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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Jax Build Guide by Xozec

Top Money Jax |Be 2 Items Ahead Than Your Enemy!| Hard Carry

Top Money Jax |Be 2 Items Ahead Than Your Enemy!| Hard Carry

Updated on December 12, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xozec Build Guide By Xozec 7 2 18,407 Views 7 Comments
7 2 18,407 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xozec Jax Build Guide By Xozec Updated on December 12, 2018
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Runes: Against AD champion

1 2
Magical Footwear
Minion Dematerializer
Time Warp Tonic

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Base Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Money Jax |Be 2 Items Ahead Than Your Enemy!| Hard Carry

By Xozec
Money Jax Idea

What is Money Jax about?

Money Jax is tank build with high burst, with runes that makes him earn more money than other players. League of Legends is about gold - kills and creeps are only an addiction in earning more gold. With this build, you can afford Trinity Force at 9:00 minute, if you play properly as it is said in this guide. Frostfang with runes make you the strongest player in the match, even if you are not fed. That is the purpose of this build. Even if you dont have much farm or kills, you will sooner or later have more items than others.

The Build

This build is tank compared with burst damage and a little attack speed. Build itself looks like it has no pushing power, no damage and no lifesteal, but in reality its very powerful quick burst build. Tank Jax lets you kill more enemies in for example teamfight, where he can stay long because of his hp, armor and magic resist and stun, not like paper high attack speed Jax that jumps, kills adc and then dies. The build is based on Korean Challanger Jax, with runes and items like Frostfang that makes you earn more money than others.

Trinity Force - Base and most important item on every Jax Build. It provides you attack speed, a little bit of attack damage, mana, health, cooldown reduction and useful item passives like Phage that gives movement speed when you attack or Sheen with bigger auto attack damage after using an ability.

Ninja Tabi - Useful item against champions like Master Yi or Xin Zhao and ADCs. Some armor and 12% reduced auto attack damage is good if you play against AD champions.

Mercury's Treads - Shorter slows, stuns and all kinds of things you dont like + magic resist. Everything that Jax would like to have!

Abyssal Mask - Abyssal mask is very useful for Jax. 350 health, 300 mana, 55 magic resist and 10% cdr are stats that Jax want. Jax needs mana and health to push his lane longer, and live longer in teamfights. 15% damage taken gained as mana makes Jax's mana not a problem. Other passive of Abyssal Mask is 15% more magic damage against enemies within a 700 units aura, that makes Jax W and R passive more efficient.

Randuin's Omen - Health and armor compared with -20% damage taken from crit strikes and slow when auto attacking makes Jax pretty much unkillabe for solo ADC or auto attack based champions like Master Yi. Omen's active is a slow, that helps chasing mobile champions.

Titanic Hydra - Tytanic Hydra has same importance as Trinity Force in this build. As the TH's active is also an auto attack, bursting enemies with W and R passive is a lot more easier and quicker.

Frostfang - this item is the base of the entire Money Jax idea. This item is gold efficient, that means that buying it is worth, and the money you spent will be used in a good way. 2 gold per 10 seconds makes you earn a lot in the game. Mana regen helps you staying and pushing your lane, and ability power makes your W and R passive stronger. Every wealth Jax should have it!

Sunfire Cape - Armor and health. Also the passive - Immolate helps you push the lane faster. Building it is not necessary.

Adaptive Helm - Health regen, hp and magic reist. Good agains spamable and time damage champs like Teemo, Cassiopeia or Akali.

Guardian Angel - Second chance for Jax is important in teamfight. If you get killed after killing enemy ADC, you can still do a lot. It also provides some attack damage and armor.


Kleptomancy - Kleptomancy is the base of this Jax build. it gives you gold or consumables when you damage enemy champion.

Magical Footwear - SImply it is 300 gold safe. Magical Footwear gives you +10 movement speed to your free boots.
Minion Dematerializer - A lot easier to push lane. Dematerialize only Cannon Minions, so you are sure that you will get gold from they.
Time Warp Tonic - Movement speed and immediately heals from consumables are synergizing with Kleptomancy, that sometimes give you potions.


Precision - As Jax you need some attack speed. Faster push and quicker bursts are very important.

Triumph - Free 20 gold from a kill and 12% of hp are useful. And it is Wealth Jax, he needs all money sources.
Alacrity - As I said before, attack speed is important.

Mini Runes
Take these if you play agains AD champion on your lane.

OFFENSE +9% Attack Speed
FLEX +5 Armor
DEFENSE +5 Armor

Take these if you play agains AP champion on your lane.

