Q2 into r will do tons of damage to them.

Your role as a teamfighter is to either kill the enemy carries or if you are behind, to either catch people with your r or peel your carries. It's important to recognize when you are able to do what by assessing how far or behind you are in game. Teamfights will happen when fighting over important objectives or when a flank angle can be seen as well. If you are flanking with tp for a teamfight, ping on the way for your team and ping the enemy carry so they have an idea of who you are going for.
Final Thoughts
A lot of Camille's power comes from doing well in the laning phase and getting your key items. You spike super hard at trinity for example. But it's easier said than done. In my opinion, the most time spent into Camille isn't mechanics but match ups. Play them or watch someone play them (my youtube vids or stream hehe) because that's how you will gain most of your wins by winning your matchup and snowballing through the side or group fights.

I believe in you!
League of Legends Build Guide Author kimmothy
kimmothy Camille Guide
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MASTERS Camille Guide- Kimmothy's Season 11 In Depth Guide

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