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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Laviathan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laviathan

Melt yo face Kog'Maw

Laviathan Last updated on October 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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A little somethin from me to you (Introduction)

My name's Laviathan (most call me Lavy) and this is my first build on good ol' Mobafire. Now, I've use Kog for such a long time that I think that I've finally nailed the build that can let me carry no matter what. But, as we all know, the build, runes, masteries, etc. doesnt mean much in the big scheme of things. Also take note of the fact that this guide will be under construction for a while, and that i definitely jumped the gun on publishing. Of course, it really helps to recieve constructive criticism throughout the process of making this here guide.

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Why might one use Kog'Maw? (Pros and Cons)

  • Incredibly long range
  • Suicide bombs on death >:D
  • His ult has nearly no cooldown
  • Is extremely cute and cuddly :3
  • Is very squishy
  • Desperately needs farm early game
  • Living Artillery increases in mana cost the more you use it
  • Is constantly hungry

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The pacifi...specafi...gah...specifics! (Skilling order)

Propper skilling order on Kog'Maw is crucial. Most people who are new to him will generally level up their Caustic Spittle first. This, I've found, is a mistake. Quite a large mistake. You see, Caustic Spittle is a wonderful skill but is NOT his main source of damage. What makes Kog'Maw so great is his Bio-Arcane Barrage. It adds range, and even increases damage output! The added damage is magic damage, and magic damage is brutal early/mid game. But not just a flat amount of magic damage, a % of magic damage. More specifically, it takes out a percentage of your target's health in magic damage with each hit. At level 5 it reaches 6% of their maximum health! So, I prefer to maximise my Bio-Arcane Barrage before my Caustic Spittle. But lets not forget our only form of cc, Void Ooze. I take this at lvl 1 bacause it really helps at keeping your enemies in check. dont get me wrong, any of Kog'Maw's skills are a viable choice at level 1, but Void Ooze helps me the most, especialy since i start boots and 3.

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Tricks and stuffs (Summoner spells)

Summoner spells are pretty much personal preference. I notice a lot of people enjoy taking ignite/flash as their summoner spells on many champions. Personally, i enjoy taking up flash/heal to stay in fights longer and get that extra boost you may need to kill you opponent. It's worked for me many a time and it should work for any Kog'Maw player. Just don't forget to use what suits you best. I'll run through some viable and non-viable summoner spells to kinda give you an idea.

Some viable spells would include

  • - I really didn't explain much why i take flash, but i generally like it mostly because it really healps in those clutch situations. Anything from escaping persistant persuiers or catching up to fleeing prey, this spell really helps.
  • - I, personally, have never taken ghost as my summoner spell for Kog'Maw but it would generally have the same purpose as flash. Except you cant jump over walls and such, just run faster and avoid unit collision, which is also great.
  • - Ignite is really superb against enemies who have health regenerating capabilities and such. Say you're laning against an Ashe that is undoubtedly rushing a bloodthirster. Should she go toe-to-toe with you, you can just pop ignite and melt her down to nothing. It's very stiuational though.
  • - I love this spell. Some think that this spell should be taken by the support rather than the carry. However, the heal is stronger on the caster, therefore it works better if the carry takes it and the support takes up something like Exhaust.

As for non-viable spells, ill give a small run-down
  • - Exhaust doesn't seem very viable to me just because the duration is so short and that it would replace something a little more useful, such as heal. Also, Kog'Maw is known for his epic range and already has a built in slow that can last just as long as Exhaust.
  • - Pretty self-explanatory. How many carries do you even see with this spell. It's rarely used, and doesn't boost attack damage. Also, the AP boost it gives caps at around 78, so it will barely help any of your abilities.
  • - This is a very useful spell, but it really doesn't seem to suit our purpose at all. I know that it helps us get back to our lanes and farm up and such, but that also takes the place of other, more viable spells.
  • - Need i explain why this isnt viable at all? (super long cd, shortens death timer, gives some bonus health, not that great)
  • - If anyone were to take this spell, it should be the support
  • - mana shouldn't be a real issue unless you constantly fire off your ultimate. I'll get more thorough on that stuffs later.
  • - I've never used this spell but once I think. It really has little use. I seriously wouldn't recommend it.
  • - Kog'Maw jungle for the win babah! (but seriously, dont take this spell)

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And this odd looking build...

