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League of Legends Build Guide Author randombanana

mordekaiser the vanquisher of pride

randombanana Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my mordekaiser guide

So you want to play with the master of metal. Good choice because this champion is ALOT of fun. Being able to take alot of punishment and still make penta kill's thanks to his ultimate.

He is a Really tanky hero that can easily get alot of kills and is almost impossible to kill if played right.

my opinion on morde
He is my favourite champion but dont think of him as a full tank. He has absolutely no crowd control so people will not nessecarily focus on you. Thats why you have to be as dangerous as possible so they feel like they have not choice.

What lane should Mordekaiser take

Preferably take a solo lane. Mordekaiser can lane with other people but in a solo lane he shines most. Thanks to his extreme farming capabilities. You have to get him his core items as soon as possible.


passive: Iron man

this is wat makes mordekaiser unique, fun and really annoying to lane against. Every ability you use will give you a shield based on how much damage you did with that ability. Later on a good Siphon of destruction will be able to fill your shield almost completely in one hit on a minion wave.

It is very importand to allways keep your shield up so you cannot get harassed early on. You need the health for your abilities.

Q skill Mace of spades

Use it to do more damage with your next melee attack. Your shield will get lightning charged and if you hit an enemy it can have 2 effects: If the enemy is alone he will get hit for double the damage. If he is with friends the damage is split. Its just a nice tool for farming and getting that last hit off.

W skill Creeping Death

Its a pretty good skill for a number of things. It does some more AOE damage to help farm minions or kill champions and gives a nice bonus to armor and magic resist. The best part is you can target it on a friend to save his *** or use it on a minion of your own. It also charges up your shield when standing near alot of minions.

W skill Siphon of destruction

You better get used to spamming this skill ALOT. It is your main harassment skill and charges up your shield for a great deal. Later on the damage is not perfect but when laning it is really harsh on your opponent because of the short cooldown and no mana cost. Try to use this on almost every cooldown.

R (ultimate) skill Children of the Grave

does a percent of the target health damage every seccond and gives you some health. If the target dies you gain a controllable ghost copy of him.

This is in my opinion one of the better ultimates in the game. But it does require you to take ignite with you playing mordekaiser as it does little damage on its own. It basically means when you use it on an enemy ranged carry and your team kills him they lose a person and your team gains a person. It really depends on who you use the ability on. Using it on a feeded carry can mean that you suddenly make a rather large killing spree. If using mace of spades when having a ranged ghost will make your skill ranged. Having frozen mallet will make the ghost copy slow people it hits.

tip:when your enemy is low on health try to flash in, use siphon of destruction, ignite and your ultimate. It usually kills them!

If your against a bad team and you use it on the teemo or so you can even make a penta kill.

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Lets check them out:

Morde's damage output is for a really great deal magic damage. That's why i choose magic penetration marks over armor pen. crit damage and chance will be also useless because the item build does not support crit.

your main harass skill will be siphon of destruction so it will do more damage. Your ultimate does magic damage and adding magic penetration will help you get that copy.

dodge runes are just the best option since they will help activate that nimbleness talent giving you more run speed. Plus it will help you survive more against melee since you will be building magic resistance at first.

Magic resist is just the best option for some extra defence.

Health quints have helped me alot plus they also saved me plenty of times.

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Why defensive?
dont forget mordekaiser is a tanky character. I like to build him this way because people tend to get frightened by mordekaiser killing them over and over and will focus you.

the points in offence are for cooldown reduction and magic penetration.

If you feel like you are not getting focused when your playing as more try an utility spec.

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I start off with a regrowth pendant an a health potion.

some people take a doran's shield but its a waste of gold. Since you now got health Quintessences you clearly dont need the health and the regen from a regrowth pendant is better. Plus you will build the pendant into something way better.

Early-mid game
This brings us to our next two items Force of nature and mercury treads. You may have to go back sooner than that 2 items but mostly thats not the case. If you have to get boots and a seccond regrowth pendant.

once you got these 2 godly items you are set with morde. Especially against a Crowd control heavy team. They both help you not get killed and you will regenerate health like crazy. From this point on casters are pretty much cake. You also move faster thanks to force of nature.

Boots: If they do alot of damage and have lots of CC take mercury's treads
otherwise take sorcerer's shoes since they just help you kill faster.

get your frozen mallet as fast as possible so people cant escape you anymore. Usually you can get some stuff for your sunfire cape but in most cases the match is over now in your teams favor. Otherwise get your full sunfire cape and rylais crystal scepter.

why Rylai's Crystal Scepter simply because it adds in damage, hp and helps you close the distance faster.

after this if it is not over yet get your Bloodthirster and finish it.

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Skill Sequence

Skill priority

Children of the Grave>Siphon of destruction>mace of spades>creeping death

ultimate is to obvious

siphon of destruction is your main harass

rest is just my personal opinion

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Summoner Spells

First of all ignite is a must. Try to always use it in combination with your ultimate.


flash is my personal favourite because it helps escape ganks in mid or flashing in on a wounded opponent to finish him off.

Ghost must be my number 2 choice since you cant really go wrong with it. Run away or catch up.

Cleanse to get away easier.

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thanks for reading this guide i really did do my best on it since its my first real indept guide. Please like it and/or give your tips etc in the comments below. I personally think this build really rocks and i have a good score with it 19-20 times.

Want to contact me in game?

Im on the US servers and go by the same name of: randombanana

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Pros / Cons


    Really good in surviving a fight. Have had so many times where i walked away with a few kills and still lived thanks to my build and talents.

    Good farmer

    great in soloing

    amazingly fun to play

    like to play with rock music on :P

    Later in game his damage will decline and will depend ALOT on the ghost from his ultimate

    No Crowd control abilities

    you can get a little greedy from listhening to rock music while playing morde.

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Team Work

Mordekaiser is a good pusher and if people focus on him he is a great tank . You have to make people focus on you by shashing their faces and taunt them after it.

They will get annoyed and focus you over others ;)

With a ranged carry copy he is unstoppable and capable of killing like 3 people at the same time.

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If you solo mid you should be able to kill the minions their quickly and have time to kill the caster jungle mobs while your done. Red and blue buff could be helpfull but you will be better off leaving them to dps carry's.