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Vayne Build Guide by Redemolf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redemolf

Missaglias Demon Hunter Vayne~

Redemolf Last updated on May 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

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Hello and welcome to my guide. Before you start reading anything, This guide is focused on being able to be resistant to CC while dealing high-damange to tanks and carries.

Anyone who likes / thinks this guide is good please vote up. If you're about to downvote, please tell me why. I don't want random downvotes without any reason at all. I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I do and please leave me some feedback.

You might notice some grammer mistakes

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    + 50% Resistant to both magic and physical damage with this build
    + Dis-focosing ultimate
    + Invizability
    + True dmg based on health
    + High Mobility when chasing targets


    - CC is
NOT reliable(can only be able stun by pinning)
- Squishyyyyy early game
- Needs some skill to stun people, some skill, not alot.
- Needs a good amount of farm to be effective(much like Irelia, tho Vayne can handle a duo lane)
- Can not jump over walls(exseptions are Anivia's ice wall and Jarvan's Arena)

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~Summoner Spells~


Flash - This spell is really usefull, it can get you out of sticky situations and get you into possition to shred down targets.

Exhaust - This is a great spell to even up the odds of a loosing battle and to slow enemies to chase/run away.

Ignite - An awesome choice for gaining the upper hand via DoT and true damage, also deminishes healing by 50% (enemy healed by an ally from summoner spell Heal gain 25% health!)

"Okay" Options

Ghost - This is okay if you feel too slow in the early game, but it wont do you much in the late game aside from running to save a tower/steal baron

Teleport - This spell is pretty good. The only disadvantage about this spell is: it's not THAT usefull late game and it has a high cooldown compared to Flash and Exhaust. It is a great choice vs harras champions and a great choice if you don't like walking.

Heal - This spell is not that great in my opinion but it is viable. This spell gives you a litle bit more survivability to yourself and to all of your teammates around you. If you're new and struggling to keep alive Heal is a great spell for you!

Cleanse - This spell, is really underated, it can help you out of sticky situations and allow you to flash out, but in this build Quicksilver Sash is much more helpfull and you can have a diffrent spell than this(this is better because it gives you CC resistance for a duration, not single use)

Please Dont

Clairvoyance - This spell is a horrible choice for a carry, and it has to be picked up by a tank or a support(or a friendly Ezreal). It's a bad idea overall but usefull for brush checking(which is not your job)

Clarity - Vayne isn't that mana hungry if you dont spam your e all the time.

Surge- This is a great spell for a Jax but it useless on Vayne, the AS is low on Vayne and the ap is wasted.

Revive - No.

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Press the TOP button to see! >

For Runes you can go with what i've listed above because:
Magic Reistance is for being able to take up alot more damage with little health wasted from Magic Attacks (eg: Kennen's Thundering Shuriken)

Armor Penetration is what most carries need to deal almost true damage to enemy carries in the early game(combined with Silver Bolt's true damage and bonus dmg dealt on evry 3rd attack can leave an Ashe at 50% health from 100%

Armor is the physical deffence counter-part of MgR, we don't what that Tryndamere killing you with one hit now, do we?

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^ Above ^

For Masteries i can't really say much but i'll try.

Butcher is a must have for farming(my last game i started really slow, lagged for 6 minutes because someone pinged the hell out of my minimap, so because i took a solo bot lane against Corki and Janna i was able to reach max level First simply from farming.)

Veteran's Scars this mastery is also a must because Vayne is really fragile, being the only hero to have a Health Rating of 10

Q. But why didn't you take Lethality ?
A. Because Vayne dousn't get many bonus from that, you can already deal 500 Crits when you get phantom dancer(w/o Infinty Edge!) and you have a crit chance of 50!

Q. Why didn't you take Summoner's Wrath ?
A. Because i feel that Vayne needs more farming over than skill boosts, and the armor reduction on Exhaust is pretty useless, considering your Armor Penetration and Silver Bolts

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Vayne Has alot of unique skills, each requiring it's own amount of skill to use properly
So i desided to colour the skill names:
Green - Easy Difficulty
Orange - Medium Difficulty
Red - Hard Difficulty
Grey - Varies

Night Hunter
Her Passive, Night Hunter, is what makes Vayne such a good persuier. The range of the spell
is 2000 and if your FPS is bad enough, it can server as a Radar just by looking at a brush.

This skill is Vayne's Brain;
On Vayne's next attack deals bonus damage based on 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 % of your attack damage. Which is quite alot once you've finished the Build.

When running away with tumble, quicly attack them after tumbling to reduse the cooldown, at the same time saving your life.

Silver Bolts

THIS is Vayne's Heart. Without this, Vayne wont be much of a carry as it deals 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 TRUE Damage(which ignores armor and magic resist) and Damage based on 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8% maximum hp, which combied with Madred's Blood Razor stacks up to 12% of their Maximum Hp evry third attack.


This skill should have 1 point untill evrything is maxed out, only to pin targets and to run away(also good for aplying 1 thick of her W), Can also punish those with a gap closer that dive on to you/ your teammate when they are close to a wall and guarantee a free kill.

Final Hour

This is Vayne's "steroid ability" which adds 25 / 40 / 55 bonus attack damage for 8 / 10 / 12 seconds. While this isn't enough, it enables Vayne to cloak each time she tumbles, and tripples the passive movement speed from Night Hunter (40x3)

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I've listed the way to buy evry single item in my build, It should work for both types of enemies because when you finnish it, Vayne will be 50% resistant to Magical Damage, and 50% resistant to physical damage as well.

