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Twisted Fate Build Guide by AndreasProo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AndreasProo

My AD Twisted Fate Guide

AndreasProo Last updated on February 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my first try, of making a Guide for Twisted Fate.

Well, to tell the truth, I'm not Level 30!
Im only Level 18, but I want to share my Impressions of TF with you! :)

Lets jump in :)

I think every f**kin one Picture is linked to the matching article here on mobafire!
I'll complete and add the guide tomorrow! Actually are only Items and Masteries completed :)

Greets Andi

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Pros / Cons

- If you can handle him, very powerful
- Can teleport himself ..
- .. and support so the others
- strong at one vs one
- can deals much damage also without mana
- can get mana back with the blue card

- Wild Cards are not that powerful. But you can still use it as last hitter, or in the early game :)

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Well, i have to say, that i dont have runes until now (a friend told me, its not worth until lvl 30^^)
But Armor Penetration and Attack Speed are important ;)

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Gives you with your 4th skillpoint +4% (1% per Skillpoint) attack speed, which is not that much, but helpful!
Gives you 0.664 (with 4 skillpoints) attack damage per level (12 at lvl 18). Can be useful, and is nescessary for ...
...Weapon Expertise wich grants you 8%(!) Armor Penetration, which is really good and helpful!
Havoc is giving you a 2% (with 3 skillpoints) damage increase.
With 2 skillpoints you deal 5% more critical damage.
Brute Force adds 3 attack damage (2 skillpoints).
Frenzy gives you additional 10% attack speed when landing a critical hit! Especially when you have Inifinity Blade and Phantom Dancer, you'll get the bonus often :)
By spending 3 points in Sunder, you get 6 armor penetration.
Let you deal 5% more damage to targets below 50% health.

All of these Skills are helping you to deal more damage, in a very good way!

Durability gives you (with 4 Skillpoints) 6 additional Health per level (108 at lvl 18)
Hardiness grants you 5 Armor (3 Skillpoints)
If you skilled as myself in this guide, you can only spend 2 points in this, which will grants you 3,5 magic resist.

The Skills this tree are helping you to recieve less damage.

Dont forget:
Edit the masteries to fit your playstyle!

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Soo, now move on to the Items ;)

Early Game:

Boots of Speed (always) at first! It gives you additional movement speed.
x3 Help you to stay longer at your lane, it gives you 150Health over 15Seconds (10HP/sec).

If you have enough Money buy
Berserker's Greaves gives you 20% attack speed that you'll need at the start.
Two Doran's Blade give you 80 health , 10 attack damage, and the 5 health per normal attack which make them very good at the start!

Mid Game:

x2 Boost your Attack Speed by 12% up, and are necessary for
The Phantom Dancer, which gives you 50% attack speed, enough for the rest of the game, a 30% higher crit chance,
a 5% increased movement speed, and the ability to walk through units witout collision.
Infinity Edge gives you 70 attack speed, 25% crit chance, and makes every critical strike deals 250% instead of 200%.

End Game:

With this item, you ignore 35% of the enemy's armor (calculated before the Armorpenitration) and gain 40 attack damage.
The Bloodthirster has 70 attack damage (+X) and 12 (+X) percent life steal.
If you make a kill ( also Minions!) you get 1 attack damage (max. 30) and 0,6% life steal (max 6%). (Which means max. 100attack damage, and 18% life steal)

Defensive Items:
Banshee's Veil gives you 400 Life, 45 magical resistance, and additionally a shield, that blocks one spell from the enemy,
and refreshes, if you have not taken damage from a champion for 25 seconds.

Thornmail gives you 100Armor and being hit by standard attacks, it reflects 30% as magical damage.

Additional Informations:
Sometimes, you'll need more Armor, so you'll have to replace some things.
I'd recommend not to sell the Last Whisperer and the Phantom Dancer ;)

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You'll probably ask why choosing
at first?
Well, if you come in a 1vs1 this can be very helpful.
At first, I tought it is random which card you're drawing ;),
but it is a cycle, so you can pick the card ;)
Blue Card: The blue card is dealing the highes basic damage, and gives you 65% Percent from the delt damage as Mana back.
Red Card: The red card is in the late game the best way to farm ;)
It deals the second highes basic damage (75% of the blue card) , and slows the hitted enemy and the near enemys around him.
Golden Card: The golden card is the stun card, and it deals the lowest basic damage (37,5% of the blue card).
Your attack damage is added to the basic damage (100%).

Every 4th attack TF deals additional 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+40% of ability power) damage.
It also increases his attack damage and the cooldown reduction;)

It is the Ulti of TF and can cause a 2vs1 / 1vs1 situation or can be used to get the kill, if someone runs away.

Only useful to get someone who is standing at a tower, without getting hitted by the tower.

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Well, farming can be tricky,
but, you can use the Blue Card to deal more damage,
without loosing too much Mana ;)

In the end game, the red card, can be used, to kill some minions.