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Teemo Build Guide by Charrick

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Charrick

My Little Teemo, Magic damage is Magic. Role: AD carry

Charrick Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When the Ilol team has found a solution to their ATI graphics card problem i will be able to theorize and update the build, but that wont be in a month or so. Until then, cheers.
Stupid lousy ATI cars...

If you clicked on this link in hope to find My Little Pony references, i have to dissapoint you. The name is nothing but a play on words. Although you can have a brohoof if that makes you feel better /)

Hi, my name is Charrick (IGN), and i'm going to introduce to you my Teemo build which i have achieved much success with as of lately. This build will let you deals TONS of damage (Chessy i know).
The peculiar thing about this build compared to other ad-carry builds is that most of your damage will be magic damage, so if you have alot of magic damage on your team, you might reconsider trying out this build.
Do keep in mind that this is supposed to work in the AD carry role (solo bot with a support) and may not work on other lanes. If you plan on going top lane, i would recommend taking more tanky items like a Phage just before Madred's bloodrazor and then upgrade it into a Frozen Mallet.

Please tolerate my typos which may appear.

Over 4000 views!? You guys are awesome :*

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-High mobility
-Can kill almost any ad carry in a 1v1 scenario due to blind(unless you get hit into the wall by a Vayne but that shouldn't happen because you shouldn't be stand with your back against a wall with a Vayne nearby, do note that ad carries like Ezreal or Urgot, do not rely as much on their basic attacks as other ad carries)
-Extreme attack speed
-Good trades in laneing phase.
-Can setup traps by putting a shroom or two in a bush while camouflaged in said bush. (From personal experience i killed a full build Warwick and Ezreal plus a Soraka, all with full hp, without taking more than 2 bars of damage, i exhausted Warwick, 3-shot Ezreal (which was pretty low because of my shrooms) finished off warwick after he used his ult on me, and then killed soraka before she realised what happened. This took under 5 seconds.)
-Easy farming in early game due to toxic shot
-It's easy to transition into a more AD oriented build if your team has alot of magic damage.
-Mushrooms gives great map control and awareness
-Tank destroyer (Reduces magic resist each shot and damages a percent of their hp)
-Can easily counter champions that have skills that relies on basic attacks. (Nasus q, Udyr, Nida Cougar q, etc.)


-Reliable on farm
-Enemies with high magic resistance may be a pain in the ***
-An Oracle can easily kill all your beautiful shrooms. If someone on the other team has one, you should place your shrooms in the bush since they can't see it with their oracle unless they enter the bush.
-Teemo doesn't have as long range as most AD carries

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Skill Sequence

The reason that i don't take a point in every ability early, is because i like to play defensively at the start and that extra point in toxic shot makes minions last hitting just a tiny bit easier. But if you feel like going toe on toe with somebody early on, it would be a good idea to take a point in your blinding dart at level 2 or 3 (unless you are going for that level 1 first blood then you should take it in lvl 1).

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Runes and Masteries.

I find that these runes and masteries fit my playstyle with this build best. But if you think you can improve upon it feel free to change things here and there. Like add movement speed quintessences and then pick another summoner spell instead of ghost, there is a lot of stuff to fool around and experience with.

Instead of flat ad marks, it would probably be better to go for flat magic-penetration instead, since you don't have any other source. The only reason i have flat ad, is because it fits better with my other ad carries (rune pages are expensive you know). Plus the flat AD carry runes, gives you more lane dominance earlier on, but imo the magic penetration outweighs that.

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For this build, you might wanna throw everything else you know about AD carry builds out of the window. Cause your primary focus is on magic damage on-hit effects, like wit's end or malady, and attack speed... like wit's end or malady.
The reason i take Hextech Gunblade is that it gives you lots of survival. As most of your damage comes from magic damage on-hit effects, it is the best way of replenishing hp, compared to normal ad carry lifesteal items like a bloodthirster. Plus, if you are getting hunted down by a wild warwick or a furious Hecarim and your ghost is on cd, just pop Gunblade's active effect and you should be out of there in no time.

At late game, if you have capped your attack speed, you might wanna buy sorcerer's shoes instead of berserker's grieves. You can also buy mercury's treads if you are having a hard time avoiding cc.

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Summoner spells

Ghost: ghost combined with your w is excelent for chasing down fleeing enemies, and you can also use it in teamfights to keep a safe distance while running in and out of the teamfight.

I grab the exhaust because... i like to chase alot :D But i guess you can throw a heal or an ignite in there instead if that floats your boat. i just find exhaust really crucial for early lane dominance, and it works better in late game if you get caught in the jungle peacefully placing some shrooms, although an early phage would be a good replacement.

If you are going top i would recommend an ignite or teleport.

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I have had the best experiences with tanky supports like Leona or Alistar, who can stun your enemies and toss them around while you blind them in between the stuns, and the fact that you don't have as much range as the other ad carry doesn't matter. But a healer (like Taric or Soraka) will make trade-offs more beneficial for you.

In teamfights you will often be the prime target, so if you don't have someone to protect you from those pesky Shaco's and Warwick ults, then you should buy a frozen mallet or a guardians angel instead of Ionic Spark. Placing a mushroom just under where you stand in teamfights can do alot of damage on skinny types that tries to jump on you like Shaco. In most cases you shouldn't take Ionic Spark.

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If your playing against an Urgot, DO NOT, and i repeat, DO NOT, engage on him if you are unsure if his ult are up or not, you WILL get brutally murdered, raped, etc.

Remember to use your q as a utility spell and not a damage source as your normal attacks will deal more damage. ALWAYS focus the champ that relies most on basic attacks.

Don't stack mushrooms on top of eachother, the mushrooms applies a debuff that damages, and that debuff doesn't stack, so if you have placed 10 shrooms in one bush, and someone detonates them all at the same time, they will only deal damage as they were 1 shroom. in short: DON'T STACK MUSHROOMS ON TOP OF EACHOTHER YOU DUMB*** (Unless they have a banshee's veil, then the first mushroom will destroy the banshee shield and the other shroom will hit.)

If you didn't like this build please write a comment about what you didn't like and what you would like to be improved. If you improved on this build yourself, please also let me know in the comments.

Thx to spiteri for feedback.

To the guy that downvoted, WHY U NO FEEDBACK!?!