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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sureptitious

Mundo, the drooling linebacker.

Sureptitious Last updated on March 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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[EDIT: Updated on 3/20/11 @ 3:11 AM EST - Updated layout. Switched Stark's for Sunfire.]

This is my first build on here, so if you feel the need to be negative and down rate this guide, please atleast give a reason.

I'll be updating this guide as I see fit. I hope this atleast gives you some insight into how I believe Mundo should be played.

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Mundo is definitely one of my favorite champions in the game. I play him every chance I get, I mean, what other champion lets you throw a briefcase at someones face?

Mundo is able to fill in large gaps during team fights with his ability to cleave a Nidalee fleeing from a fight or going toe to toe with almost any melee champ (or ranged champ for that matter if you can get his cleave down). He's also able to gank, tank, and harass (VERY effectively). This build will allow you to be able to do a little of everything, you'll have the HP and regen (without using your ult) to continuously harass any champion within range of your cleaver, take chunks of HP out of anyone mindless enough to get in melee range with your Masochism, and farm your little arse off with burning agony middle to end game to get all the items you need to be the ******ed helmet wearing meat stick you are. Oh, and your passive and your ult just make you that much more annoying in your lane since no one can really force you to return to base and heal.

This build is similar to other builds you might find on here, mostly because I've looked at other builds and took what I found useful out of each of them and made my own build.

I don't believe Mundo is a full-on tank, he has no taunt, and I've gotten into quite a few arguements with pug teammates that complain when I don't go full armor and MR. I also don't believe Mundo is a straight up melee carry. I find that usually I get ignored in team fights because the opposing team is scrambling to kill the Yi or Xin on our team, meanwhile im critting their faces off and catching anyone that even thinks about fleeing with a cleaver.

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Obviously I get a little HP from the quints to help early game ganks and my regen slightly. I chose crit because of Masochism. Smacking people in the face before level 5 for roughly 150 damage while you're cleaving them can get you alot of early game kills and get you close to that Warmogs you need pretty badly and couple that with your tele, you'll be stomping faces in no time! I chose dodge because of Nimbleness in the defense mastery tree. There are countless times that 10% buff speed has helped me escape a gank or keep up with a fleeing foe till theyre out of the creep party so I can cleave them to finish them off.

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Summoner Abilities

I've found numerous combinations that work well with Mundo and to be honest, most of them will work great given the situation. Exhaust/ Teleport I enjoy using because usually I grab the 2nd solo lane when available, and being able to port back to buy more hp regen or where ever im at in my build sequence then tele back is essential 1v2. This also helps you keep your XP advantage if you get ganked early game since you can tele back onto a creep. I also choose tele because I enjoy being a complete *** early game. If im 2v2 in a lane, I get my teammate to pick up a ward and place it in the second set of bushes in our lane, hang back till im out of sight, tele to it, have my teammate engage as I cleave them from behind and GG! Exhaust can be subbed out for Ghost/ Flash/ Heal, w/e you find works well for you.

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I enjoy the extra regen of the Regrowth Pendant early game, most people go for the Doran's Shield but, I feel buying any item that doesn't end up in your end game build a waste of money. The Pendant is vital early game since you can sit back for a few moments and regain most of your HP when necessary, and it eventually becomes a part of your Warmogs.

Boots of Speed - Really depends on what you're going up against, merc treads, tabi, swiftness, are all good choices depending on your comp.

Spirit Visage buffs your ult and gives you a little bit of MR, nuff said.

Warmog's Armor, I don't really think I need to explain how vital this is to you, the HP is a necessity, and, with your abilities you should have this by level 11 which will make you a beast mid game.

Sunfire Cape - I used to get Stark's instead of this but, the additional HP, armor and passive 40 dmg AOE just seem to help out overall. Plus, it helps out your Atma's :).
(Another Warmog's is also fun to get if you're face rolling)

Atma's Impaler - just read its stats and you'll see how beneficial this is for Mundo.

Phantom Dancer, the battle is usually won by the time I get this or Atama's but, if a game is lingering on, a Mundo with as much dodge, crit, and speed as this gives you should seal the deal.

Consumables - HP potions are very useful to keep you in your lane as long as possible and to help fill in the gaps between your ult. I normally pick up 1 at level 1 then grab 1 or 2 each time I buy so I can stay out as long as possible and hopefully get an XP lead. Mundo can go without purchasing for large periods of time. FORCE yourself to buy everytime your tele is up.