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Morgana Build Guide by Weeo Hunta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weeo Hunta

Mid Morgana

Weeo Hunta Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 3

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Utility: 24

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Most people I see playing Morgana always take immense Ability Power with her, I found that wrong for me. Some people tend to just stay in the sidelines casting Black Shield on allies, place down Tormented Soil and shooting binds which is what has been recommended, people also say to never go mid with her, Go mid!

Morgana can harass the living daylights out of most Middle Laners, she denies so many champions. One of them, Karthus, another champion, Vladimir and how about Malzahar?! I end up having problems against Ezreal in mid but I can seem to handle Jax (Pretty funny). Jax isn't really in mid lane a lot, but when he is - LOL! She is actually a very good fighter and can survive pretty darn well.

Now time for the guide, I hope you will enjoy reading this and appreciating leaving a comment and a vote behind. Thank you.

-Weebo Hunta-

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Updates On Guide

- Guide finished and completed, (first time) 08 May 2011, 23:35
- Constantly Changing Title Name -.- 08 May 2011. 23:55
- Improved guide, added more text and more information. Added pictures to items, masteries and champions. 09/05/2011, 11:09
- Changes Masteries - Removed 3 Points in Perseverance and placed 3 points in Quickness.
- Item build updated 09/05/2011 20:24
- Item Build Update 03/07/2011 15:51

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As for runes, my rune pages are filled will be filled with CDR and AP, this is my own personal choice. But this is my recommendation because in this guide I will be showing hardly any signs of AP items. So what I advise you to do is have:

Marks - 9 Tier 3 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.95 Magic Penetration) 3690 Influence Points

Seals - 9 Tier 3 Greater Seal of Vitality (+1.08 Health Per Level (+19.44 at champion level 18) 3690 Influence Points

Glyphs - 9 Tier 3 Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power (+0.17 Ability Power per level (+3.06 at champion level 18) 3690 Influence Points

Quintessence - 3 Tier 3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 Ability Power) 3075 Influence Points

These Mark Runes will help you to damage tough enemies, E.G. Rammus and Mordekaiser.

These Seal Runes will give you more survivability.

These Glyph Runes will give you the extra damage to your spells, best example: Tormented Soil.

The Quintessence runes will give you a massive boost at the start of the game for good damage and harassment.

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These masteries are mostly all about Utility. This Mastery tree is not as recommended as most would say, but I think it will help out quite a lot.

Offense Tree -Having 3 points put into Archmage's Savvy give a little kick to your Ability Power (Increases your ability power by (0.2/0.4/0.6) per champion level). This can help with your AP per level from the Glyph runes.

Defense Tree - Since you have some extra points, I have decided to put 3 points into Resistance which increases your champion's magic resistance by (2/4/6) in the Defense Tree, which will assist your champion with more defense and more survival.

Utility Tree:
- 1 Point Initial Accuracy which assists your Teleport Summoner Spell.
- 3 Points in Good Hands .
- 4 Points in Awareness , I chose this because this will help you gain more exp in lane, I tend to go Middle Lane.
- 4 Points in Expanded Mind which help you stay in lane much longer.
- 3 Points in Meditation , which also gives more Mana assistance to help you stay in lane.
- 3 Points in Quickness that can help Morgana move around quicker since she has poor movement speed any way. This will also help her move in and attack and move out considering her attack range is poor.
- 1 Point in Utility Mastery , at some point you will be collecting a blue buff and this will help you keep it for longer.
- 1 Point in Mystical Vision which allows Clairvoyance to stay in place for another 4 seconds which will allow you to keep an eye on an area for a longer amount on time, and reduced cooldown on Clairvoyance.
- 3 Points in Intelligence which helps Morganas spells have more Cooldown Reduction time by 6%.
- 1 Point in Presence of the Master which helps reduce your summoner spells cooldowns by 15%, which can help you Teleport more often and Clairvoyance to keep your teams map awareness up.

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You may be thinking - "What the hell man? These items for a Support/Mage?! Learn to go mass Ability Power! Noob!" Yes I am being serious, these items are mostly all team supporting items, although they are odd, they serve a great deal. As the teams support, you are to stay back casting spells at the enemy from a far distance, in Morganas case, throw a Dark Binding, land some Tormented Soil, cast shields onto allies and maybe chase for your Ultimate.

