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Nautilus Build Guide by Salvetory

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Salvetory

Nautilus - Annie's Big Daddy (Tank Nautilus)

Salvetory Last updated on August 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the my build :)

I've used Mobafire for plenty of the champions that I play, and this is my first time making a build on my own. This build focuses on solo top and bottom lane Nautilus. It's uniquely the same build for both, so no need to change up the build all too much. Nautilus is the king of crowd control, and if used properly, Nautilus can disrupt so much of the enemy damage that it becomes a 3-0 kill exchange from a team fight.

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Pros / Cons

-CC for days
-Really hard to kill mid/late game
-Insane ganks
-Five different types of crowd control (slow, immobilize, pull, and ulti-Knock up + Stun)
-Easy to initiate teamfights
-Little to no farm needed - All for the AD!

-Semi-squishy early game
-one of the slowest champions in the game (although that is why you can use your q on terrain)
-If played well, easily focused (although this is also good, because you're 'tanking' the damage for your team... I'm sorry, I'll never make that joke again.)
-Reliable on the AD you lane with if in a duo lane.

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The only times you should farm is when your laning partner is out of lane, or it's past the laning phase. Other than that, if you steal a couple from your AD, they shouldn't be too mad. Just remember that you have your two gp5's.

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I picked the Quintessences of Shielding because they provide that extra MR that's needed against those bursty AP carries to stay alive, and to slim the weakness that you would have against magic damage down a bit. Greater Glyphs of Shielding tie in with the Quintessences to create a more balanced defense. Greater Marks of Resilience are needed early game to help reduce the amount of damage taken while in your squishy-early-game-state. Greater Seals of Defense works in with the marks to create a more tanky early game Nautilus.

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I always take a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion to start off. Why? Because if the enemy damages you,you can just heal that damage up. If a bush war doesn't go your way (It usually will), you'll be fine when the minions arrive. I pick up an early philosopher's stone to make up for the minions I won't be farming. After I get my Boots of Speed, I tend to get my health crystal for my Heart of Gold, then pick up the Mercury Treads, then finish off my Heart of Gold. If the lane is tight, and you can't even get any farm while your ad is away, go for the Heart of Gold before finishing off your Mercury Treads. I take a Glacial Shroud for a bit instead of rushing the Frozen Heart. That cooldown reduction (CDR) is a cheap amount of gold compared to the whole Frozen Heart. With that CDR, you can provide more cc, which will reduce the amount of damage that the enemies can give to your team, which will result in more kills and less deaths for your team.
Warmog's Armor on Nautilus is relaxing. You're going to be getting around 1000 more hp because of it, and it'll result in you becoming beefier, which can scare the enemy team. After my Warmog's Armor I finish off my Frozen Heart, because now you have the health to take on the enemy team and apply that Aura on the enemy AD's, which will cut the amount of damage they can do within a given time. Plus, that extra armor is always welcomed. Now comes the Force of Nature, which will reduce the amount of magic damage you take, increase your health regen by 40 + 1.75% of your maximum health. If someone is able to poke on the enemy team, you can basically heal it all up in the occasion that you take damage. Just please, don't get hit by Nidalee's Javelin Toss; it's just not a very nice gift of her to give. After you're done with your Force of Nature, get yourself a Banshee's Veil. Casters don't like Banshee's Veil's at all, because it puts quite a bit of a damper on the amount of damage they can do to you. Even if your shield is gone, you still have that extra MR, which always comes in handy. Lastly, the Randuin's Omen. More armor, more health, more health regen, even more CDR, and a 20% to slow the enemy's movement and attack speed if you get hit by 35% for 3 seconds. That sounds just heavenly. What's this, there's more?! You can activate it to basically proc the passive, but for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 armor and MR the enemy team has. So if they have a hard tank, it's going to hurt them. Your team will love you.

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Skill Sequence *A Must-Read*

