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Nautilus Build Guide by Gluchos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gluchos

Nautilus:The jungling Titan.

Gluchos Last updated on March 26, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Release date:25-03-2012
Last update date 26-03-2012

Hi, I'm Gluchos, and I want to present to you my vision of Nautilus Jungle. Many people told me that I'm doing a really strage, but succesfull build on him, and that I should write this guide. I'm building Nautilus into "second true AP jungler"(first is Fidlestick), but also quite tanky, cuz he's a badass titan searching for vengance and he shouldn't be dying around.

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Pros / Cons


-Very strong ganks
-Strong whole game
-So much CC, zomg, he stole some CC from other champs
-Very good pick when u have strong AD champ at top (such as Riven or Pantheon)
-AP Jungler
-Can carry the game if played correctly
-Quite fast jungling time
-He's only TITAN in league, sry bro, that's simply cool.


-Sometimes has lacks of dmg
-Rather hard to master
-When not used to him u can have mana problems
-Really thin lane between good and bad Nautilus player.

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You won't have any magic pen from runes, so you really need this 10% MPen from Arcane Knowledge . Rest in defensive, because you are big badass Titan and must be tanky. I play with more armor than mres, beacuse I usually try to have more mres from items. Then in masteries i focus into dmg reduce and moar hp(moar hp=moar powerfull shield from Titan's Wrath)

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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Runes are for fast jungle clear and then for good lategame. No need any magic or armor pen, you will deal dmg anyway, and 22 ap at start + attspd is way better than 9% magic pen. Yellow flat armor are must have in jungle, nothing more to say.

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Summoner Spells

- Must have
or - For second one

Smite for jungling.
Flash beacuse it's fine. U can initiate with it, Flash over the wall + Dredge Line to catch some1 running is really good thing especially if u already have some dmg. U can runaway with it another combo - Flash + Dredge Line to hug the turret or some trees and u left enemies behind.

If you don't like Flash try Exhaust. In 99% of games nothing else is useful for Naut.

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Staggering Blow - your passive, and it's amazing! Someone is running, just auto attack him and he will not run anymore. Great thing, really.

Dredge Line - Your initiator & main ganking skill, lvl it up early and leave it on lvl one till lategame.

Titan's Wrath - Amazing ability. It gives u powerfull shield and boosts your auto attack to do splash dmg + scales with AP.

Riptide - another CC efect on Nautilus? Why not - this one slows enemy and deals quite good dmg.

Depth Charge - your ult, GREAT initiator skill, and great dmg. When used properly it brings so much mess in teamfights that enemy team is confused long enough to get ace.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18



Starting with Titan's Wrath is stupidity. Your shield at lv 1 can take only 80 dmg + 10% of yours hp. which is low and it have 26 sec cd, which is high cd. Wasting of first point.
When starting with Riptide and this runes you have 22 Ap at game start, and u deal 70~ dmg to everything nearby every 10 sec(a little bit less, cuz of masteries but nvm).

after that I think I'm going as most Nautilus players which means max Titan's Wrath first, take Depth Charge whenever you can, then max Riptide and after taking Dredge Line at some low lvl (2-4) leave it, and max it last.
So it goes like this

Simple isn't, it?

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Creeping / Jungling

I do route similar to this in Stonewall008 video: /league-of-legends/ability/riptide-472
Don't worry when u get countejungled. It's not good when they took your blue, beacuse you will have some mana issues, but if it was red, you can just laugh. You don't need redbuff.

After lvl 6 your ganks become even more powerfull, cuz u can start with Depth Charge(rly good range) then just walk to guy who is ulted, slow him with Riptide, immobilize with autoattack and grab him with ur Dredge Line when he flashes or starts to run away. And that's just you, but u also have teammate by your side, lol. So overpowered.

Doing drake with Nautilus is a little bit harder than with others junglers, but after geting Rod of Ages you shouldn't have ANY problems with it.

What I DO NOT recommend is starting with Regrowth Pendant & Health Potion, I know it will give you faster philosopher's stone, but it slows you down. Your first route is slow enough, you don't want to make it slower. Also it forces you to use diffrent, less viable runes.

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Well here comes the part that I figured out alone. It's strange and you will not see many Naut players doing this way, unless this guide becomes popular, but I doubt it, because there are no cool images and stuff, which ppl like.

So you are starting with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion, also u can start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion or even Doran's Ring, but unless u are good naut player I strongly do not recomend Doran's Ring.