Your ultimate, Soul Shackles, will be one of the best spells for you with this item build, Shureyla's Reverie is a great way for chasing and also giving allied champions the speed boost to help chase the enemy or get away from an enemy gank or chase, Randuin's Omen for chasing purposes as well. The best strategy is really (If you are getting chased) to use omen then get out with Shureyla's Reverie also shooting a dark binding behind you and casting a black shield on yourself. Boots of Swiftness are also for running away or chasing enemies with your ultimate, this helps because there are some crafty enemies that will have Ghost or ] Flash. You're Dark Binding will be helping in nearly every case at this point.

Although hardly any of these items are Ability Power (AP) you still have enough AP to get you through the game, considering that your spells only serve a few simple purposes. (Check section Skills Sequence)

With the help of Will of the Ancients, Zhonya's Hourglass and Ability Power runes, (Glyphs and Quintessence) your AP is quite fine.

Finally, a short description of Will of the Ancients and Aegis of the Legion. Both incredible Auras for you and your team, with Will of the Ancients the spell vamp from this item will help you regain health rapidly along with Morganas passive which is spell vamp. Around 15% to 25% throughout levels. Using Tormented Soil on minions will help you regain health due to this method. Shooting an enemy or minion with Dark Binding will regain a ton. With the Aegis of the Legion, will help with your survivability and the auras will help your team in team fights.

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Skill Sequence

Tormented Soil must go first to harass the enemy Champion you will be facing, at level 1 most enemy champions are scared of Tormented Soil at the very start, this allows very good harassment and good farming too. Taking one level in Dark Binding can help Morgana get away from enemy ganks at the start (if any) or getting the killing blow on a minion or annoying the enemy champion. Only level 1 in Dark Binding is required until you are forced to choose it later on which will be after maxing Black Shield and Tormented Soil. Black Shield is your best friend in this game, protecting you from any CC and magic damage for a short time will allow Morgana to keep safe from most harmful spells. Soul Shackle won't be required until level 7, in middle lane you gain level 6 quite fast, you will be able to get to level 7 within no time. The reason for this is to have a better Black Shield and a better harassing Tormented Soil.

The purpose for Level 1 Dark Binding is that all you need it for is stopping and enemy champion so you can either place down a strong high level Tormented Soil onto them or your allies will attack the enemy. It also helps with getting away.

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Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance (CV) will help you protect yourself in Middle lane, by using CV in either bush will help you keep your distance in the lane and to check if anyone if hiding in the bush and shooting a Dark Binding spell onto them to warn them that you know that they are in that bush. Fail gank by them. It also helps checking on Dragon , Nashor Baron and the buffs (Red + Blue).

Teleport will help you getting back to lane or when I play Morgana I tend to Teleport to a lane that needs help and help them survive or turn around and kill the enemies. Then you run back to your Middle Lane with a nice pair of Boots of Swiftness or Teleport (If you have them).

Exhaust - Taking Exhaust for Morgana isn't generally bad, it does help with chasing with Soul Shackles or it makes it much easier to cast Dark Binding to snare your enemies for an increased harassment or a gank.

Ghost - Taking this summoner spell is just as similar to Exhaust because it will help you combine with Soul Shackles. Ghost can also give a massive boost combining: Ghost and Shureyla's Reverie to chase an enemy or help reach your team to assist them in battle.

Heal is not really necessary, this is in my own opinion but it does help your allies due to the fact that you are one intense support already.

Revive is not a spell I have ever taken. I have no opinion on revive but I think it will be quite useless as you cannot backdoor, push lanes alone late game, or defend against an ace (You've been aced). You will not be able to solo a few enemy champions at once.

Smite is absolutely useless towards Morgana you will not be jungling, it is slow and you won't make as much gold from using Smite than you will be by using Tormented Soil.

Clarity can really help Morgana harass constantly, but your spells don't really cost so much, preserve your mana and keep farming minions (killing blows), in due time your mana will regen and you can drop a Tormented Soil and still have enough mana for protection with Dark Binding and Black Shield. How I play is I stay in lane, mana or no mana.

Ignite was one of my main spells with Morgana, I do not use this anymore now that I can harass enough to make them blue pill. You can also harass with Dark Binding and Tormented Soil to also make them blue pill but mostly in my games, they always come back for more which is stupid. Repeat action of Dark Binding and Tormented Soil.

Rally Is just terrible.. I will not even discuss this for Morgana, it would completely render useless. Well I haven't tried and I don't plan to in normal/ranked games.

Clairvoyance is as you know, one of my favourite and main spells. It helps you protect yourself in mid lane by checking the bushes, Sight Ward will help aswell so you can keep both side bushes checked.

Flash was my other main spell combining with Ignite, I would easily get first blood, but I started to dislike this method because I was too aggressive.

