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Miss Fortune Build Guide by ArnauDbx3

AD Carry Miss Fortune ADC 'Sure you can handle me, summoner?'

AD Carry Miss Fortune ADC 'Sure you can handle me, summoner?'

Updated on August 21, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArnauDbx3 Build Guide By ArnauDbx3 20,742 Views 7 Comments
20,742 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ArnauDbx3 Miss Fortune Build Guide By ArnauDbx3 Updated on August 21, 2014
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Hi there!I'm ArnauDbx3 and I'm an EUW LoL player. I choose Miss Fortune for this guide because I use her so much and I think it's hard to dominate. I'd appreciate if you leave a comment about the guide in order to make it better.
After all that, let's start the guide
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Here I will talk about which champs you are good/bad against. (In my personal opinion)

Very easy Just stay behind minions so he can land his Mystic Shot on you. On the fights just wait till he uses his dash and then use Bullet Time
Normal Try to not fight on 1v1 because stacks so much armor/magic ressist and he can be so tanky.
Normal He can stop your Bullet Time and deal so much damage on 1v1, try stay defensive and wait for a gank.
Hard Don't start a fight using Bullet Time because if he has flash he can dodge it and then use his full combo, destroying you.
Normal He can't stop your ult but he can dodge it with Valkyrie. He has got more poke than you so try to dodge his abilities.
Very hard She's just Caitlyn, so much range and poke can't stop Bullet Time but she can dodge it.
Very hard He's just Draven, tons of damage and he can stop Bullet Time. Play supper defensive and wait for a gank or an opportunity.
Normal She has more range than you so play defensive and wait till level 6, don't use Bullet Time before she uses Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
Very easy He can't stop/dodge your Bullet Time. You can get away from Icathian Surprise with Strut.
Normal She can't stop Bullet Time but she can On The Hunt away. She can see your Double Up and then use Spell Shield to dodge it.
Normal Force him to use Relentless Pursuit then Bullet Time. He should be able to dodge it. Before level 6 play defensive and poke him as you can.
Very easy You got more range than him and more damage so try to fight with him.
Normal Play defensive till you get Sheen, then you should be able to 1v1 him, go away if he Rat-ta-tat-tatbecause his would probably be bigger than yours.
Very hard Outdamages you on the beggining and on late she can push you away from the teamfights and outrange you. Play defensive and wait for ganks.
Very easy Poke her everytime you can and try to play offensive.
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Pros / Cons


· Good damage on 1v1( Impure Shots Passive)
· Very usefull on teamfights
· Doesn't need much attack speed items because of Impure Shots
· You can get fast to teamfights because of the passive
· You are a pirate!


· When you are in a fight, it's hard to escape
· Ult easy to stop, that means that you loose so much damage
· Pretty weak before triforce / level 6
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I really like heal more than . It heals you and an ally what can do very nice saves/outplays.

I don't like barrier since the heal buff so I never take now as an ADC.

I would only take this spell if they have a team with lots of CC. Also, if they have a lot of CC, instead of getting this spell, you can buy Mercurial Scimitar or Zephyr to reduce the CC.
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo

I pick those standart runes for any ADC, included Miss Fortune
I took only 1 quintessence of AD because lifesteal got a nerf and I think attack speed is better for ADC's now.
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Skill Sequence

I always start with Impure Shots because of the passive with magical damage per hit, so you can farm better.
The rest is always Double Up for the damage
The 2nd ability to upgrade is Impure Shots because you destroy the enemy carry on 1v1 for the magical damage and the attack speed
The last ability to upgrade is Make it Rain. Doesn't deal much damage but it can be use to escape, poke... (I think you should upgrade this ability first if you are playing AP Miss Fortune.)
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I pick Trinity Force on 1st item because Double Up is applied for the purpose of impact, that means that Sheen's passive applies to Double Up damage.
For the 2nd I always take Blade of the Ruined King for the lifesteal and the damage/attack speed it gives.
The 3rd item should be Infinity Edge for the damage and the crit but if you are loosing hard you can get Frozen Mallet or Banshee's Veil for more HP
As always for an ADC, Berserker's Greaves
And for the last item you can get Last Whisper, Youmuu's Ghostblade or Guardian Angel
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Team Work

On teamfights, you have to be behind all your team, it's pretty important so you can use the whole ultimate without being stopped Bullet Time
If you have a tell him to shield you EVERY fight so your ultimate can't be stopped.
Try to be behind all our teammates but at the same time near to them so you can Bullet Time the whole enemy team
After/before the Bullet Time, focus on the nearest enemy trying to kill him so when you Bullet Time he can't stop you.
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Thanks for watching this guide, I hope you liked it and sorry if I did some mistakes with the writing.
You can also check my other guide of Malphite support! (It's in spanish)

Guide by: ArnauDbx3
League of Legends Build Guide Author ArnauDbx3
ArnauDbx3 Miss Fortune Guide
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Miss Fortune ADC 'Sure you can handle me, summoner?'

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