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Nami General Guide by ElbowToFace

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElbowToFace

Nami S6.1 How you like them bubbles?!?! Drowning Posiden

ElbowToFace Last updated on January 26, 2016
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This is my first guild!!! Ill give it my best.

This Nami Build has shown me so much love. With a KDA of some games over 14/1
( KDA is calculated by adding your kills and assists then divide that number by your death's) and boom KDA

This Nami guide is as it sounds. Its going to so some damage and punish you with Maxed out CDR for them Bubbles.

This build has tones of utility,

- 200% mana regen through Item use
- 40% CDR ( cool down reduction) through Items for a MAX of 45% CDR
- 45% CDR level 18, Q 4.5 second cooldown, a 4.5 second W, 4.95 second E and a 45 second R
- 600 health/ 250 mana
- 526.5 AP
- a complete combo with Nami deals 2,170 damage. Which is good, coming from a champion whos scaling off AP is ****
- 50% critical strike rating and an additional 20% AP ( 631.8 AP for 8 seconds ) then goes back to 526.5 AP
-18% bonus healing to yourself 10% bonus healing to others, with 5-22 bonus armor for 3 seconds
- Passive slows

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Combined with the Rune Page and Masteries you will have a 45% cool down reduction.

I Love Zeke's Harbinger!! When the passive on this thing goes off!!! That bot lane or whoever is unlucky enough to come at you and your ADC are going to feel pain!!

- It gives much needed mana with just the right about of everything else.
- Cant beat that passive. Really helps turn a team fight mid and late game.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

- The Passive works very well with Nami's E
- I tend to get this last or second to last


- Is a must have early game for needed sustain. Provides great CDR and MP5
- try to complete this build early, don't rush it necessarily but defiantly something you want

Please know that " Eye of the Watchers" gives you a tone of gold, and i suggest rushing this is most cases.

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Spells/ Game Play explained

Please bare with me, I am trying to learn how to link the abilities and pictures instead of saying Q W E R

I like to start off with Q. I know 90% of people out there are going to bash me so hard for this. However, it creates a couple of things. Max this LAST
1) A better leash for jungle camp ( not a strong point.. but never the less lol)

2) It can give you an great opportunity for poke. Level 1, against a tank support, throw that Q out when the tank goes to get Siege minion, you get 8 gold + and auto + another 8 gold and hopefully your ADC got an ability off.. and an Auto.. Amazing trade level 1 and no chance really for a counter.

3) It is a better escape than level 1 W (Ebb and Flow) GRANTED you have to land your Q for it to be effective. But you can ( depending on the situation ) get both ADC and support in a 1.5 second stun... Maybe even turning the trade or the fight... At level 1

W- A.K.A the KS machine! Take a point at level 2 and max first!
- you will want to Max this First. Pretty much its a mana hog, and you will have to feed this hog in order to really sustain your lane and your team in team fights.
- Understand one thing, i don't care if this is going to KS my ADC, heal your ADC if he needs to regardless if you know the bounce will kill shot someone. The trade is more worth to be honest.
- Combo Q and W for an easy trade win
- Try to heal your ADC when you know the bounce will hit and enemy champion, It makes the Mana cost for it more worth.
- In order to chase down/ or help someone escape on your team, cast this on them for the movement speed buff.

E- . Take a point at level 3 and Max Second!
- Essential for easy Q lands. Cast
- Case E on yourself, auto attack the enemy champion, The slow on E Makes landing a Q elementary. This combo alone can and will change fights in 1.5 seconds.

- E and Q Combo is Nami's Bread and Butter and is a must learn with Nami or you will miss a lot of your Q because its so animated its easy to dodge. After that, cast a on whoever needs it, or just cast it on the person bubbled to make for an awesome trade, that you/or your ally's got health from.
- In my opinion this has the most utility.
- Cast this on yourself or ally's to activate
- Help your ADC last hit early game minions under tower.

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Team Work

Nami has one of the best engages in the game in my opinion.
This has to do greatly because most people under estimate the slow AND knock up.

Using Nami's ult can be tricky.. It is very animated and it travels pretty slow. So how do we hit 3-5 enemy champions?

We do this by
1) cast from fog of war
2) try to team fight in jungles where it is hard to move

Nami's ult is great for dis-engage for the same reasons stated for the engage.


If you know your ult will hit 2, 3, 4 or even 5 enemy champions you better be MASHING THAT Q BUTTON because that is about 2-3 seconds of straight stun and slows. This will allow your team to YOLO flash ULT Q Q Q E W ULT untll they are all dead.


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