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Nasus General Guide by Pyrozatic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyrozatic

Nasus, top lane Domination

Pyrozatic Last updated on March 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nasus is a great top lane character, with a weak early game (depends how you start off, i find he's pretty weak) but a devastating late game. You have to keep in mind that you last hit minions with your q, making the skill even stronger, and rush sheen, as this makes it do tons of damage, and therefor easier to last hit. You can also use your e as a poke, but it is very mana hungry and you have to watch out for your mana levels. When laning with nasus, do not overestimate your passive early game. You may think your invincible with 14% life steal at level 1, but don't be fooled, it will only help a little bit. This is in my opinion one of the fatal flaws of nasus players, they overestimate their skills! "my q does so much damage i should be able to kill him!" or "HAHAHA, my uber life steal will make me survive this gank, i can get a kill off of this!"

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Rush Trinity Force... RUSH IT! I cannot stress this enough, trinity force is your damage early, mid and late game, if you don't get trinity force, go play ad carry karthus instead... seriously, uninstall league right now. Afterwards, for the sane people. Build blade of the ruined king, because its op, attack speed, life steal, ad, and that beautiful passive, what's not to love! To improve on your 35% life steal, build a bloodthirster, massive ad and life steal, then ravenous hydra to top it off. Then we start to build a little bit of health, and this is where your quints/masteries come in. the 8.5% health will stack off of the warmogs your building very nicely, and with trinity force and your normal health, you might get another 100-200 health off of the quints alone and then ANOTHER 100-200 off of the masteries, it might just win you a fight! So now you have health, damage, life steal, and..... 70 armor and mr..... thats no good.... so we build guardian angel, it gives armor, mr, and it has that amazing passive that will let you wreck everything in team fights!

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I go 13/17/0 Masteries, picking up the extra armor and mr, the veterans scars, health regen and the points in max % health as well, just to improve your quints and health. The 13 in offensive go into the ad side, getting the %dmg increase and the attack speed defiantly. This will help you MASSIVELY!

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Farming early game vs Farming late game

Farming early game is considerably hard, and its a bit hard to master your last hitting only with your q, but late game, you should pick up the jungle and any big creep waves, maybe backdoor top a bit, just to proc your q with the ravenous hydra. After a while, you will notice that your bonus "minion kill" damage off of your q will be higher then the actual bonus ad that your getting on it!

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Pros / Cons


- Great late game - Weak early game
- Massive damage - Needs farm
- Huge Life steal
- Still pretty tanky

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Nasus is very weak against teemo, and any character that has the ability to bully him early, zone him or deny him farm, hard cc is also pretty bad.

Nasus is strong against champs like tryndamere, who need to get farm, he can bully pure melee characters easily


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