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Caitlyn Build Guide by tasfeasey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tasfeasey

Me miss? Only when a champion runs in the way of my Ult.

tasfeasey Last updated on September 2, 2013
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Welcome to my guide about Caitlyn the best looking sheriff.... ever.

This is my first guide so I thought I would do it about my favourite champion. Caitlyn is an outstanding ADC early and mid game. With her AA range being the highest in the game at 650. She is a fun ADC to play and is quite simple, so I recommend people who are new to ADC's to try her first.

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Pros / Cons


- Longest AA range in League
- Simple and easy to play
- Very strong early game
- Looks great in a mini skirt


- Average late game compared to some adc's
- Ultimate can and will be blocked by other champions walking in the way
- casting time / animation on all damaging moves so they are easy to dodge

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Items and gameplay

Early Game:

The reason for Doran's Blade is for the sustain and damage not to mention the 80 health, while the sustain isn't great, it is consistent so long as you remember to attack things... After this RUSH B. F. SWORD. I cannot stress that enough. Don't recall until you can buy a B. F. Sword. IF you die and happen to have 800 gold, buy a vamp scepter to stay in lane longer and get the b.f. sword next time round (this will give the other adc an upper hand in lane though). Try to poke from a range and position yourself near your minions to punish enemy ADC's if they get close enough to attack your minions, keeping the farm to yourself and shutting them out. Always use headshot on the enemy champion to harass.

Placing your traps as seen below is a great way to force enemy champions where you want them to go, as well as catching them off guard when chasing them down.

Mid Game:

During this phase it is time for you to start building some attack speed. I prefer Runaan's over PD due to the passive working with Headshot and who doesn't love 70 attack speed? You should also start building towards Last Whisper if the enemy team has a tank. You should focus now on moving with your team if teamfights have started. If not you should be able to solo dragon if you do not have a jungler, so try to control dragon and push your lane whilst getting ready for teamfights to start.

Late Game:

Now you should have the basics covered, BT, Runaan's, zerkers, LW and now IE. This will give you the damage output and consistency that you need as an ADC late game. Unfortunately this is where other ADC's surpass Caitlyn in damage. Teamfights would have started and you will play a big part in them... especially with runaans. Try to take out the enemy team whilst positioning yourself behind your own team, thankfully Caitlyn's AA range allows this at a comfortable distance.

End Game:

Build a Warmog's to increase the health, you should now be around 2.5 - 3k which will help you survive more. Stick behind your team and away from theirs in team fights and you WILL dominate. No questions asked. Try to save your ultimate for a low health loner running AWAY from their team. This will ensure a nice easy kill.. do not use your ultimate if they are close to the pack and DO NOT use it during a fight, AA only in fights late game as it is a huge damage lose to use an ability without needing to.

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Positioning is VITAL throughout a game for any ADC. This is purely because of one reason. They die so easily. In the picture below you can get pretty much the base idea of positioning. STAY BEHIND EVERYONE YOU POSSIBLY CAN. It is quite possibly the most fundamental thing about playing an ADC, as it sets the standards between a good or bad ADC.

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To sum things up, Caitlyn is an extremely handy ADC and definitely one every ADC player should have in their arsenal. She is good at pushing and dominating lane early game. A bully in lane would be an understatement for her. The only real issue is that she doesn't match up to other ADC damage late-end game.

If you are looking for a fun champion to play, who has the capability to dominate enemies, then Caitlyn is the girl for you.