At first, this build seems to be a bit odd. Most people prefer to stack attack speed with Kog'Maw, and I've had suggestions of getting dorans blade or a vamperic scepter before any thoughts of getting the B.F. Sword, but i really find it much easier to stick around and farm up enough to get it, as it adds a huge amount of damage to you and from there you easily outdamage your opponent. After B.F. Sword i then finish Berserker's Greaves and then grab a vamperic scepter. With this much alone you should dominate mid-game and get pretty fed. Even if you don't, your farming capabilities increase rather dramatically as opposed to early game. Once Infinity Edge is completed you must rush the Phantom Dancer as fast as you possibly can. This combo makes you scary lethal. From here just farm and kill away until you can afford the The Bloodthirster. Now, I'm gonna be honest, most games end before we get this far, but if they do, just finish with some of the optional items listed below. I generally go with a Guardian Angel and finish with a Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Don't be picky (Optional Items)

  • - Another defencive item if the other team is focusing you in every fight. Having to kill someone twice is no fun. Especially when your own team is like "Get away from our Kog'Maw! He's OUR toy!"
  • - An awesome substitute for Madred's Bloodrazor, it lowers the armor of any enemy u attack by 15 and stacks up to 3 times. Now that must suck for them :\
  • - In case there's that one person on the enemy team that always hits you with their cc abilities. The first cc ability an enemy typically uses is their hardes, just hope that they don't get smart.
  • - Almost has the same purose as Banshee's Veil but can be used to negate any effects currently afflicting you. So you can choose when you want to clear yourself of any cc or ailments that the other team flings at you blindly.

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The hard part (Knowing when to ult)

This section needs to be read by anyone new to Kog'Maw or enjoys pounding the R key in an attempt to poke your target. Please, don't do that. By the time things get serious you'll have run out of mana and be worthless to your team. Kog needs mana. He may be AD carry but he's very mana reliant. I'll run down a list of do's and dont's as far ulting goes.


  • Ult in specific areas to learn the location of an enemy and/or important neutral monster (One of the buffs or dragon)
  • Use your ultimate when possible in a direct 1v1 fight between you and someone else. The damage really adds up and it is a game changer
  • Maybe poke at an enemy who is standing still, but don't abuse the fact that your ult has a low cooldown! You WILL run out of mana
  • Everyone will run at early levels or after a large team fight, use your ultimate to clean up kills and allow no one to escape. Take no prisoners! >:D
  • Avoid using your ult before the 6 second timer is up. Living Artillery will increase its mana cost by 40 for each consecutive time it is cast within a 6 second timer (between each cast) and stacks up to 10 times. Which should cap at 440 mana per cast. That's too much mana.
  • Try not to use your ultimate to ks someone else. It's a big no no and is seriously looked down upon. Your enemies are on the other team, dont make any on your own.
  • Please, don't use your Living Artillery on creeps too often. Once or twice is ok, but dont go crazy with it. Your ultimate is meant to be cast on enemy champions more than enemy mobs.

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Let's get started (Early Game)

Kog'Maw ,like any AD carry, isn't that strong early game. But, we're not trying to be stronk just yet, we just wanna farm all the minions we can >:D. Thanks to our runes, we're able to last hit minions like crazy. Our masteries should help with that too, as Executioner gives us a boost of damage against the little (OP) buggers. That's basically all we have to do early game. Farm farm farm. At least until you get a B.F. Sword. Then the real fun begins. Keep in mind of the fact that you want your B.F. Sword before you finish your Berserker's Greaves to really get that optimal head start that you want. Trust me, the wait is worth it, as attack speed is not nearly as good as damage this early in the game. Damage comes first, I always say.

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Kog'Maw OP!!! (Mid Game)

By now we should have Berserker's Greaves and B.F. Sword. If you've completed your Infinity Edge then you're probably fed already. Take note, however, that the more fed you are early/mid game, the more the other team wants to focus you. Still, being fed is where it's at ;). So, now you should simply continue to farm up whenever possible and get kills when you see the opportunity. Just dont ks unless you're ksing your support. (If they complain then..well...they really should uninstall) You really need to work on that Phantom Dancer because that plus Infinity Edge = carry time. Just kill away and farm up even moar, cause we got more items to build and more gold to earn. Plus more champions to snack on. Also note that a vamperic scepter will greatly help at this point. I prefer to get it before i even start up on Zeal.

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Nerf Irelia!!! (Late Game)

At this point it's sticking with your team and grabbing the occasional cs. You're more than likely going to be focused, so stay behind your team and attack from afar. I still have some trouble doing this but it really helps to stay back. You have incredible range anyways, so it should'nt be too much of a problem for the majority of the team fight. If you have enough gold I strongly recommend you buy a Guardian Angel as it can keep you going for longer than the enemy wants you to. After that, consider finishing with one of the other optional items, I normally take Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Baby come back! (Conclusion);

I don't wanna say goodbye, but this is the end of my (very first) guide. I truly hope that you enjoyed reading it, and thanks to jhoi jhoi for her oh-so-awesome Getting Started guide. Without that this guide would be more of a Wall of Text than anything...not that it wasn't to begin with. Anyyywaaaaaaaaaayyyys, haz fun carrying the **** out of your teams :D

See Ya!!! (I didn't say goodbye)

By the way I'd just like to ask that any mistakes I make be pointed out to me because it takes a long time for me to read through and spellcheck everything myself. And i would also like to know what I could add/do better. Every single bit helps :D

Please post your comments!