Then u are rushing philosopher's stone. U want to have philosopher's stone & Boots of Speed afap. then u rush catalyst of the protector. It gives u many advantages - moar hp and mana=more surv & better shield with Titan's Wrath & less mana issues + passive is amazing when u lvl up right after a gank, which has left u with 50% hp. After catalyst of the protector U want you Rod of Ages. It's best item that u can imagine for naut - more surv, more mana, more dmg, better shield. Then U want to go Mercury's Treads & Aegis of the Legion. 99% of times start building aegis from Ruby Crystal for more hp & better shield.

That's your core build
Mercury's Treads, Philosopher's Stone, Rod of Ages, Aegis of the Legion

It gives u mix of tankyness, and dmg, which is exactly what u want.

Then it starts to complicate.

If u'r going good and want to deal more dmg go for Rabadon's Deathcap.

If u'r going good, want to deal dmg but need to be more tanky go for another Rod of Ages instead (it's really, really good option!)

U'r doing dmg but they are killing u and u cannot do almost anything?
If they deal most magic dmg go for Banshee's Veil first(some consider Force of Nature - don't! - Banshee's Veil gives u less mres but more hp&mana, and hp scales with ur shield Titan's Wrath, which is better) then go for Randuin's Omen (hp, armor, regen + GREAT active - perfect. Riptide+active from Randuin's Omen, trolololo amumus ult v2)

If they deal more attack dmg go for Randuin's Omen first then for Banshee's Veil

For last item I almost always go for Abyssal Mask - more dmg, more resist + mres reduction. If you are going very good, or just don't like Banshee's Veil go for Abyssal Mask instead of banshee. That's good choice too, and I'm doing it by myself quite often, to deal more dmg. In general Abyssal Mask is strongly recomended on Naut, especially with this build, cuz you have lacks in magic pen.

Well I must say that 75% of games will end after U will build your core items, cuz that's really deadly combination, and gives u everything u want.

And thing about boots. Get Mercury's Treads when you think you should. Take Boots of Speed afap, but then you can wait with upgrading them to Mercury's Treads. Sometimes I buy them even after Aegis of the Legion, other times before Blasting Wand but after catalyst of the protector. When u have philosopher's stone u can even use Dredge Line to move faster around map, but I do not recomend doing it to often.

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Other informations

Since you are a jungler and it's an AP jungler, you need to know your place. You are not killer. I usually end up games with stats like 5/6/17 or my last Naut game 3/3/13. You want your teammates to kill. Of course on early game, when you are very strong you can take a few kills to get your core build earlier. If i'm going really good I have RoA about 16-20 minute, when bad sometimes even about 25. I had some games when with Rabadons deathcap on board I have scored a few triple kills, beacuse it gives amazing dmg boost.

Your place in teamfight.

Here comes so many misunderstandings. You are an AP offtank, sounds funny? I know, but you are really strong. You have thousands of CC, you deal tons of dmg and you can stand in the middle of teamfight, kida cool isn't it?

Naut is great initiator. Use ur Depth Charge on their ad carry(or ap carry, or support, you must choose yourself, best is to choose some1 who is usefull, and stands behind everyone at the moment) grab yourself with Dredge Line to someone of them, Titan's Wrath & Riptide imiedietly after use Randuin's Omen active too and here comes the hard part - YOU MUST TRY TO HIT EVERYONE AT LEAST ONCE - really, Nauts passive Staggering Blow is amazing and when you are beetween three players you can almost stun them ( Riptide + Randuin's Omen) and then when they almost cannot move u can easily immoblizie them with passive, plus when you have your Titan's Wrath's shield on you will deal really good dmg too.

When they are chasing your ad/ap carry, and you are around - help him! Just hit them once to immobilize with [staggering blow]], use your Riptide, and if you know that you might get killed just use your Dredge Line somewhere around to grab yourself to wall, with slow from your Riptide, and immobilize from Staggering Blow u can easily run away and save your ad/ap carry.

While you are in the middle of enemy team just try to do as much mess as possible, slow them, grab them, immobilize them with Staggering Blow while having your Titan's Wrath on, when u have Titan's Wrath on, you will attack everyone close to each other, and they will be close, because of all those slows and stuff, belive me. Your team should do the rest. (thats why naut usually get assists instead of kills - you initiate, and after good initiation enemies will have like 2/3 to 1/2 hp and you will have 7-8 seconds while you will be waiting for your cooldowns, and they will be slowed, immobilised and stuff, usually in this time your team is doing ace, or at least 3 kills)

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Proof that this guide works:
Second one was ranked too btw.

Thanks to

  • jhoijhoi for the separators and knowledge about BBcode.
  • Stonewall008 for jungling video.

Well I'll be updating this guide, send me screens if it works for you, as it works for me, hope that you will find this guide helpful, and thanks for reading so much text =)
Thanks again, please vote and comment :)
Yours, Gluchos.