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Nasus Build Guide by Squ1nt1ck

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squ1nt1ck

Nasus the Dominating tank in Dominion

Squ1nt1ck Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide so any comment is welcome. I wrote this because i'm of course a great fan of Nasus in his tanky role in Dominoion and i havent found a proper guide yet.

The aim of this build is to go to an almost indistructable tank with an push and hold strategy. So when your team is fighting top you are constantly pushing both like there is no tommorow.

If you play this right, you either capture bot or occupy 2 players from the other team long enough to give your team the upper hand on the top 3 capture points.

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This gives you an early and midlane push abillity wich shouldn't be underestimated. Combined with Spirit Fire you can clear waves of creeps in no time until the next capture point. As soon as your creeps reach the capture point you should know where your enemies are. If there are more than 3 visible help your creep capture this points, if not leave and play defense again. Its not your primary job to capture points, you need to hold them and keep the pressure on their points.

When your forced to hold a point, this is a lifesaver when its 1 vs 2 or 3 you can eather hold them of long enough to get your team to help or even kill one or two. Don't spam this one to early, wait with this one as long as you can and surprise them with the following combo:

Wither, Garrison, Fury of the Sands, Siphoning Strike.
And of course a well placed Spirit Fire in their exit path.

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Skill Sequence

Spirit Fire

These are the first to be upgraded in an evenly order Spirit fire to keep pushing quickly with your minions and Wither to keep you from getting killed in lane or under a turret. if you combine these two in a defensive style you can get some kills even as a tank (with a little help from your turret and Garrison :)

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Lets go over these in detail

Start of the game you buy:

Boots of Speed
and two Health Potions
Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak

This depends on you or opponent bot, so you have to take a good guess based on their team. If you can't choose, take the Chain Vest to get your Glacial shroud quicker. At the time i'm writing this most games rely on more physical damage.

First return you want to go for:

Mercury's threads and fill in the other Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak

From here on the sequence is situational but i always take:

Frozen Heart and Frozen mallet at the last stage of the game

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Okay here is a quick explanation why i chose these runes

This is great on two things:

1. Your Spirit Fire ability

2. The magic damage from your Sunfire Cape

It realy gives that extra kick in early game Dominion

Just to give you that early game tankyness

This might seem strange, but it gives you some early game dominance to spam your abilities a little bit more and give you more lane control with Spirit Fire

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You play best when you solo bot and don't die first :)

Start of the game:
You want to push and maybe kill your opponent bot. Spam your Spirit Fire direct when your in the first bush. And use Siphoning Strike to finish of minions.

If your opponent is playing defensive Use Promote on your minion at half health or lower and keep pushing with and Spirit Fire and Siphoning Strike. If you reach their capture point, let the minions do their work and slow your opponent with Wither.

If your opponent is playing aggressive, that where the fun starts. Use Promote on your minion at half health or lower, then Wither, Siphoning Strike and Spirit Fire in their exit path. Don't forget to use your Health Potions to survive.

Try to lane as long as you can but don't keep pushing to long in this stage, return and upgrade your items, because they will do the same and you will be an easy target.

Mid and late game

This is the moment Nasus can realy shine, why?
Because it will take at least 2 to kill you and 3 when standing under a turret. So you will be hard to kill and a real pest if your under "their" bot turret. If you can distract them long enough you can buy time for the rest of your team to take or defend other points.

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Updates and changes

Update 18-10-2011
Now that i have found the right balance im 7 wins against 1 loss with this build. I'm seeing more and more ap champions and I'm experimenting a little bit with some more magic resist early game. I keep you guys posted.

Please take the time to comment and rate my build.