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Ashe Build Guide by Tesseractual

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tesseractual

Max CDR Ashe

Tesseractual Last updated on April 11, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ashe is my go-to champion when I get ADC because she's safe and easy to learn. Though I don't main adc (and, to be honest, am pretty bad at the role in general), I've had a lot of success with Ashe and won the last 8 of my 10 games with her. In fact, I've had so much success with this build that I now secondary bot.

Keep in mind that Ashe cannot hyper carry with this build but instead provides loads of CC, utility, and distributed damage for the team.

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Pros / Cons

+ Best Utility and CC of any ADC
+ Takes advantage of map awareness with her global E and R
+ Great team fighting
+ Great dive prevention with ult
+ Great engage/disengage
+ Insane guaranteed 50% slow per AA (double that of Iceborn gauntlet since %slows scale hyperbolically) on 3 targets
+ Good mid-game with great late-game
+ Strong level 6 all-in
+ Safe laning phase

- No mobility. You'll have to rely on your team and your CC to keep the enemy off you.
- Takes time to reach maximum potency
- Weak dueling
- Mediocre damage early-mid game (but this is made up for with usefulness in other areas)

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Runes and Masteries

Runes are pretty standard, making the most out of each type of rune. 10% CDR glyphs tops off the 30% you get from Essence Reaver, allowing for more ults and volleys. Compared to marks, AS quints are more efficient than AD quints so I take the extra attack speed instead of damage.

For masteries, I would take Intelligence if I could but Fervor of Battle provides too much extra damage to pass up. Also, the 4 seconds the extra 5% CDR cuts off is not enough to allow Ashe to use her ult twice in a single fight and at a certain point, the animation speed of Ashe's W makes further CDR inefficient.

Fury vs Sorcery is a personal preference. While Sorcery increases Ranger's Focus damage that scales well with crit, Fury gives me an early game edge in trades and stacking focus faster. Honestly, the numbers are so small that they aren't significant.

The other masteries are focused on getting as much damage as possible without sacrificing a solid laning phase.

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The heart of this build is Essence Reaver which provides a massive 30% CDR and other stats that are useful for DPS. To complement Essence Reaver and stay healthy on mana, full crit is achieved with Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, and Essence Reaver. Finally, the build is topped off with damage and lifesteal from 1 of 3 situational items.

As first back items, Caulfield's Warhammer and B.F. Sword are just solid items to get that provide damage for better last hitting/trading and build into Essence Reaver, our core item.

As the first big item, Rapid Firecannon provides some useful stats but more importantly, helps you land that first application of Frost as well as make laning easier with some extra burst and last hitting aid. The reason why RFC is bought before Essence Reaver is because ER isn't worth the high cost before having an initial 30% crit chance to get the full CDR.

Transitioning into mid game with ER and Berserker's Graves is great for providing more utility at a bargain. Essence Reaver lets you cast abilities more while Berserker's Greaves helps to get Ranger's Focus stacks faster and gives you a decent chunk of DPS.

After buying Runaan's Hurricane, freezing lane will be impossible because of the extra shots. This is why I opt for Rapid Firecannon] over Runaan's to get the [[Essence Reaver CDR early on. With Runaan's, Ashe's team-fighting potential skyrockets by slowing 2 more enemies in fights - ideal starting from the mid game when teams start to group.

Infinity Edge finishes crit chance for amazing, guaranteed slow and increases her damage output massively given her existing crit chance. Finally, a lifesteal item adds more damage to complement crits and provides some utility.

Each lifesteal item listed is situational. Blade of the Ruined King melts tanks and helps kite them while Mercurial Schimitar gets you out of sticky situations (assuming you don't get bursted down first). Bloodthirster provides a whopping 20% lifesteal which is great against enemies with a lot of sustained damage. Personally, my favorite item is BotRK because of the current tank meta. Often, any of them are viable but the important thing is keeping you healthy and in the battle with your team

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Ability Sequence
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Ranger's Focus

This ability boosts Ashe's sustained DPS exceptionally but has a steep condition (4 stacks of Focus) so should be maxed second. Early game, don't trade without it since it more than doubles your AA damage. Mid-late game, you should have some attack speed to quickily charge up the stacks so you have more flexibility regarding when to fight. Still, keep in mind that you're at your strongest when you have this ability ready and try to fight with it available if you can.


