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Evelynn Build Guide by sweetlovin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sweetlovin

Material Girl

sweetlovin Last updated on August 28, 2012
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I'm posting my build, partly as a reminder to myself what to do during a game. I suppose I can let a few of you avid moba-ers in on my secrets.

I've never been completely satisfied with any eve build on moba, they are all far too squishy. At higher elo, Armor and Magic Resistance are an absolute MUST! Besides, having some tank makes Evelyn incredibly useful late-game. An eve that stings like a bee, with a shield the size of Alistar's... you get the picture. Without further a due, my guide:

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Item Debates

A lot of builds utalize Boots of Mobility. However using Dark Frenzy and speed2 boots is faster than waiting for your speed5 to kick in if you are traveling less than half the map. It costs no mana, and has a few seconds left on cooldown by the time you reach your destination. So unless you plan on running marathons...

I love Mercury's Treads. I use them whenever I can, but it is not efficient in this case. Dark Frenzy clears you of any slows, so don't use it as a gap closer until you drain the enemy of thier CC.

Ninja Tabi. Tried and tested, this is my favorite. The Armor helps sustain in the jungle, and gives you a huge presence even into mid game against AD lanes. The worst contribution to your team is to die going for a gank.
You may notice that this is not in my build until Trinity Force at the end. It certainly helps in ganks, however Eve is not meant to bring CC to the table. Situationally, you may opt to build Phage before or after your first Pickaxe if you find the lanes you are ganking do not provide enough CC. However, Blessing of the Lizard Elder is usually enough if your lane has any CC at all.
Some builds don't take this item, I'm not sure why. Let me dispel any rumors, Rageblade is amazing on Evelyn. The AD and AP it provides is mediocre, however at 8 stacks this item provides huge benefits across the board. Consider you lead off with Hate Spike when you get in range, and an auto attack upon initiation (2 stacks). Ravage gains one stack upon use, and then strikes twice (5 total stacks). By the time your Ravage is complete, another Hate Spike can be fired off (6 total stacks). This doesn't consider a situational Dark Frenzy or Agony's Embrace. The entire combo mentioned takes under a second, making this item in great synergy with Evelyn.

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From Humble Beginnings

Evelyn is weak and relatively squishy at the beginning, and her jungle is slow compared to some.
For a defensive start, you can kill Wolf , Ancient Golem , Wraith ,and then Wolf , and then Recall . Your health will be too low to attempt a gank at this point. Since you wont need the speed, you can opt for a Cloth Armor and a few Health Potion in an attempt to have a few potions left over.
For an offensive style, its Wraith , Lizard Elder , and a Gank before the lane hits level 2. In this case, it is beneficial to take your Dark Frenzy, when you hit level 2.
Regardless, you will find yourself making frequent trips to stock up on items, which is alright. Evelyn, is a material girl, and must be wearing the latest designer fashions.
Early game is very important to Eve. Make the offensive/defensive decision early on, based upon enemy champion choices. See section on ganks for strengths and weaknesses.

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Mid Game

Words cannot describe how important it is after getting your first pickaxe. You will see your damage skyrocket through the roof, and your tank becomes irrelevant because the enemy will be too busy running like hell to turn around and fight. Grab one whenever you feel you're losing steam, it puts the pep back in your step.

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The Culling (aka Ganks) Early/Mid Game

Champions you can slap around (including most supports):

Holding Agony's Embrace to clear the innitial CC is incredibly important.

Champions to be careful with (including obvious burst AP champions):

I'm not saying these few are impossible, but ganks can be difficult against knockups, knockbacks, and pulls, or against champions that deal high burst magic damage with CC you can't strip off.

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Skill Sequence- Hate Spike is a huge contributor to damage, especially early game, invest in it.

Runes- Tank is good, especially with your shield. Eve leans towards AD, but her early game Hate Spike and late game Agony's Embrace benefit greatly from magic pen.

Items- Go buy often.

Farming- Lane when you can. Last hit for your teammates when they Recall , lane > jungle for money and xp.

Team Fights- Go straight for the AD, use your stealth to your advantage. Pop your Agony's Embrace to get as big of a shield as possible, and hold your Dark Frenzy until you need to clear slows.