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Yuumi Build Guide by vrsds1

Support Neko Wants To Cuddle

Support Neko Wants To Cuddle

Updated on August 2, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vrsds1 Build Guide By vrsds1 7,667 Views 0 Comments
7,667 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author vrsds1 Yuumi Build Guide By vrsds1 Updated on August 2, 2021
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Runes: Runes i use

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
usual summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Neko Wants To Cuddle

By vrsds1
About Me
I am vrsds1. I started playing League at the start of season 2 playing as a main Anivia or AP Master Yi in the mid lane. At season 5 i switched and mained top lane playing Cho'Gath and Urgot and later Ornn. At season 9 i got interested in the Support role maining Nautilus and Morgana.

In this guide i will going to talk about the cuddly kitten Yuumi.
Why Yuumi?
Since Yuumi appeared in League for her first time, i was mesmerized by this cuddly kitten and started playing her. After a few games i saw that Yuumi suited me perfectly and from that moment i started maining her.

Yuumi is an enchanter support that's amazing Mid/Late Game, with the unique mechanic to attach herself to an ally Champion. This buffs Yuumi teammates witch makes her totally different from any champion in the game making her more difficult to play efficiently but also a lot of fun to pick up and master than it first appears.

-Good with the majority of picks in the Bot lane.
-Shorter Recall timer because you can attach to a recalling teammate
-Can disengage quickly If not CC'd by attaching herself to an ally
-Very good heals and MS,AS gains for Allies with Zoomies
-Basically almost infinite sustain in lane
-Great at Team fights
-Great during the late game
-Amazing ultimate Final Chapter
-Cuddly Cute kitten


-Bad during the early game
-Can't do anything on her own (needs a good ally)
-Really bad Roaming on her own
-Depends on her Bot laner to be effective
-Getting hard CC'd usually means death
-Very Squishy
-No hard CC of her own until level 6

Overall Yuumi is a very good enchanter support that shows her true worth after lV6, and if played right she can swing every fight to your favor. She is easy to pick but needs a lot of time to master and play her efficiently (she is really fun).
TIPS For Feline Friendship.
-The shield remains until destroyed, therefore it can be active way before a fight starts.

-You can use this passive at most times when you are not in a dangerous position to restore some Mana.


TIPS FOR Prowling Projectile.
-Your basic tool to poke enemy champions or last hit them when your Bot laner can't.

-Really mana consuming early game, but becomes way cheaper towards the mid and late game.

-You can use your W ( You and Me!) to extend the range of Prowling Projectile, by attaching yourself to somebody closer to the enemy you are targeting while you control the missile.


TIPS FOR You and Me!.
-This is the ability that what makes Yuumi such a unique champion.

-You can tank enemy attacks for a short duration (make sure you don't get CC'd) and attach afterwards safely for a bit of Sustain to your ally.

-You are able to tank certain forms of CC, such as Sleep if you attach while Yuumi is still drowsy.
Yuumi Gains adaptive force while attached so attaching yourself to a very high AD or AP champion can realy boost Yuumi other abilities.


TIPS FOR Zoomies.
-Really expensive on mana early game.

-Huge amounts of healing, AS as well as MS at late game.

-Able to get surprise outplays on enemy champions

TIPS FOR Final Chapter
-This is Yuumi power spike in the laning phase.

-Works really well with Zoomies due to the bonus MS it gives to the attached ally.

-you can Control this skill by switching between different allies.

-You can get off while using this skill in the case of your Bot laner gets CC'd so to ensure the root on the enemies.

-Use your Prowling Projectile, before you use Final Chapter, as you cannot do that during the duration of your R Final Chapter and you will be able to use it again shortly after your ultimate finishes it's duration.

- Summon Aery can be used to attack with Q Prowling Projectile or shield an ally when Yuumi attaches herself to him or uses her E Zoomies.

-Since Summon Aery gives a shield to an ally, every item that needs you to "heal or provide shield" for a teammate can give it's bonus to this shield. This improvement is very important during important fights for or general teamfights.

- When you heal a teammate or strike an enemy Summon Aery leaves you going to that person, And then it comes back. If you pay some attention you can even see her moving around the lane, but since Yuumi when shielding a teammate is as close as possible to the target Summon Aery doesn't need to waste time moving around making her to proc it even more times than other champions.

- This is a very important rune for Yuumi since she is so mana dependent in the early game.

-Late game it's not that important but still bonus Mana and Mana regen are nice to have.

-The other choices do nothing for Yuumi.

-For the second slot one of the choices is Absolute Focus.

- Yuumi most of the time will be above 70% HP. That means she will have 3-30 AP bonus for most of the games time.

-Also in combination with the Domination Eyeball Collection rune which is really easy to stack up for Yuumi its posible to have up to 60 bonus Ap at most times. This translates to a bonus similar to an AP support item.

- The second option for the second slot is Transcendence.

- Transcendence gives you ability haste meaning it lowers your cooldown timer for all your skills.

-At LV11 Takedowns on champions reduce your cooldown on Yuumi's basic ability's by 20%.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but my preference leans on Absolute Focus witch makes the ability's of Yuumi stronger easing the presure your duo feels Early to Mid game while in Late game your abilites extra power can be the deference to a secure win or outplay in a teamfight.

-One of the choices for the third rune slot.

-Very good early on as it increases your poke and some times it makes a last hit posible.

-Very good Late game (30+ min) giving Yuumi a lot of AP.

The choice between the two depends in if you prefer better poke and Early game pressure with Scorch or better scaling Late game with Gathering Storm.




- For every takedown on a champion Yuumi gains 2 AP for a maximum of 10 times. When you get all stacks a + 10 AP bonus is given for a total of 30 AP.