In lane, Mystic Shot is to Ezreal as Volley is to Ashe. This ability is Ashe's primary farm and poke tool. A shorter cooldown with more damage at no additional mana cost is well worth the upgrades so max it first. In the mid-late game, this ability drops off heavily, providing more utility than damage. Keep in mind that casting Volley cancels and delays attacks so use it between attacks or when you need the extra range/AOE to slow more people.

This ability is a 1 point wonder. Subsequent upgrades only decrease recharge time but the first one gives you vision across the map and saves lives. Even after almost a year, my map awareness is still pretty bad but hawkshot is a life saver when I get the gut feeling that the jungler is heading my way or even ganking top lane. Just shoot an arrow at a possible gank route and potentially save a life. If you can, try to angle the shot through key objectives or bushes to gather more information for your team.

[[Enchanted Crystal Arrow]

Your ultimate should be upgraded whenever possible for more uptime and loads of damage. After you get Essence Reaver's 30% CDR, feel free to hail-mary your ult because of the short cooldown but before that, save this ability for point-blank or guaranteed hits, especially during the laning phase. This is your jungler's best friend since it makes level 6 ganks absurdly easy to secure with the burst and stun. Consider using it for not just starting fights, but also for getting out of fights and preventing them. The stun lasts longer the farther the arrow travels and getting stunned for the full 3.5 seconds at 2800 range can be very discouraging to the enemy team to try to contest baron. If you're already out of the battle but a teammate hasn't disengaged yet, you can save their life by landing your ult from an increased distance. For team fights, use this as a follow-up ability to stun a key target or catch somebody in a bad position. The enemy front line can often just shrug off the stun, especially with tenacity, so try to find an opening to hit their backline or save the stun for the assassin that will try to ruin your day. As long as your ultimate is up, diving and even getting within attack range of you is a huge risk.

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Pre-6 don't try to start fights without your Q available. If you have 4 stacks of Focus, consider trading since you will outdamage anyone early game for the duration of Ranger's Focus. If your support is a tank, try to punish the enemy for damaging your friend or if your support is squishy, try to swap getting damaged with him (keep both of you guys healthy or at least alive) and kite enemies if possible with your superb range. Abuse the 600 attack range and get shots on the enemy whenever you can - each point of damage counts in the early game. Few champions outrange your attack so last-hitting should be a breeze.

Ashe has no way of securing kills pre-6 except with a mild slow. If you have a Nautilus or Blitzcrank, definitely play to their strengths and follow up aggressively to secure a kill or flash. At level 6, you provide burst and a long-range stun that can follow up to almost any support's play. Look for an all-in at level 6.

While kills do help, you don't need them to be awesome. You just need some CDR and crit to maximize your utility. Keep in mind that you're not a hypercarry - you provide sustained damage and CC in team fights, as well as vision and follow-up engage. Fed or no, stay in lane until you have Rapid Firecannon, Essence Reaver, and Berserker's Greaves for DPS, mobility, and utility - the 3 things you need to help your team out in groups. Consider contesting dragon after buying a damage ingredient and RFC but before that, you probably don't have enough damage to take down dragon within reasonable time.

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Team Fighting

Like most ADCs, your job is to melt the enemy front line. Unlike most ADCs, you can heavily perma-slow slow and stun them too. Ashe's ult makes up for her lack of mobility by stunning any front liners or assassins who try to get to you. Front liners especially will have a hard time getting close on foot because of your perma slow. Don't underestimate the amount of damage you do. At full build Ranger's Focus, you're doing 611% AD to a single target, as well as dealing 6% of their current health twice with Blade of the Ruined King since the flurry applies on-hit affects an extra time. With Runaan's Hurricane, this damage is heavily increased by more than 50%. Combined with Volleys between attacks, you deal massive distributed and single-target damage.

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Ashe is a team-centric champion with loads of utility and CC so this build focuses on emphasizing that aspect of her with a CDR rush and Runaan's Hurricane for hitting extra targets. Picking Ashe into a team without good peel is extremely dangerous because she has no mobility but with a solid team comp, Ashe can follow-up engage and output massive damage with her Ranger's Focus steroid. Along with a safe laning phase and usefulness even when behind, Ashe is a solid, consistent pick.