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Nasus Build Guide by Draco#43246

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draco#43246

Nasus, Pharaoh Tank

Draco#43246 Last updated on August 3, 2011
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/j Who let the dogs out? Wof, wof, wof...

Nasus can be a DPS (Damage Per Second) champion or a Tank, this guide will be a Nasus Tank.

Never forget the power that you have with your Wither, it will your personal Exhaust. You will see why.

As a tank, it's very common that you finish the game 1-5/0-4/15-25, for example. You won't kill champions, you will be there to get hit by the enemy while your team kill them all. Don't be mad, the build is made for it too. And you will die mostly when all gank you and your Fury of the Sands is on cooldown.

Remember to be careful at the beginning, your arenĀ“t a tank yet!

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The Magic is always tank's Achilles heel, that's why I chose Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. The items will give you the armor you need to handle against other champions.

Even though as a tank you will have large amount of life, dodging a Master Yi's hit would be a nice idea. With Evasion and Nimbleness (Mastery Trees), Greater Seal of Evasion matches perfectly.

Greater Mark of Desolation is better than Greater Mark of Scaling Magic Resist, because this last Rune will not give you enough magic resist, so it's better if you do more damage with your Siphonning Strike.

Greater Quintessence of Health will help you to get more HP quickly. The reason I didn't pick Greater Quintessence of Vitality is because at level 18 you will have Warmog's Armor, so you need more life at the game's beginning, at last you will have items to get more HP.

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As it is difficult for you to make money, I combine Greed (Utility Mastery) with Philosopher's Stone.

If for any reason, you need to run, Nimbleness (Defend mastery) will help to do it faster if they're trying to take you down, in case your Ghostis on cooldown. Don't forget your Runes.

Awareness (Utility Mastery) is useful, a tank at high level quickly can mean the difference between destroying a tower or not.

Another option is not mastery Utility, and get Archaic Knowledge from Offense Mastery.

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Doran's Shield is another way to start the game, but you can't buy a potion if you do it. As said before Philosopher's Stone is necessary to make money, and will give you HP and MP regen. This item is really useful.

Mercury's Treads are the perfect tank's boots. You need to move (slow or stun) and do your skill (silence).

Sheen can be used for injure even more a champions after a Siphoning Strike.

Vanshee's Veil along with Guardian Angel will be your life, literally. It's a good idea go into the battle, counter the first attack and after "die" use your Fury of the Sands. Your enemies will have to run away.

At this point, you can sell the Doran's Shield/ Philosopher's Stone if you need wards.

Frozen Heart and Sunfire Cape can keep you more in the field and no recovering mana so quickly. Team's fights happening to often, you wanna enemies hit slower, you need more life and wanna do some extra magic damage.

Other items you can buy as needed are Thornmail if they are DPS, or AD (attack damage) enemies champions, Abyssal Mask (will also help your Spirit Fire and Fury of the Sands to hit more).

Finaly, Sheen can be also upgraded to Trinity Force.

I don't buy Aegis of the Legion because it doesn't give many armor or magic resist and money does not grow on trees, there are better items to spend in.

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Skill Sequence

Siphoning Strike has to be the first of all, you need to charge it as much as you can, and don't forget you can use this skill to hit towers.

Your enemies will fear Spirit Fire, you can make them back with it so you can kill their minions and push. Also, it's a good idea use it with Fury of the Sands, you will make more damage.

The enemy is trying to scape? Use Wither. The enemy is near to kill an allied? Use Wither. It's a expensive skill (100 mana) but is very useful. Maxed at the end because isn't widely used, and other skills are more necessary.

ALWAYS put the skill point in Fury of the Sands when available (Lv 6, Lv 11, Lv 16).

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Summoner Spells

Ghost can be used as good as Flash, is your choice. I chose Ghost because I find it more useful to escape, to get to help an ally.

Teleport is one of the most useful summoner spells. A little trick that can help bring a tower down, use teleport to the minion that the tower is attacking, so the ally how is trying to destroy it will have more time to do it.

Cleanse is also a good idea for tank, it's very common that the enemy team will try to kill you and use all his skills on you.