Madred's Bloodrazor
It is best used on DPS (damage per second) champions when the other team has a lot of tanks with armor or health builds.That's why Vayne's second priority(after those carries) are tanks, because combined with truedamage(ignores mgr as well)you will deal 12% of their health in true damage(considering that you have rank 5 Silver Bolts

The Bloodthirster
- "The souls of the damned never truly rest."

Ah such a wonderufll item, is it not?
It's the second item you should get because if you maxed it out Vayne will get
328 damage which is quite alot, counting the massive damage with crits as wll

Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is currently the item that offers highest amount of attack speed, movement speed and critical strike, all in one item.
Don't stack them, one PD is more than enough.

Infinity Edge
"When the sun is at its peak, the pool blends in with the shimmering heat, looking as if its waters run off into infinity."

This item has the highest amount of attack damage in the game.
ONLY a Sword of the Occult at 14 stacks or a BT at 20 stacks surpasses this wonderfull item, grating you 250% more critical damage.

Q. Why is Quicksilver Sash a must?
A. Because if the enemy team has Exhaust, you will be the most useless hero on your team, and like any other Assassin, Vayne has to know when to strike so she dousn't get killed over nothing.

Optional Items

As i mentioned above, Quicksilver Sash is a must, but what if they don't have CC?
Well, if they don't a simple second The Bloodthirster will make you unkillable, and can be able to handle a 4vs1.

Q. Why dont you spam Phantom Dancerssss
A. You are not Tryndamere

Q. Why Don't you buy Phreak's Trinity Force
A. Because Vayne already has about 75% of the effect from triniry force(sometimes better), and i dont feel like wasting 4k gold on an Item like That, alos the ap part is wasted on Vayne.

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My build isn't focused on this, tho asking Phreak would be a great idea.

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This chapter is quick.
Vayne's basic rule is to wait for minion's health to reach 5%(melee+siege) and 10%(caster) in early. YOu must warn your lane(considering that you arent solo) that you will take most if not all the minions.

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~Friends and Foes~

Vayne is a pretty fragile champion, for which she is balanced by having a high damage output, here is a list of her main enemies and alies, as well as her enemies' difficulty to play against.


Diff: -Hard
Nasus can reduse your armor by a tremendous ammount as well as reduse your DPS and move speed, making you really uneffective.If Nasus uses his slow on you early in a teamfight, i don't care, use your ultimate and tumble away untill it fades, you'll be more usefull that way.

Diff -Medium

Urgot is a ranged dps, adept at poking from afar, he can reduse your armor like Nasus, but he can also poke you alot with his E+Q+Q+Q+Q... combo

Garen, The Might of Bromacia
Diff: -impossible early unless you keep the distance!!

Garen is an early killer,he can silence you and cut you like a hot knife through butter, and in team fights, focus him first(after the carry dies), unlike other carries, Vayne's 2nd priority are non-thornmailed tanks

Diff: -Medium
Sivir is a carry which if she starts hitting you(after her overbuff, her Q gets 50% off your health lv 1) you can not outrun her, she gains 80MS while chasing while you get 0 while running(overall 40 while you are chasing)

Diff: Very Hard

Jax is one of the most annoying foe you can face, he will dodge your silver bolts and your Q, and the more damage you "dealt" to him, the more damage he'll deal when he stuns you.

Friends! <3

Vayne is best when laning with:
(ranking is in reverse, red is how hard it is to get countered with your partner)

Alistar- Because together they make a CC mascare and if you get coughed you're dead.

Janna- A desent support because her shield gives you bonus AD equal to a B. F. Sword at max level and can slow enemies, alowing you to keep using silver bolts. She Also gives you bonus MS

Soraka - Heal and mana plz

Leona- Being one of the most powerfull charecters for Vayne to lane with, she can also compleetly disable Vayne, with lots of CC and can save Vayne with a well placed E this combo is well worth the time. Also Vayne has resistance of Leona's light due her sun glasses.

Lulu- not much to say, she aint that much of a support, her hex can turn the odds but she aint that much of a support other than her buff and ult, Toghether they are more of a harrsing combo.

Shen- He is really reliable, he will life tap a siege minion and let you kill it to regain health really quickly, also a Shen with Warden's Mail is like Rammus on Steroids and lets you harras/kill enemy carries with ease

Kennen- a slightly odd combo but it's really effective as long as Kennen dousn't mind having no farm. also his combo+yours will kill anyone almost instantly
in the mid game

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27.04.12: Guide Created
28.04.12: Added icons, highlated some stuff, fixed alot of grammar mistakes, Added Credits and Shoutouts
29.04.12: Added tab "Friends and Foes" and removed "Coutners and Countered by"
30.04.12: Added Rune,Mastery And Build Details
01.05.12: Added Changelog

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~Credits and Shoutouts~

This is about evrything about how i build Vayne, overall she is really fun to play, despite her difficulty, oh and also i want to give a shoutout for Phil Collins who helped me giving my Guide a better look. Yeah you can also give him a well deserved +1 rep and also a +1 like if you liked this Guide.

Also this is what this build is capable of:
This was taken on Christmas so it can be a bit outdated(nerfs and all)
I'll add more features after the new patch.
But i'll add a changelog tomorow.
Thank you to all who have voted, i didn't espect my Guide to skyrise like that, considering i made it a roughly a day ago, i'll give out +1rep to all who have voted & posted a comment :p