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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Viktez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Viktez

Miss Fortune-Find the red eyed bandit

Viktez Last updated on February 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Miss Fortune is an attack damadge carry and has a very powerful laneing to mid game phase She can harras and farm with ease with her Double Up. This guide is focusing on her early to mid game dominance since this is where Miss Fortune shines.

If you want to fire bouncing bullets at your enemies, make hundreds of bullets fly down on a location, and fire a barrage of bullets on the enemy team then Miss Fortune is the person for you.

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AD = Attack damage
ADC = Attack damage carry
CDR = Cooldown reduction
CC = Crowed Control


Orange = Description of what the item or ability does.

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing harras with Double Up
+ A nice slow from Make it Rain which can secure kills
+ Lots of great movement speed thanks to Strut
+ Good amount of AOE with Make it Rain and Bullet Time
+ Everyone runs when Bullet Time goes off
+ Can farm well with Double Up and if needed Bullet Time
+ Lots of early damage and burst with Double Up and Impure Shots


- No real escape
- Gap close champions will destroy her if caught out by champs such as Diana or Akali
- Fairly squishy early game
- Item dependent

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Mastery Explanations

This is pretty standard for an ADC in the offensive tree focusing on dealing damage in the areas of having critical strikes, more attack speed, and attack damage.


Tier 1 Fury for the attack speed which miss fortune needs badly in the early game.

Tier 2 Deadliness after to get the extra attack damage through the levels.

Tier 3 Havoc for the increased damage and Weapon Expertise for the armor penetration.

Tier 4 Lethality for the critical strike chance since we get none unless we take runes or masteries or eventually build some items such as Zeal or Brawler's Gloves. Brute Force for the attack damage.

Tier 5 Frenzy is very important to take since we took some Greater Mark of Critical Chance(next chapter) and we also took Lethality . It can help farm and do more damage in fights. Sunder for the extra armor pen for those bruisers and tanks, can also benefit if the enemy support is tanky such as Taric or Leona.

Tier 6 Executioner for being able to deal damage when enemies are low health, this can help your ultimate Bullet Time kill enemies who are running away from you.


Tier 1 Durability because it gives you some nice health, I think health is often ignored in LOL but if you have 1 or 2 health you are alive the difference can be that little between life and death in this game so take it when you can. It gives 108 health at level 18 which is a very nice boost. 1 bar of health=100 health.

Tier 2 Hardiness gives you a little bit of armor and that with the our Greater Seal of Armor(next chapter) will help you take less damage from the other ADC in trades on bot. Resistance is for if the enemy ADC also deals magic damage, a great example of this is with Corki, you will take less damage from him.

Tier 3 Veteran's Scars like I said each amount of health matters and this gives you a nice boost to start the match off with.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • greater mark of armor penetration: I get the marks since they help with taking down tanks and dealing early damage.
  • Greater Mark of Critical Chance: I take the Critical chance mark since you dont get any unless you take runes or get an item such as Zeal or Brawler's Gloves. The lucky Critical Chance could win you a kill or to deal some extra damage in an engage.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Take these to give yourself more chance of survivability and to take less damage from the other ad carry when you engage in small skirmishes on bot.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These can also help give more survivability and take less damage in small skirmishes on bot. They also help if the enemy support has some magic damage or if the ad carry has magic damage. An example of where these runes can save you is if the enemy ADC is Corki these will make him deal a lot less damage with his ultimate Missile Barrage and his Phosphorus Bomb.
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Take these since they help you last hit under a tower and give you some nice extra damage and it does well with Impure Shots since when active it increases attack speed so you deal more damage faster with each hit.

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Summoner Spells

: Cleanse removes all disables and champion debuffs affecting you, and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65%. This is very valuable and has many uses on Miss Fortune, it counters Ashe ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow. It can take off an ignite that is on you which could save your life or just stop you from taking unnecessary damage.

