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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Enaio

Other Mordekaiser, the Mid/Top of Metal

By Enaio | Updated on March 10, 2013

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youngshady | May 5, 2013 4:23am
Voted +1
good body of build saying situational and stuff like that it realy smart because not all games are the same and sometimes you need to change your build to "adept" to the game in order to win
Skouty (4) | March 11, 2013 12:32pm
Voted +1
not bad mate not bad,overall i dont wanna comment about your build since it has only 2 votes now,but i will always love the wall of texts of info+good build.
Enaio (8) | February 4, 2013 3:25pm
Skill order really depends on your game play. I have had games where I rush Siphon of Destruction first and than I have had games where I needed to rush Creeping Death. That really all depends on what you need to rush in your game.

Destruction - All of your damage is increased by 5% against turrets, which does include your ghost from Children of the Grave.

Hardiness / Resistance - You can move that point around if you like. I personally don't but I don't see an issue. Completely up to you.

Unyielding / Block - If you are facing an auto-attacking lane opponent, you should shut them down despite this just because of your passive, unless they are somehow cutting through it. Just throwing Creeping Death on yourself negates most of the damage from autoattacks, not even saying if they have not stunned you and you can cast your other spells.

is a 'real' tank - He isn't, that is a typo and I did fix it but I must have not saved. Fixed it again, thank you.

Kage's Lucky Pick - With how well Mordekaiser farms at any point of the game, I wouldn't say that you have to build this. It is a great item and does build into one of the core items but I would only build it if you plan on building either Will of the Ancients or Twin Shadows. I normally get gold per 5, or in this case 4, items in mid game just because I tend to rush Hextech Revolver, tier 2 boots, and Haunting Guise and building Kage's Lucky Pick before those items actually lowers the amount of damage you will be putting out and your sustain.
BarbJ (73) | February 4, 2013 12:29pm
Your skill orders are wonky. Is there a reason for not rushing one spell to max level? Are they all just that... equal in power per level that it doesn't matter?

I've got a few little issues with your masteries- don't worry though.
Mid lane masteries, issue: Destruction
How much do you autoattack towers as Morde? Does this mastery affect people you control with Children of the Grave?

Top lane masteries, issue: Hardiness / Resistance
All three of your top lane pages are the same, despite one of them being directed towards an AD enemy team. If you're playing draft and you can see it coming, moving that point could help.

issue: Unyielding / Block
Again, if you're up against an autoattacking lane opponent, this can really help your early game.

Also, idk if typo, or me just sucking at reading, but it says in your mastery section: "Reason for this is because Mordekaiser is a 'real' tank because he has no crowd control..." He's a tank because no CC?

It feels weird to me that you used images of the item builds inside the body of the guide, instead of the codes for it. I can't hover over the item and see the stats it gives in the "banners." I would very much like to see you code that with the large icons (make it better for me, maybe just annoying for someone else).

Thoughts on Lucky Pick if you're behind? Or ahead? Or should it be straight Twin Shadows / Will of the Ancients without "stopping" for it?
Enaio (8) | February 3, 2013 6:14am
Thank you sir. I appreciate the up-vote.
Meiyjhe (537) | February 3, 2013 4:39am
Voted +1
Guide is very good ser.

The first chapter is very gentle of you :D
Once you get higher % though, I would erase the chapter.

Because then, then you do not need to ask for our help, but the readers need to ask for YOUR help :D

But the guide is good, definately an upvote
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