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Master Yi Build Guide by Baas Pacmaniac

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baas Pacmaniac

'Mid'-life crisis (Hybrid Yi)

Baas Pacmaniac Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

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Master Yi is very fun to play. Esspecially with this Mid-build. I love it so much every time my team says that Yi can't be AP because it is useless in the end and that I eventually carried my whole team to a victory. Hybrid Master Yi has so many ins and outs and it's great to trick with.
Many people might tell you that Yi is most likely to lose mid, but with this build I win my lane about 95% of the times.

This is my first build BTW, so if there is anything missing, just tell me and I'll fix it.

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When you finish this build, your stats would look like this:
Health - c.a. 2000
Attack damage - 216
Ability power - 500+
Attack speed - 1.600%+
Armour - 150+ (+300 when Meditate)
Magic resist - 120+ (+300 when Meditate)
Movement speed - c.a 430

You got a second chance with Guardian Angel
With Lich Bane you do 700+ basic damage after using an ability power (2 sec CD)

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Runes and Masteries


The runes I recommand are tipical AP caster runes. Because you start off as an AP caster and the better your start, the more you own.

For Marks I go for Greater Mark of Magic Penetration so your Alpha strike will be a little more efficient.

For Seals I would go for Greater Seal of Replenishment. In the end you have enough mana with your items, but at the start you might run out of mana. Altough Yi doesn't use that much mana, you will run out finally.

For Glyphs you are better off with Greater Glyph of Ability Power. Because you are full AP caster at the start but later on you go hybrid. And just a little AP will improve your Meditate a lot. Furthermore its is also great to deal some extra damage with your Alpha strike.

With Quintessence I also go for Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for the same reason as the Glyphs.


With masteries I go for 23/0/7.

You want to get as much AP as possible. But you also want to go for the 10% armour penetration because it pretty usefull later on.
On Utility you just decrease your Flash time by 15 sec and go for mana and mana regen.

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You start off with a Doran's Ring because it gives you a little extra AP and the mana regen is really usefull too.

Than you go for Blasting Wand. This item comes in really handy because you will do a lot more damage and it really helps you to farm better.

Than you want to go for the basic Boots of Speed which makes you able to chase people or run away from than.

After that you finish your Guinsoo's Rageblade. It gives you some AD and a great passive so you clear the wraths faster (see Gamplay) and to finish off some enemies if your Alpha Strike isn't enough.

Now you want to get the Ionian Boots of Lucidity. It gives you some extra movement speed and it will give you some cooldown reduction so you can harras more often.

This is the point where you might run out of mana. Your Alpha Strike and Meditate are getting more expensive so some extra mana regen comes in handy.

After that finish you Fiendish Codex and upgrade it to a Nashor's Tooth so you get some more cooldown reduction and attack speed.
From now on you are not only capable of doing some AP damage, but you also do some good AD damage to finish off you enemies.

A good item to get now is a Guardian Angel. This is the point where the teamfights start and where you got to get close to the enemy. Even tough you can Meditate, this item is great for some extra armour and it gives you a second chance when they interupt your Meditate.

Because you stay longer in fights so some extra mana will be epreciated. Therefore a Sheen will be very usefull.

After that you might want to upgrade your Sheen to a Lich Bane. Giving you some extra movement speed, ability power and a really great passive.

The last item you pick is a Rabadon's Deathcap. It gives you a lot of extra ability power. Great for your Alpha Strike and Meditate. It also improves the passive of you Lich Bane a lot. If your enemy team has a lot more money than you, you should consider to get this item before Lich Bane

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Skill Sequence

Your main focus will go to Alpha Strike. Great to harras with and great to farm with.
You also don't want to forget the Meditate which will save your *** and allows you to stay in lane for a long time, even tough its has a low level.

At level 6, 11 and 16 you wil suprisingly upgrade your ultimate Highlander.

And last but not least, your Wuju Style. You upgrade this last because you mainly harras with Alpha strike and save your *** with Meditate. Altough Wuju Style is really usefull when you start to get more hybrid. It gives you lots of attack damage so you still do lots of damage after using your Alpha Strike.

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Summoner Spells

For Summonur spells I recommand you to go for Cleanse and Flash.

Flash to get an easy escape. It is great togather with your [Highlander]]. Flash out of the teamfight if there is too much CC. Run like crazy, hide into the bush, Meditate and jump on again with your Aplha Strike.

The other summoner spell I recommand is Cleanse. Really great on Hybrid Master Yi. Really great as counter Ignite. Also good in teamfights when you are almost dead and the enemy does some CC. You initialy can't Meditate and die, but with Cleanse, you just remove the CC, Meditate and be alive.

Also really usefull when laning against champions like Veigar, Annie or Ryze. If you couldn't avoid their stun and you are afraid they will Nuke you. Just Cleanse and Meditate.

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Pros / Cons


  • Really good farmer
  • Really good to harres with form the start
  • Great pusher so you can destroy enemy tower realy early
  • Good team carrier


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Gameplay tips

As I already said, Master Yi has some great ins and outs to suprise te enemy with. To be the Master of the battlefield, it is really important to understand what Yi can and what Yi can't.