: Flash teleports your champion a short distance. I would say this is a must for Miss Fortune she has no escapes and is easy to catch in a gank or out of position in a team fight. This is a get out of jail free card and it also allows you to get in a good spot during team fights if needed.

Other viable spells

: Ignites an enemy unit dealing damage over 5 seconds and reducing healing. This can be an alternative to cleanse if you like to deal a lot of damage or if you want it to secure kills.

: Heal restores health depending on level to your champion and nearby allies. This spell can save you or a ally in a teamfight however if you get caught out by 3 or more enemies alone this spell wont save you or if you get exhausted or CC'd then you will die. If you hate Cleanse or just aren't used to the spell then you can take this as it can keep you in lane a little longer.

: Exhaust reduces a champions movement speed, attack speed, attack damage, and ability/item damage for 2.5 seconds. This spell has its uses on Miss Fortune since you can slow the bruiser or other enemy champions that could be coming straight for you and it can allow you to escape from a gank if used correctly and if the enemy jungler or bot lane has no jumps or gap closers. You can also use this to secure kills by slowing the enemy ADC in a bot skirmish and making them deal less damage.

: Barrier shields you from incoming damage 95(+20 for each level). This can save you in a engage and can allow you to tower dive if the opportunity came. Can save you from ignite, a Caitlyn Ace in the Hole or even a karthus Requiem. It can keep you in a team fight longer and increase your survivability if you get out of position in a team fight.

: Your champion has 27% increased movement speed and ignores unit collision for 10 seconds. Some people do take this on Miss Fortune because they dont like flash for whatever reason. You can take Ghost but it is pointless on MF because she already has movement speed from her passive Strut and all champions have an extra 25 movement speed naturally from the season 3 changes. If you want to roam around the map then you can take this and you can use it to chase down enemy champs or get around in a team fight. Only take if you dont know how to use or just hate Flash.

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Abilities Explantation / Uses

Strut: Miss Fortune gains 25(additional 9 every second) of movement speed after 5 seconds of not taking any damage. This is a great passive for an ADC, it gives you a great boost in movement speed, allows you to roam around the map if needed, get quickly back in lane, and dodge skill shots such as Ezreal's Mystic Shot. Strut also allows you to get in a great postion in team fights quickly and use your Bullet Time to nail the enemy right in the face.

Double up: Double Up is when Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy dealing physical damage and 120% more damage to the target behind that unit, both shots apply on hit effects. Double Up is your harras ability that can deal a significant amount of damage early game.

You're going to want to max out Double Up before Impure Shots and before Make it Rain.

Tips and Tricks
  • Fire Double Up on a creep in FRONT of the enemy behind it to make the skill bounce of and hit the enemy champion.
  • Use this ability on the tank creep to secure the gold it has.
  • Use Double Up on a enemy champion in a team fight and try to aim on the right champion to hit the enemy ADC.
  • You can kill an enemy if they are on low health and even behind an enemy champion with double up. (I have done this before it is very funny and highly rewarding).

Impure shots: Impure shots passive is for each auto attack stacking up to 4 times the target is hit with magic damage, its active speeds up her attack speed and causes her attack to apply a healing debuff. This works so well on countering self healing champions like Soraka and Yorick or even Tryndamere. Dont forget to activate this in teamfights and small trades on bot, for my first few weeks of playing MF I forgot to activate it sometimes but it helps so much with dealing damage with the passive and its active.

You're going to want to max out Impure Shots after Double Up and before [make it rain].

Tips and Tricks
  • If the enemy has a heal support then make sure to get this on them and the ADC so they wont be able to heal as much in fights.
  • You can use this to farm if there is a big wave and make sure you get the last hits.
  • Try and focus on one target (closest one to you) to apply the stacks from its passive and make sure they take more damage.