This is one of the more key areas of the build. The first skill you decide to pick relies on how your AD carry plays. Ask then which you should start with. If your AD isn't very aggressive early on, take your Titan's Shield. If you're playing with a -assuming they can play the champion- Vayne or similar, you're better off with your slow or pull, depending on how they play. Regardless of the skill you first pick, you want to level up your shield first. It provides you both the shield, and some splash damage to boot. That's more temporary health, with a side of extra damage, who wouldn't want that?! After the shield, I start to level my slow. Why? You already have the pull, and since that's on cooldown while the gank is happening, why not have a higher level slow that slows them for longer than a pull would bring them back for? After your slow is maxed, just level your pull and ultimate (When available, always level the ultimate. Pretty obvious, I know), and provide the enemy team with CC for days!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells I'd use on Nautilus
-It provides the ability to Teleport to a sight ward, which can be great if your laning phase is over, but for example, solo top's isn't. It gives that fast, effective ganking potential that will catch the enemy off-guard, and they'll most likely burn a summoner spell or two, plus you've just helped your team gain control of top lane. It could also be used to quickly arrive at a minion farm, or to get to a potential team fight, in which you are always severely needed.
- Heal
-I'd normally take heal because when you're tanking, you shouldn't be taking all too much damage that fast. Your teammates on the other hand, might be. I normally use it for teammates, or if I'm in immediate danger of being killed. On the occasion in which you have a Guardian Angel, heal can help bring you back to about half health after you revive, which is fairly useful, especially if you're being focused.
- Promote
- Promote will definitely help turn the lane control into your teams hands, and it can be very useful when pushing down turrets. It can't be killed all too easily, and you get the gold for any minions it kills! Pretty useful, especially for someone supporting.
- Clairvoyance
-Simple enough to use, and can be used to prevent or organize ganks, or to see if the enemy is getting dragon or baron nashor . I'm somewhat against taking Clairvoyance on Nautilus, but if it's needed, then go for it. I'm against it because it has the same purpose as a ward, but it doesn't last as long, but it does eliminate more of the fog of war, regardless of the terrain near it.
- Clarity
-I'm somewhat against taking Clarity, but if it's seriously needed, go for it. Mana is pretty useful for those AP carries. Nautilus can be mana hungry, but that's only if you're recklessly using your abilities, and not picking a good time to use them.
- Exhaust
-This spell slows the enemy, which helps you aim with your pull, and allows you to get off your auto attack easier. This spell adds even MORE cc to you, making you an even more effective tank.
- Flash
-This will just give you more options to start a teamfight with, and it can be used to escape from pursuers as well. Also good for getting out of Veigar's, Fiddlesticks', or Nunu's circles.

Summoner Spells I wouldn't use when tanking with Nautilus
- Smite
-Why would you even think about taking this? You aren't jungling. Useful for last hitting baron nashor , but seriously a waste of a spell for a tank to take.
- Surge
-[[Surge] brings up your AP and attack speed. You are a tank because you disrupt the enemy's attacks, not because you can deal a **** ton of damage in a short amount of time *cough Tryndamere cough*. Useless spell for a tank.
- Ignite
-You aren't exactly trying to get kills, so this spell isn't all too good for a support/tank. Let the AD carry or a bruiser take this spell, and let your shield do the damage that ignite would do.
- Cleanse
-I'm quite against taking Cleanse. Although Nautilus doesn't have all too many escaping capabilities, he's meant to hold the line, not run away, seeing as he's one of the slowest champions in the game, Although you do have your Q and your E, and even your R for when times get rough.
- Revive
-Why would you EVER need Revive on Nautilus?! You aren't Karthus. If you want something like Revive, but more useful for your role, take a Guardian Angel. You won't even need revive if the enemy gets to your nexus, because at that point, everyone on your team is usually dead. Being the only one up would mean being focused, which means that you'd burn revive for nothing.
- Ghost
-I'm against getting Ghost because you don't need that extra speed, because you are one of the slower champions. As I've stated before, you have your R, Q, and E, AND your auto attack to get away. If that doesn't work, that means that you died being focused, which means that you died doing what you're supposed to do.

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Survival, extra gold, damage reduction, movement speed when over 70% hp, and cooldown reduction. That's everything that a tank needs.

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Team Work

You are the tank. You go in, provide CC, take damage, and make sure that your teammates get out alive. If a teamfight isn't going your way, you're the only one who is supposed to die. If anyone else DOES die on your team, either you aren't playing Nautilus right, your teammate isn't the smartest player in the game, or the enemy team is just so fed that there was nothing you could really do for that teammate. In every game where team work is essential, COMMUNICATE. This isn't Call of Duty, where everyone can suck and one person can carry the team. Yes, one person can carry the team in LoL, but if your team is feeding hard, that one carry is countered by even more carries. Don't be greedy (both kills and gold-wise), buy wards (because map coverage is amazing and can help with an entire game), and prepare to take a few deaths for the team. You are a walking punching bag, but you have your own little punches you can throw too.

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Creeping / Jungling

I'll be adding a jungling build later on in the future. Nautilus ganks are terrifying, after all.

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TL;DR? Look here.

Follow the build, and be a good team player. Pick your moves, and tank it up. There's no such thing as too much CC. Stealing farm is frowned upon, taking it so it doesn't waste isn't. Thanks for reading my first build, vote and be sure to favorite it if it works for you! Feedback is always what I look forward to. Help me improve the build, and you'll also be helping yourself!