-increases the damage as well as the healing power of Yuumi.

-Reduces the cooldown of your ULT by 5% + an additional 4% for every unique Champion takedown for a total of 25% reduction.

- Yuumi's R Final Chapter is this champions best tool in teamfights and during the laning phase to get kills. So it's an important tool to have available most of the time to use.


- a good rune since with every Champion takedown restores Mana. Also increases Mana regen when Yuumi damages a champion.

- Better now than Cut Down since the 11 Season items give health.

Both options are viable. My preference is the DOMINATION path since it increases Yuumi's AP Which in turn it increases the damage and Healing this champion does. Also it reduces Final Chapter's cooldown. Also all the support items Yuumi builds give 100% Mana regen and together with the Manaflow Band Yuumi has all the Mana regen she needs without sacrificing the aforementioned.
- Spellthief's Edge is your support item. By hitting enemy champions or turrets Yuumi gains gold. at 500 gold it evolves into Frostfang and at 1000 it becomes Shard of True Ice


- Moonstone Reneweris one out of TWO mythic choices for Yuumi

- Moonstone Renewer heals the teammate with the lowest health whenever Yuumi affects a champion with an ability (2 sec cooldown).

-This gives more sustain and utility during fights making your teammates to last longer in lane or teamfights while increasing your ability haste.


- Imperial Mandate is the second choice for the mythical item.

-With Imperial Mandate every time Yuumi slows or Imobilizes an enemy champion ( with Q Prowling Projectile or R Final Chapter) deals bonus damage and gives that target a mark for 4 sec that is consumed when a teammate strikes the marked target dealing even more bonus damage while also giving that ally 20% MS for 2 sec (6 sec cooldown).

-This gives more poke and damage while increasing your AP.


- Ardent Censer increases your heal & shield power.
-When Yuumi heals or shields an ally this item increases the AS of that ally, while also giving him bonus magic damage for 6 sec.


- Rabadon's Deathcap not only gives you 120 AP but it also increases it further by 35%.

-Because of Yuumi's W You and Me! Rabadon's Deathcap ends up increasing by a lot your AP and your Ally's AD/AP.


- Redemption is currently one of the better utility support items in the game.

- Redemption increases your heal & shield power.

-It has a lot of versatility since you are able to use it even after death.

- Provides a massive AoE heal, at a very long distance making possible for Redemption to be a massive game changer when used in the center of a teamfight.


- Staff of Flowing Water increases your heal & shield power.

-When you heal or shield an ally this item increasing their MS and AP for 3 sec making it a very good when you attach on an AP user (especially Veigar)

-Even AD users get help from this item thanks to the MS bonus in combination with the MS from Zoomies.


- Mikael's Blessing is an ok item that provides utility thanks to it's active being able to remove CC while also healing.

- Mikael's Blessing increases your heal & shield power.

- Mikael's Blessing also increases Magic resistance by a lot and gives you 15 ability haste.


-Basically Chemtech Putrifier is a support version of Morellonomicon .
-Very good against healing champions like Soraka, Sona, Nami, Vladimir, etc.



In the early in the game Yuumi is really weak, having high mana costs.

Your main job is to poke the enemy duo to get as fast as possible the stacks of Manaflow Band and of Spellthief's Edge. When poking don't use Q Prowling Projectile every time that is off cooldown. Try to strike with it when you have a high chance to hit so that you won't waste the Mana from it.

When possible and safe poke with an AA to proc Feline Friendship to restore mana and gain a shield.

When in lane try to ward as much as possible (try to have one deep Ward). Also, ward the Dragon 's pit and watch out for ganks. Enemy Junglers with CC are really dangerous for Yuumi so try to not overextend because if you get caught you are dead.

Don't use your E for light damage since it costs a lot of Mana early and you don't have a lot of Mana regen.

If your ADC is good and he/she doesn't take a lot of damage it's possible to grab kills during the early game.

When Yuumi reaches LV6 and unlocks Final Chapter then it's the time to get aggressive and try to get kills. Ping your R Final Chapter so that your jangler knows so he can gank and most of the time get a positive result.


During the Mid game Yuumi with her duo are total lane bullies. Your main goal is to poke and all in the enemy to try and get kills making this advantage helpful for your team to get objectives.

Also very important is to Ward the objectives and buffs so that you and your team can get those or trade an objective (The enemy goes Dragon you go Barron) so that you can get an advantage.

During teamfights attach and heal your ally's so that they can survive for longer. Use your R Final Chapter and don't stay only on your ADC.

If the ADC backs to base but you have health and mana to continue, attach to the jungler or an other ally to help with objectives or kills and back away when you have no mana and nothing is happening in the map to get your items.


During the Late Game Yuumi is a key factor to your teams success in teamfights. Try to be on an ally carry or bruiser since this two types take more advantage of Yuumi.(Carry's can survive for more time dealing more damage to the enemy. Bruisers with Yuumi can't die making them 1v5 machines).

Ward the objectives for the same reasons as in the Mid Game. A really sneaky Ward is to place one close or in the enemy base so that your Top laner (or more if they have Teleport) can Teleport to their base while they are occupied by an objective or teamfight (or both) so that you can get the nexus (Back door).

Because of her heals, poke and R ( Final Chapter) Yuumi is a Late game monster.
This are some good places to put Wards

If you want to learn warding better there are some very good guides here and on youtube. Here are some links to them.





I hope those will help.(There are more of those).
This was my Guide for Yuumi. I hope that you found it helpful.

If you have a question write it in the discussion and i will try to answer as fast as possible.

Have fun playing and lets see each other in a game or another guide.

Thanks for reading.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vrsds1
vrsds1 Yuumi Guide
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Neko Wants To Cuddle

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