Make it rain: After a breif 0.5 second delay Miss Fortune fires down hundreds of bullets dealing magic damage every 0/25 seconds over 2 seconds.This is Miss fortunes only utility spell since it has a small slow it can also annoy the enemy ADC who is trying to farm and that slow it gives can save your life wether it is reaching an ally or a tower.

You're going to want to max out Make it Rain after Impure Shots and after Double Up.

Tips and Tricks
  • If you see the enemy ADC trying to farm drop Make it Rain on them, they will back off 9/10 of the time and miss farm and experience.
  • Use the slow from Make it Rain to either catch an enemy or to delay an enemy chasing you so you can get to your tower.
  • Can be used to check bushes since it gives a small amount of vision, so if you know the enemy support for example Leona is in the bush go drop Make it Rain to get her to back off so you can farm. Can also be used to just check bushes if you are going into one.

Bullet time: Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets in a cone in front of her every 0.25 seconds, she fires 8 waves total dealing magic damage in the cone. Bullet Time has a number of uses such as keeping the enemy off a tower because when you fire it they will 9/10 times run away. You can use it to farm a giant creep wave and to push your wave into the tower to deny the enemy ADC farm and experience when he is out of lane. It can also in rare cases be used to steal baron and dragon.

Dont underestimate this ability, it can be used to kill the enemy ADC since you cant really run from it and if they do they will most of the time have to blow flash which can lead to your jungler getting successful ganks off on bot.

You're going to want to max out Bullet Time whenever you can (the level you can are 6, 11, 16)

Tips and Tricks
  • If a big minion wave is pushing and you know there isn't going to be a team fight in the next minute feel free to fire it off and get the farm and it will also push the wave.
  • Use to steal baron or dragon (sometimes works, sometimes dosent)
  • Make sure you are in a good position and try to fight in the jungle with MF since your Bullet Time is more likely to hit all of the enemy team.
  • Bullet Time stacks with black cleaver so if you hit the entire enemy team with more than 4 rounds then there armor will be reduced heavily and your team should be able to take them down quickly since there armor will be gone.

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Early game

Here you should be farming as much as you can and depending on what support you have has a huge impact on what you will be able to do. For example with a Leona you will be able to have lane dominance and be playing very aggressive. However with a Sona you have to play more careful early game and let sona harass/zone the enemy. Also if you can use your Double Up on a creep in front of the enemy ADC, it will bounce on them and deal some nice damage. Plus if you manage to get red somehow it will apply the red buff and deal some good extra damage as well as a small slow.

Mid Game

Mid game a tower should have fallen and roaming is starting or has already, now you want have pretty much 2 options. You can stay with your team for protection and try and team fight, or you can try to farm a lane and push it down. This choice depends on how you and your team are doing, if you are low on farm then it might be a good idea to go farm a lane however make sure you have wards if you do this or you will be ganked. If you are farmed on the other hand then sticking with your team may be the right choice and hopefully you can get a successful team fight.

Late game

If the game lasts this long then you should be really farmed and have a good number of kills under your belt. If you dont have The Bloodthirster by this time since you decided to get it later then you need to farm up and get it then stack it, this is major. The Bloodthirster is a lifesaver and will allow you to stay alive if the an enemy player manages to get on you.


Teamfighting is very important part of league of legends, since you are going to be the ADC you will be dealing a lot of damage and the enemy team will try to focus and kill you as quickly as they can. So the first thing I am going to talk about is positioning. 1. You should never be in front of your team, always stay in the back. 2. If you have to flash to get to a better position do it because you need to stay alive and just keep dealing damage, it is always good if you stay back wait for the fight to start then come in when the enemy team is focused on your teammates.

Another thing to know about teamfighting is that you should never just run to the enemy ADC and try to kill him/her. This will cause you to most likely end up in the middle of the fight and you will get killed fast. Instead always focused the closest target to you!

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Screen shots

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I hope this guide helps Miss fortune players on their journey to wrecking face with MF. This is my first guide so rate fairly please.

Thanks for reading my guide!