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Miss Fortune Build Guide by enjoiyuraidz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author enjoiyuraidz

Miss Fortune : How to play in every lane

enjoiyuraidz Last updated on July 20, 2011
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My name is Enjoiyuraidz and this is my very first guide. This guide is on Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter. Miss Fortune is a Ranged DPS/Carry who can 1v1, participate in team fights AND push. She's 6300 IP or 975 IP.

In this build i will show you how to lane with MF in a solo lane or with a friend playing support bottom lane .

Thank you for looking at my build, Please rate and comment and give me advice, i need it !

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Pros :
-High Damage
-Great Passive
-Great Harass
-Great Farming
-Great for Team Fights
-Amazing Damage with your Q and W
-Can lane anywhere

Cons :
-Gets focused every team fight
-Vulnerable to CC
-Low health
-Low mana pool

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Greater Mark of Desolation - With the ArPen Marks and Quints, you'll do doing a large amount of damage early game when auto attacking or using

Greater Seal of Attack Speed - These will help you with last hitting and harrassment during the laning phase. These will be very noticable early game until you get your

Greater Glyph of Refreshment - MF has skills that require A LOT of mana so you will need as much help as you can get. To avoid this , try harassing only when you have full mana, besides that, FARM FARM FARM !

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - For extra ArPen with your Marks.

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Summoner Skills

I think this summoner skills is good on every champ in the game, it helps you get kills , escape, go through walls, its just amazing.

This really helps you will 1v1 at top or mid or shut down a carry in a team fight, as well as running away.

Other Recommended Skills

Ghost helps you run even faster than you do, but i find it useless because of your Passive.

Ignite can help you get those kills where they barely got away from your team.

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Like any other Ranged DPS / Carry you want to go 21/0/9, making sure to get Havoc (obviously) as well as improved Exhaust.

For the Utility Tree, you want to take the Exp mastery and the Neutral Buff increase.

Also get Archaic Knowledge for more Bullet Time damage.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Priority

> > >

Her passive gives her very good movement speed early game, which can be used to run away and also harass. She loses the movement speed buff after being hit.

Her main harass and farming tool. Learn to aim this skill and you'll do a large amount of damage to squishies all game.

Deals extra magic damage each time you consecutively hit a single target and stacks 4 times. When you activate this skill, it increases your attack speed and gives your target a healing debuff. Effective against teams with and other champs that can heal.

I dislike this skill. It's not BAD. But i think she can use a better skill. Does damage over time in a circle and slows anyone in it. Good for chases.

Her ultimate. POSITIONING ! POSITIONING ! POSITIONING ! POSITIONING ! With good positioning , this can rip the other team if used correctly, or push 1 wave instantly. very useful even though you could be doing more damage to a single target with your W.

Use this ulti AFTER , ETC !

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The main difference between laning solo MF and bot lane MF is the items you start with.

Solo Lane

x 3

Without a support in your lane, you will not be able to heal yourself. Boots will help you dodge skill shots and get out of harassment, as well as heal yourself with health potions.

Bottom Duo Lane

With a support laning with you, you will not need the Health Potions and can focus on last hitting and the Doran's Blade can help you with the +100 Hp, +3% Lifesteal, +10 Damage.

I start with an for the +80 Damage and Crit possibility. Once you buy this item, you will notice your DPS increase very creatly. This item is expensive ! Start with if you dont have enough the first time you port to town.

The second item is which further increases your crit chance and attack speed.

For sustain, i buy for the lifesteal. KEEEEEEEEEP the stacks, DONT DIE, stand in the back and rape face !

Bloodthirster gives you +100 Damage and a 25% Lifesteal when fully stacked. STACKS. DONT. DIE! i cant stress that enough. you wont need any more damage after this.

After Bloodthirster, its fine for Survivability.

I usually buy To avoid harass , being able to block one skill is very valuable for a carry. It gives a good amount of Hp , Mana, and Magic Resist.

For my last item , i buy for the second life it gives, sometimes turning the game around when the opponents kill you , not knowing you had it, then revive while they focus your team so you can attack again or run. It also gives alot of Armor + Magic Resist.

Optional Items

or for Heavy AP Teams.

for Armor Stacking Teams

for Jax or Dodge *****s

for Hp Stacking Teams

for health and passive slow.