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Braum Build Guide by Frostbiter71

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frostbiter71

MUSTACHE MAYHEM! Braum Support 5.4 Build

Frostbiter71 Last updated on March 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my season 5 Braum build! I have been using this champion since he first came out, and I've loved every minute of him. He's a very fun champ. Let's get into the build!

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Let's get into my runes. First of all, I have 9 flat armor marks, 9 flat health seals, 9 flat MR glyphs, and 3 armor quints. I have seen some things different about these runes, you may also want to try using 3 health quints and 9 armor seals, however I do not recommend this. Here's why: As a support, you will (most of the time) want to focus the ADC as much as you can, and since most ADC's use, well, AD damage, you're going to want to have more armor. You actually have more armor and health with my runes than when you have 3 health quints and 9 armor seals. Also, you can use scaling MR glyphs, but I prefer flat MR glyphs. This can be your preference.

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With Braum, you're obviously going to go 0-9-21 with masteries. I don't really have much on these, since they're already pretty good.

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Starting items: In my opinion, Relic Shield is the best starting support item. It not only heals your teammates, it allows you to get some minion gold as well, and your ADC gets some too. With relic shield, be sure to only use it on the melee and siege minions; don't use it on caster minions unless you have an extra charge, and there's no other minions. Always go for the siege and melee minions. With the rest of the starting items, having 2 wards is really useful as a support, since you can place it in river bushes so you're not ganked.

[/First Back:i] When you recall for the first time, you should have at least 1300 or 1600 gold. This will get you enough for Targon's Brace and Sightstone; as well as Sweeping Lense. This will help you a lot in lane. If you have some spare gold, remember to always buy a pink or green, some extra wards just to keep you safe. Be sure to ward Dragon ASAP.

[/Nexti] I tend to use this in a lot of my item sets, it's just another way of saying "Mid Game". I know this does seem like a weird combo of items, but trust me, it works wonders. You have health bonuses from Face of the Mountain and Spectre's Cowl, as well as a bunch of MR and armor, and some awesome mobility bonuses from the boots. These items are essential for building into your bigger late game items, and you'll be super tanky as well.

Full Build! With this combo of items, you will have 40% CDR, as well as tons of armor and MR. Spirit Visage seems weird, especially for Braum, but you're going to want to be out in the front a lot. This item is surprisingly useful. Enjoy this build!

Situational Items For these ones, you really won't be using them that often. Only get locket if your jungler doesn't get it. And for Banshee's Veil, substitute this for sunfire or spirit visage if their team has a lot of MR.

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Flash, and Exhaust. NOTHING ELSE! DON'T DO IT!

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Passive-Concussive Blows

This passive is really fun to use, and, your Q gives a stack of it on an enemy! Yay! This passive is great as a support, since it provides some CC and can really scare your opponents early game. Also, it combines with Lucian's passive really well, because of his double shot thing, so you can get 3 stacks right away on an enemy with it.

Q-Winter's Bite

Max this ASAP. It really helps early game, since you can Q them and let your ADC take care of the rest. Late game, it deals tons of damage because of the crazy amount of health you have; THIS ABILITY SCALES OFF YOUR MAX HEALTH! SO COOL!

W-Stand Behind Me

Use this ability to jump to your ADC if they're in trouble OR if they're trying to get a kill secure. If they are, jump to them and use your Q or Ult to slow or stun them for a bit. Your ADC will take care of the rest. This ability is also super dope, because it scales off of your armor and MR.


This ability is going to be maxed second, right after your Q. It blocks a bunch of damage, and doesn't scale off of anything; which is helpful. It also gives you some movement speed, so it makes it great to catch up to people or to get away. This is a very useful ability, and it should almost always be on cooldown. Use it sparingly, however, because the cooldown is quite long. Protect your ADC with it! No excuses!

R-Glacial Fissure

This ability is super dope. It can turn around a team fight in your favor. If your team is losing one, run in there and ult as many people as you can. This gives your team the opportunity to smack the **** out of them, since they're stunned, knocked up, and slowed. Tons of CC and is an awesome ability. Also, use it on someone you're trying to run down (chasing) so your team can run in and kill them.

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Pros / Cons!


-Good sustain
-Good Mobility
-Awesome Passive, works super well with Lucian's
-Very good CC
-Dope pokes
-Q and W scale off defensive stats (health, armor, MR)


-Weak to pokes
-Ultimate scales off AP
-Slightly squishy early game
-CC is "meh" early game

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In Conclusion...

All in all, Braum is a very fun champion, and I hope you guys like my build, and I hope you all enjoy playing Braum as much as I do. MUSTACHE PORO!