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Pros / Cons

- Good use of farming with Tormented Soil
- Good aim and accuracy with Dark Binding
- Using Black Shield on the right ally
- Good use of skilled baiting using initiation from far back. If caught, a good use of item activations are in order.
- Using Soul Shackles in a team fight.
- Giving allies the support of Shurelya's Reverie or Randuin's Omen.
- Use of choosing the right moment to Soul Shackles and Zhonya's Hourglass.
- Staying close to allies with your Aegis of the Legion, Will of the Ancients auras. Even if spells are on cooldown.

- Bad aim on Dark Binding.
- Casting Black Shieldyourself in a team fight when you are not initiating like inside the middle of the fight or getting chased.
- No use of of using Black Shield on allies.
- No use of Soul Shackles on multiple Enemies when team fighting.
- Running away from dying team mates without at least casting Dark Binding or giving an ally Black Shield.
- Not being near allies to give the Shurelya's Reverie speed boost or Aegis of the Legionaura.
- No use of combining Zhonya's Hourglass and Soul Shackles in a team fight.

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Team Work

Team work is seriously important to Morgana. Using Dark Binding can assist your team in gank an enemy Champion.

Using Black Shield on a dying or initiating ally will allow him to be untouched by any Crowd Control so he can carry out his duty in attacking the enemy.

Using Tormented Soil in team fights can reduce the enemies magic resistance and help your allows cast spells to do much more damage to the enemies.

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With Morgana's Tormented Soil is a great way to farm gold, Tormented Soil is easier to farm with around levels 3 to 5. Using Dark Binding can help crush a minion to death almost instantly for faster gold and farming. You must find a large wave of minions which is best for Tormented Soil, more gold for the support means more survival for the team and yourself. This also helps to push lanes more.

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Ranked Play

I only advise using this guide if you have a good structured full team. Using this guide with random allies will not be a good idea as they do not know what you are doing and what your role is. Also you can try to communicate with your random allies to tell them what you are exactly going to be doing.

- You and a friend in a ranked game. It would be best if your friend would solo lane whilst a random ally would jungle. This way your friend would understand what you are a doing and ask for help here and there or you can ask for help. Your friend would know your build and methods on playing.

- A full 5 man team. This would be the best option for this guide as your whole team knows what you will be doing. They can easily understand you and communicate must easier and cooperate when needed.

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My Methods

These methods have helped me but do not try to rely on them too much. Things can go horribly wrong.

Method #1 - In middle lane you would be losing health points, the trick is, is to be confident about yourself, what you need to do is try to harass the eneny to just under half health and then ignoring Dark Binding just place down a Tormented Soil under them so they can take much more damage. After this I honestly think it would best to be atleast level 5 to deal some decent damage. You want to basically make yourself bait, sit behind minions and if the enemy attacks you, your minions will follow and deal much damage, I rely on the minions at a low level because they some good damage, then all you have to do is hit them with a Dark Binding and place down a Tormented Soil and possibly protect yourself with a Black Shield and just basic attack them. They should be almost dead, so they should recall or be cocky and come try again.

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Overall I have written a lot of stuff, it may bore you or interest you with all the detail I have included. I wanted to have a good first guide with good instruction and presentation.

Whilst you are gaming with Morgana, you should tend to buy some Sight Wards or a Elixir of Brilliance if you are need of a little boost. I have not included this information because this is basically down to your choice. If you are doing well without the Elixir of Brilliance then don't worry, you should usually buy wards in every game so always attend to a few of them now and then.

Of course there are many builds to go with Morgana, this is my favourite one and it has helped me and my team through the game. I do go with other builds for Morgana depending on the game or the farm I collect at the beginning. I am dedicated to create guides for my other favourite champions and hopefully many more once I learn to master some more Champions.

This guide works well for me, most of all avoid contact with enemies at the start of the game, if you are worried Clairvoyance in the bushes next to you or buy some Sight Wards. This is a difficult guide for Morgana beginners but it is quite simple for me as I have done this many many times. I hope players will be able to work this guide and support their team.

Gameplay is all down to you, where you put your Sight Wards and where you place your Clairvoyance. Teleport is also down to you, you might want to use to assist allies quickly or return to your lane. Remember middle lane is much better than you think for Morgana

Last but not least I would just like to say that this is my own personal build, you may want to try it, you may not, you may hate it, you may not. What I just wanted to do is create this guide because I love playing Morgana. I hope one day I will see an enemy or ally Morgana using this guide and noticing me in the game. That'd be a good appreciated day.

Thank you for reading this guide on Morgana The Fallen Angel.

Vote and Comments will be grateful.

Honest comments will be appreciated.

-Weebo Hunta (Real LoL name EU)-