Here is a video totorial on how to lane, how to act on teamfights and how to carry your team. I'm not showing you guys a video how to play when you are fed, but Im showing you guys a video "how" to get fed. Even tough I'm fed in the end, team total is still a tie.
(Don't blame me for not being a professional commentator ;)

Laning face

First of all, Yi is not a great champ to pull the blue with. So ask your top (or bot) to pull it. Just stand on the lookout for enemy champs. After that go to your lane. Wait for a minion to halve lives and than jump on it with Alpha Strike. This way you get at least one minion kill and if you are luckey, you might hit your enemy. When being under level 5, your Alpha Strike can't nuke minions, so wait for them to get a little lower on health and than jump on it to get as many minion kills as possible.

What you should take in mind is that Alpha Strike hits the target you jump on and 3 other random enemies. what you should try is to do an Alpha Strike when there are only 3 minons left and 1 enemy champ. This means that you will hit the 3 minions AND the enemy champ.

Alpha strike has some great damage output, so using it at the right time will force your enemy to base early game. And because of your Meditate, you must try to play pretty agrassive. Just keep on harrassing your enemy with Alpha Strike. But take in mind that you end up near the target you did your Alpha Strike on. So doing an Alpha Strike streight on your enemy can be pretty dangerous. If he uses Flash near his turret, you are pulled with him and probably take some tower damage. Or if he just walks a little bit back when you do Alpha Strike on him. Than you have to walk back again behind your minions. And that take some time. Just keep hitting your Alpha Strike on the minions. Some extra minion kills are fine too. You already harras your enemy enough.

Anther great thing to take in mind is that if you push a lot, you might have to wait for new enemy minions. Use this time to visit a wraith camp. Than go back, push your lane, enemy wraith camp, push lane, your wraiths and so on.


When fighting 1vs1, you can trick the enemy a lot. When it is a close fight, but the enemy is winning but doesn't has much HP left. Just Alpha Strike, Meditate, get to full health and Alpha Strike again to pick up the kill. This is also really good when they want to towerdive you. Just go Meditate and bye bye enemy.


When fighting 2vs2, you should be the one jumping in first. You want them to focus you. First do some damage by Alpha Strike. Than start hitting them until you are almost dead. Start Meditateing. Most enemies will just keep hitting you while you get the massive armour boost and health regen. They porbably do no damage on you for the next 5 sec. So your teammate can finish the enemies off.


In teamfights, you should go in second after your tank. Start off with an Alpha Strike on a squishy enemy. Than finish it off with you Wuju Style and Highlander. Keep an eye on your lives. People may want to focus you, scince you look really squishy. If you are almost dead use your Meditate to heal to full HP again and do another Alpha Strike. (6 second CD due to your CD reduction). If your team is loosing the teamfight, jump out with Flash and wait in the nearest bush. Your allies might run away and the enemies will chase them. Look for some enemy champs with low HP. Run to them on super speed using your Highlander (off CD if you killed someone in last TF), Alpha Strike on the target and finish it off (If this enemy was near other enemies, you damage multiple targets quit a lot). Because you killed someone with your ult, it removes all your cooldowns agian, so you can Meditate inmediatly after. If there are more enemies with low HP, do this again to get the double kill. If not, just use your Highlander to run out. If you are chased by 1 champ you can handle solo, just go to a bush and jump in to go for the 1vs1 kill.

It might not be like this everytime, but it is good to take this in mind.

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How to lane against:

Solo top VS Tryndamere
/league-of-legends/champion/lux-62 /league-of-legends/champion/mordekaiser-46 /league-of-legends/champion/annie-1 /league-of-legends/champion/ahri-89

Coming soon

Mid VS Akali

Coming soon

Mid VS Anivia

Coming soon

Mid VS Brand

Coming soon

Mid VS Cho'Gath

Coming soon

Mid VS Fiddlesticks

Coming soon

Mid VS Fizz

Coming soon

Mid VS Gragas

Coming soon

Mid VS Heimerdinger

Coming soon

Mid VS Karthus

Coming soon

Mid VS Kassadin

Coming soon

Mid VS Katarina

Coming soon

Mid VS Kennen

Coming soon

Mid VS Kog'Maw

Coming soon

Mid VS LeBlanc

Coming soon

Mid VS Malzahar

Coming soon

Mid VS Morgana

Coming soon

Mid VS Ryze

Coming soon

Mid VS Soraka

Coming soon

Mid VS Swain

Coming soon

Mid VS Teemo

Coming soon

Mid VS Twisted Fate

Coming soon

Mid VS Twitch

Coming soon

Mid VS Veigar

Coming soon

Mid VS Viktor

Coming soon

Mid VS Vladimir

Coming soon

Mid VS Xerath

Coming soon

Mid VS Ziggs

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I love this build very much and after some PRACTICE it is really efficient. Try to experimentate with it.

If you want some tips just put a comment below and I help you out.

See you next time!