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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Bulld0zerss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bulld0zerss

Miss fortune full carry!

Bulld0zerss Last updated on June 14, 2012
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Miss fortune full carry!


Miss fortune full carry! 2

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 8

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Miss fortune

Hot, sexy and deadly

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Summoner spells

perfect item to run and shoot! (micro). Use it good cuz this spell is one of our weapons!

popular item good to escape and finish the weak guys! xD

very efective spell but you must use it very good or with flash.

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Watch Your Mouth Kid Or You Find Yourself Respawning At Home

x3 = Charge and shoot... FAST BABE

x9 = Very important to have a better crit dmg, we have 100% chance to shoot a critical.

x9 = More speed... WE NEED IT.

x9 = same logic.. more crit dmg, thats how we fight.

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MMMMMMMM..... Dmg, crit dmg, attack speed, mov speed... hunter mode ON. True and awesome, dont change it, it is just perfect. Do we need life¿¿¿ NAAAAA, do we need armor¿¿¿ NAAAAA, Mr¿¿¿ NO¡, a bit of gold¿¿¿ STFU... or maybe cd reduction¿¿... dude we are a range/ad/carry...
Charge and shoot fast.... GG

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This is a mf that need an awesome micro! Our tactic is simple run with micro ( great speed), 100% crit(2.5 crit) and great attack speed. Just hunt ur enemyes but care dude!, u are going to be the first focus. So always care and focus the guys with low health. Remember u are a great pusher, help with turrets, this mf is one of the best pusher. Gl hf gg ! pro mf 4ever!

Ur final gear is 3 phantom dancers 2 bloods 1 infinity follow the order it is very important 2 get speed before dmg ull see. Now we can have a real Bounty Hunter!!!


Pd: srry 4 my english! xD

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As we have a great attack speed our game is very simple, follow an enemy and use make it rain (only if u need to slow him, if u now that the enemy is going to run, otherwise shoot to get kills). Now we start with impure shoots and attack with basic attack one time then charge double up and then shoot bullets with normal attack. This way we can have 3 attacks in half of time. Very easy but ppl dont use it very much. Try to get kills but always stay out of focus.
We can focus very well, for example wizzards and weak characters are very easy... U can go and shoot theirs back. Use ghost and u have a great oportunity to kill one and go back where ur team is.
This style is very effective as backdoor, if ur team is fighting and they are in ur base, run and get some turrets (impure shoots is one of the best skills to push, specially with range carry ad)

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Items Mf1

Be smart to play, use a good micro and farm all u can.

= best item to start, some dmg life steal and some health. U can do some dmg at start and with and good control we can get some kills at the first 5 min xD.

= best boots 4 mf, u onlye need speed... dont get , u dont need those abilitys... belive me, just get attack speed and mov speed (thats the base of this carry)

and = best items 4 this carry. Mov speed, attack speed and critical!!! remember with 3 and we have 100% crit (2.5 dmg crit). Well the zeal is the best way to start, this item and we are ready to run and shoot with micro.

= these items are very important to get in the order i said. Just dmg, but if mf need it to hunt, very basic... nothing more xD

= good dmg nice crit.... and with our attackspeed is one of the best items.

= life steal... dmg... When we finish our mf (without boots) and with some bonuses we do 900-1000 dmg aprox. It isnt so much if u see that result, well..., the beuaty of this is when the player know how to play. Great speed and attack speed, flash and ghost!!! They are dead in seconds, just try this gear and tell me then ;)

Another items (a bit of maigc dmg):

This are optional items, only if they have a lot of defense or maybe if 3 of 5(in 5vs5) or 2 of 3 (3vs3) have a ****ING ... every low health carry hates that armor... but remember only if a good number of ppl has it, cuz you can own them!!!!

= Very good cuz it isnt expensive and you can get it easy... plus it has ap dmg, good 2 but if u did good with the hunter gear.. this is just 4 fun! xD. (if u want it, change the first for this one and go with the gear.)

= You can get one if the enemies have thornmail or a lot of def it isnt bad... but is 2 expensive and the first gear can also deal vs thorn and defense, its going to be hard but if you are smart you can own them. (this could go 4 a or a )

= This item is very good 2, i only get it if my micro is failing or if im getting focused as hell... GA gives u the chance to get some kills without fear. It is a good option, but i always pick dmg and attack speed before defense.
Another cause are ap/mid guys, heavy ap like , , - his ult, IS A *****- or .
Gl Hf Gg

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Gameplay Mf 2

Well, this mf is a carry but with more life ( if ur micro is not that good u should try this one). Same style only a few changes, more life and less speed against ur enemys. Same micro same tactics also gg. I have the same runes and masterys but u can change some attack speed for armor penetration or crit dmg.

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Items Mf 2

, , and , same explication as mf 1.

= well... a lot of ppl said that mf 1 is a weak carry... maybe they dont know how to escape or hunt xD, this items is just for health and to slow the enemies. Good item and it give us more oportunities.

= A very good item, attackspeed some dmg and armor penetration. If u like the armor penetration, u can make some changes 2. You can get a for a or the ( life steal or armor penetration, ur decesion).

= Same as mf1, but remember that u have more life here, soooo.... i wouldnt take GA.

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Miss Fortune gears

Hunter Mf: . (forget the boots, ull have 500 mov speed anyway...)

Hunter Mf with ap dmg:

Health Mf: ( or )


4 a or a , up to u.

Try the gears, i just love the hunter mf!!! xD

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Mf video

This video is mf2 but with the first mf it would be easier and faster :P... gl hf gg!!! Here is the video !!

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Pros: excellent hunter, great speed (mov and attack) very good in every lane and very effective. Is a good ad/carry/range and u can kill and escape very quick. Good global ult . The perfect hunter!!!

Cons: very weak carry and you are going to be the focus in all the fights so be SMART!!! Both mf need a lot of farm, is good at start and late and in min 20-30 you need to farm, A LOT

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Gl Hf GG!!

Any comment and any apport is welcome!! xD