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Nasus Build Guide by Cerbyy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cerbyy

Nasus the Lord of the TopLane! (S5!)

Cerbyy Last updated on June 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Nasus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Singed Well there are 2 things which can happen: 1.You get so bored that you fall asleep 2.You get so annoyed by getting thrown around that you risk a bit too much. But its just easy, Have fun!
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Hey, im Cerbyy, currently Gold 3.
This is my Smurf, where i mainly play Nasus or other funny Champs like Katarina.

I didnt had so much Time to play recently but I will climb up the Ladder ;)

Don't get confused by the a bit empty Match-up Section, i have a lot of Experience with Nasus, but I only want to update it when I played against a Champion recently, so it will be up-2-date and you guys dont get Surprised by anything :D

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9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage

It's much easier to last hit with those, Greater Mark of Armor Penetration are good too but i prefer the ATK DMG.

Seals and Glyphs:

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
9x Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Thanks to your huge Regeneration of your Passive/LifestealQuints and Flask/Potions it's pretty easy to stay in Lane early and you get your bonus armor and magic resist then when you want to fight after ~20 min. (It just seems to fit my playstyle very well because I didnt had any trouble since I use them)

You can also use Greater Seal of Armor if you know or expect to have trouble early on.


3x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Just go with them, Equip it and thank me later :)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Pretty Obvious to take R and Q whenever possible.
I personally prefer to take W over E for the Amazing Slow, it's almost a sure Kill when your Jungler decides to gank Top.

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Crystalline Flask is so strong right now, together with 2 Health Potion and 1 Mana Potion you have so much Regeneration, you can stay pretty long in Lane.
For Those who Ask why 1 Mana Potion:

When you play against someone who pokes you permanently its pretty good to scare them away with a W so you can freeze the Lane easier or just to hit some Q's more.


Rush that Glacial Shroud, the CD - Reduction is so important!
If possible get Boots of Speed, HealthPotions and Vision Ward.

Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet?

Trinity is much stronger in my Opinion cause you wont need the Extra Slow of the Gauntlet in most cases and Trinity gives you soo much Damage :)

Ohmwrecker!? Really!?

Yes!! Ohmwrecker is such an awesome item on Nasus you wont believe it until you try, you can towerdive so easily and in mid-lategame you can pretty much kill an entire tower with this without any minions from your side!( Even tho you can do it anyway cause of your DMG and tankiness ;D)

Besides that you can easily bait the enemies by taking some towershots and then using Ohmwrecker when they are close enough.
I have won so many games thanks to that little item :D

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About Shen:

-Awesome Teamfighter because of his Taunt and Shield.
Most Shen-Players use:
->Magic Penetration Runes: to do more Dmg, which will hurt quite a bit, because his Q has nearly no Cooldown. ;)
->Ignite: to have at least a bit Kill Potential on his own, without Jungler help.

How to play against Shen:

Well, the way you always play Nasus, farming.

His poke can be annoying and at some point dangerous, but normally you should be fine as long as you dont risk too much early on.
Important: Always have in mind that he can close up a huge distance with his Taunt-Flash-Combo!

Around Lv 9, your Runes finally do their part.
Also you should have a nice amount of stacks on your Q.
That should be when you start to take control of the Game.

Be sure to tp right after him when he uses his ult to help his Teammates, or if your tp isnt up do as much DMG as possible on him before he leaves.

The Lategame belongs completely to you, he does no Dmg to you anymore and you take a nice amount of his HP with your Q's.
The only Thing Shen still has is his Taunt/CC which can be sooo devastating in a Teamfight.


About Hecarim:

-His Q has already a low Cooldown, but as he hits Enemies with it, its Cooldown falls even lower
-He is a great Teamfighter

How to play against Hecarim:

Hecarim pushes the Lane pretty hard, because of his Q-AOE DMG, so you can try to freeze the lane even tho he will mostly force you out of it.
Good Hecarim-Players will stand between you and the Minions so they can do a lot of DMG to you, when you go in to Lasthit with your Q.
It's your decision when its worth to take the DMG or let a minion/stack fall.
Anyway you should be fine when you dont play too aggressive early on.

As always, you take control around Midgame.
If he uses his E for something else than escaping, punish him for that.
Even if you wont really be able to kill him because of his E and Ult -Escapes (+Ghost/Flash), he wont have it up for a while, so he should have to Recall and you can freefarm or get his Tower.
Besides that, he cant use it in a Teamfight for a while, which mostly comes up at this stage of the game.

In the Lategame you should be stronger than him of course but be careful of his splitpushing power as well!

Important:Always remember that you can decrease his ATK (gained from his passive) with your W(Slow)!


About Singed:

-Very Tanky
-Very annoying!

How to play against Singed:

Every singed will push you to the tower, freezing is a bit hard, because of his E(Throw).
Even if Singed doesnt do that much Damage, when he gets a good chance to throw you, you could have some trouble because the combined Damage of Q(Poison) Autoattacks, his E(Throw) and the minions could hurt pretty much ;)

Anyway, you shouldnt really have Problems with him, especially after you finished your first item.

Well what should I say about Teamfights... Singed is fcking annoying and he is able to kill people but he has the same weakness as nasus, he can get kited easily.

Important: Use your W(Slow) on Singed when he tries to attack your Team, he gets kited down easily, normally without even losing any hp from your Team.


About Gnar:

-His Q has a low Cooldown if he catches it
-Be careful of his Mega Gnar form, as he heals himself a bit and gets some defensive Stats
-He is a great Teamfighter (Great engage + W AOE Stun + R AOE Stun)
-Easy escape with E

How to play against Gnar:

Gnar has the Potential to completely shutdown Nasus, but he can only do this early on!
Survive Early, Carry Late - as easy as that ;)

Most Gnar Players get scared easily, if you run towards them (try to dodge his Q) they almost every time use their Escape(E) brainless.
Same goes with your Slow or both combined.

So try to bait his Escape(E) and let your Jungler gank right after it, his E has a solid Cooldown of 18 - 12 seconds - This is the time to get the lead.
Even if you are under your Tower, he will poke you permanently (at least a good Gnar)

8/10 Kills I get on a Gnar is because I surprise him with a Flash so dont waste it, 1 Kill is enough to win this lane.

Around Midgame you should be stronger in an All-IN, but dont forget he can still easily kill you cause of his great kiting potential.

I really recommend to get Frozen Heart!(More CDR -> More Stacks / More Armor and Less AS on Enemies -> more Time to Farm)

Important: Be very careful with his Mega Gnar Form, as he heals himself, gets some defensive stats and can stun you with 2 abilities!!(Even though you have your Ult, this could be a very important information)

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I keep updating that guide, but this are the basics or the most important things for now.

Please leave a Comment if you have any questions or any tips to improve this guide,