OFFENSE +9% Attack Speed
FLEX +6 Magic Resist
DEFENSE +6 Magic Resist
Early Game
This build and runes on Jax are not really good in early. Till level 6 playing safe is a best option. If you can, try to freeze the minions near your tower, so your jungler have an opportunity to gank and the enemy cant attack you a lot. Level 1-3 is simple. Just farm as much as you can - you can use ur E to have some time to kill any minions, and Q to escape, if you know that the enemy will threat you a lot. Sometimes attack the enemy, to earn 5 gold or a consumable from Kleptomancy Stay safe and calm, dont take risks and earn money slowly.

In Early Game

-Play safe
-Farm as much as you can
-Wait for a gank
-Don't take risks
-Freeze minions near your turret
Early/Mid Game
Mid-game is the time when you should get items like Sheen and/or Frostfang. Laning is easier, because if you dont feed the enemy, you will have more money than him (if he is not like 30 minions ahead). In mid-game push as much as you can, but if your enemy does not allow you to do that, tell jungler that he can come. If the gank made the enemy go back to the base or you killed him, push minions and damage tower as much as you can. 1/5 towers hp is 160 gold. If you push 2 waves of minions, and destroy 1/5 - 3/5 of tower you are really ahead. Stay on your lane, go on teamfights if it is only needed, and push your way to victory!

In Early/Mid Game

-Push your lane
-Buy items like Frostfang or Sheen
-Farm a lot
-Help in teamfights if it is needed
-Damage the tower
Late Game
Late Game for Wealth Jax is the best part of the game. With this build and 1 or 2 towers pushed you will for sure have 1-2 items ahead, if the enemy is not fed. Late game Jax is staying mostly on the lane and pushing hard, but if you see a teamfight, go there and help your team. Jax is very good at killing squishy adcs or mages. Try your best at helping your team, and then go on making money on top if you have time. In this part of the game, Jax 3 shots adcs with this build, even if it looks like its only tank and 0 dmg/attack speed! Remember, Jax is not really good at helping team. He is about pushing and carrying the team by doing objectives only yourself!

In Late Game

-Help your team in teamfights
-Hardpush your lane
-Earn more money
Losing lane
Enemy kills you solo or with jungler even under turret in early/mid game? Remember, it is money making Jax, you need some time to buy decent items. Runes and Frostfang make you earn a lot of money. At some point in the game for sure your enemy laner will rotate on Mid lane to teamfight, or teleport on mid/bot to do a gank. If you see that he is rotating, and he will get kills, try to teleport there with him so your team have bigger chances of surviving. If you do not leave the lane with your enemy, use this time as well as you can! Push as fast as you can and damage turrets, so you get gold.

Losing Lane

-Stay safe
-Get as much exp and money as you can
-Push the lane if you have a opportunity to do it
-Damage the turrets
-Earn gold with Frostfang and Runes
There are some important combos on Jax. They are needed to do as much damage as you can in a short time.

Basic Triple AA combo.

AA - W - AA

--- ---
You can deal a lot of damage in about 1 second if you cancel first Auto Attack animation with W.

Expanded Base Triple AA Combo.

AA - E - AA - W - E

--- --- --- ---
It is basic combo with stun in it. After stunning you can auto attack more. As always, cancel animations of Auto Attacks.

Early/Mid Game Lane Trade Combo.

E - Q - AA - W - AA - E - AA

--- --- --- --- --- ---
In this combo try to cancel Auto Attack animations, so the process is faster.

Titanic Hydra Burst Combo.

AA - W - Hydra

--- ---
If you cancel animations of AA and W in this combo properly, you will deal tons of damage in about 1-1.5 sec (it is even able to kill adc in one combo).

Expanded Titanic Hydra Burst Combo.

AA - E - W - Hydra - AA - E

--- --- --- --- ---
Tytanic Hydra combo with stun and additional AA.

Tower Push Half Combo.

Sheen passive activate - SA

AA - W - SA - AA

--- --- ---
Some decent damage to turret in a short time (useful if the enemy is close, and you want to push as much as you can quickly). Cancel animation of first AA by W.

Full Combo

(complicated, but learning it is important)
Here use your leap Q when the enemy is running away and you cant reach him with your auto attacks.

E - AA - W - Hydra - E - AA - W - AA

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Your Opinion
Feel free to comment and tell what you think about the guide! It is my first one, and if you have any ideas/changes please tell me. I will try to update the guide every day .
League of Legends Build Guide Author Xozec
Xozec Jax Guide
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Money Jax |Be 2 Items Ahead Than Your Enemy!| Hard Carry

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