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Warwick Build Guide by Draco#43246

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draco#43246

Warwick, Welcome To The Jungle!

Draco#43246 Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome To The Jungle!!!

Warwick is the perfect champion to jungle, with his Hungering Strike he'll heal in the forest and the Hunters Call is the perfect ingredient for his Eternal Thirst.

Don't be worry about getting Smite with you, players knows Warwick have to Jungle to get the better of him and his team and will give you money.

Jungling will allow three champions get full exp, but you need your teammates call the mia, otherwise you can get gank.

Remember that your team should NEVER say you're in the jungle. This is for your own safety and help to confuse the enemy!
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The Armor Penetration is very important, so your attacks can do more damage to minions and champions.
Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation

The Attack Speed ( Greater Seal of Attack Speed) with your Hunters Call combined with The Cooldown reduction ( Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction) will allows you to have that skill almost always active.

That means you hit more and faster (practically all the time), helping you to jungle without having to return to base to heal because you gain life with each hit.

As the attack speed is capped and you possess an ability that increases it, you shouldn't have to many Attack Speed Runes. Items will also give you speed attack.

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The Anicent Golem's blue buff will be your best friend and with Utility Mastery you get to the last drop of his power.

You have to penetrate your target's armor and do as much damage as possible on each hit.
You aren't Master Yi, Tryndamere or Ashe, you won't need critical AT ALL.

They don't have Infinite Duress like you do, along with The Black Cleaver and Wit's End will make them think before attack you.

Warwick is a powerful champion on 1 vs 1

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The only important item for jungle is the Madred's Razors so you need Cloth Armor but if you have Attack Speed's Runes you can also get Long Sword.

Then is your choice if you like life steal ( Vampiric Scepter) or move fast ( Boots of Speed) first.

Sorcerer's Shoes, this will help when you use the Infinite Duress triggering all your items abilities. They are currently being used a lot of champions that use skills that will not let you fully develop yourself, like Nunu (Slow), that's why Mercury's Treads would be a good idea, but if there aren't champions of this style you can also purchase Boots of Swiftness so nobody can escape from you Blood Scent. Why Berserker's Greaves isn't a good idea? Because attack speed caps and you will be have enough.

Spirit Visage is an excellent early game item. You will heal more from youur attacks and will have an extra cooldown reduction besides your runes.

Wit's End will always help you because it gives you Magic Def and Atk Speed, but mostly because of his Unique ability each hit will do 42 extra Magic Damage with each hit. People usually makes armor against Warwick, so magic attack will hurt them.

In a large battle against anothers DPS's champions (Damage Per Second) you can sell Wit's End and buy a Thornmail because you can defeat in a 1 vs 1, but if another one come it will be hard for you. Example: Tryndamere and Ashe, Caitlyn and Master Yi. But is only recommended when they are at least 3 or more DPS's champions on the other team

You can decided when to make Madred's Bloodrazor, because sometimes make The Black Cleaver first, is better.

The importance of The Black Cleaver is that it will trigger when you do Infinite Duress, so if the champions still alive after this, each of your hits will hurt him a lot.

Then all you have to do it's update Vampiric Scepter into The Bloodthirster.

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Another Items

Frozen Mallet will help your prey can not escape from your claws and will give you life also. Don't forget getting the Elder Lizard's red buff if you don't get this item.

But if the battle is extended you can sell this and buy the Trinity Force.

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Skill Sequence

For a DPS's champion, Speed is what counts. And you will get it from Hunters Call. Also, to gank in low level is better if you can smell them, so you know where they are hiding to teleport to base and then, suppressed! I mean, surprise! That's why I put a single point in Blood Scent.

To help you jungling, or hit an enemy and heal yourself Hungering Strike it's maxed first. After, max Hunters Call and finally or when you can't put a point here, put it in Blood Scent.

ALWAYS put the skill point in Infinite Duress when available (Lv 6, Lv 11, Lv 16).

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Summoner Spells

As said before, Warwick is a jungler champion, so don't worry about getting Smite with you. Why? Because it gives you more money, helps you farm easily, it can kill a Heimerdinger's torret, a Yorick's ghost, Tebbers.

And why Flash? Think you are hunting golems in enemy territory and the try to gank you! Just walk to the wall and then Flash, and you are save. It will be hard to gank you with this skill.

Ignite isn't really recommended because if the enemy is low HP you can get him running, but some Warwick's players like to use it instead of Smite, mainly for fear they know he will go to the jungle.

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Another Summoner Spells

You can also use Ghost insted of Flash, but with Jarvan IV's ulti ( Cataclysm) and Orianna's ulti ( Command: Shockwave) I don't use it.

Some people plays Warwick offtank, so they use Cleanse.

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If you can make a partner to be a "ward" in the middle of the map so you can see if they wanna gank you on The Anicent Golem's blue buff, do it and get it. How? When you can attack him, do it and at his first hit, use a potion. Use your Hungering Strike and if a allied is with you to prevent your gank, he can hit the golem a little bit, but don't start by The Anicent Golem's creeps neither let your teammate kill them or being close when they die, you need all the experience.

But if you can't, it's better to start on the Golems (use Smite, you'll be Lv 2), then go to the Ghosts starting with the big one, then go to the Wolves (don't use Smite here). Then take the blue buff helping you with Smite. try not to spam skills on Wolves so you can do it at The Anicent Golem's blue buff.

Now care. Remember the mia report before going into the enemy jungle.

Still jungling until you have enought money to buy Madred's Razors, and then go to The Anicent Golem's blue buff.

Be alert for yor team's ganks call.

And don't forget, you CAN'T go to northeast to southwest, and vice versa, in enemy territory, unseen.

Killing the Dragon at low level is only a good idea when you have red and blue buff with you and Madred's Razors, but care because you will end up very weak and will be easy to gank.
It's better try to kill it at Lv 6 and having Vampiric Scepter and one buff too.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play it's a hard place, so mistakes will be punished!

Ganks must be perfects.

But the most important thing for ranked, and normal games too, it's to WARD!

Here you have where you should ward to help yourteam and yourself, to avoid and perform ganks.

The red ones must be there all the time.
The grey ones should be there for an extra protecction/attack.
The pink ones can be there if you know/think their jungler it's too agressive, or if you wanna be agressive as jungler.

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One last thing

Do not start the fight with your Hungering Strike because this heals you, if you are full HP, won't heal at all and in the middle of the fight you may need it but it will be on cooldown.

Do not chase to much, if you, don't chase at all, it can be a bite. Only do it if you are really sure that enemy cannot get help.

Warwick can solo Baron Nashor with this build, try it.

This is only a guide, you can do whatever you feel it's better for you.

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Last update

June, 29th. 2011