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Build Guide by KaOticLuc

New and Improved Eve(Feb-03-2011)

By KaOticLuc | Updated on February 5, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn


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Ability Order

Welcome To KaOticLuc's Season Build #3 (UPDATED FEB-03-2011)

Hi and welcome to another build made by KaOticLuc with one of my favorite assassins, Evelyn, The Windowmaker. Here in this build i will describe how to play evelyn and different ways to go about using her and what items and their oreder that will be the most effective in team fights and late game.

There are 3 ways that I build Evelyn with the builds at the top, Hybrid , AP , or AD. Each build have their purposes and mainly on what I feel like playing and depending on the enemy team comp...
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Summary of Evelyn, The WidowMaker

Evelyn is a stealth AP Hybrid ASsassin nuke that does very well in setting up ganks with her stun and incredible burst damage to give her team in the laning phase a advantage. Most games whenever Evelyn is a champion in a game, the opposing team usually is way less aggresive and will be less farmed then your own team because they will be mainly spending their money on Wards or avoiding being killed at low health by Evelyn when she is MIA. What makes Evelyn extremely special over most assassins is her ability to go stealth for 1 full minute at level 5 of her Shadow Walk ability and then coming out of it when she hits a target, stunning them for a good about of 2 seconds. But her deadiness comes from her amount of AP and Lich Bane thats chained with her E ability Ravage resulting in HUGE amounts of damage, sometimes over 1300 HP if she stacks properly. But what makes evenlyn lack a bit is her ability to dish AD with her ultimate as she is fighting at early game since her ravage has a decent Cooldown and usually most champs have a higher AD burst damage then she does.
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Pros & Cons

o Can set up ganks in middle of the lane with her stealth being unnoticed.
o Using her stealth to scout areas where possible enemies may be in wait in bushes.
o Finishing off champions that leave fights with low health.
o Squishies worst nightmare to face.
o Ultimate refreshes everytime an enemy dies even if your not around.
o Amazing Burst damage.
o Gaining health when slaining an enemy, so great tower diver.
o 2 second Stun.
o Makes your opponent lack in farming. They to scared to wander to farm from towers at half or lower health.
o Very squishy and usually focused down when revealed during team fights.
o Has no early game Attack Damage.
o Low mana pool, in need of mana regean to stay in lane and be effective.
o Possibly ganked when wandering invisible by someone with a Ward or Oracle.
o Have a hard time taking down tanks.
o Not very useful in team fights in the beginning while plp are full health.
o Evelyn may have to leave a member to die to keep themselves alive because they lack the support to save allies unless the enemy is almost dead.
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Runes & Masteries

Her runes and mastery page is specifically designed to give her early game more effectiveness with her E ability and her ability to have Magic Pen and Armor Pen with some Utility to help her laning phase since her mana Pool is pretty much ****. Some people like to go the Jungling Eve route to pose a threat to all 3 lanes but I prefer to lane and jungle Mid game with Smite if I dont have a Jungler on my team. If i take Smite, then i just exchange it with Ignite and take Improve Smite to get the extra gold when I use it, and mainly use it on the tank minion that comes every 3-4 minion wave. If i have a jungler on my team then I just take ignite so their is no confusion. Alot of people will think your stupid for taking Smite and not jungling but people don't realize that it helps her because her farming is very poor.
Greater Seal of Replenishment
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Item Build - Core and Build Ranking(UPDATED)Feb-3-2011

Ok since the last patch of Evelyn sad nerf to her Hate Spike and Mana Pool, has made her AP capabilities very eh early game. Yeah its true that she very item dependant but going straight AP now is a bad choice and Jungling has also been crippled so going straight AD is a bad choice, so I have designed a Build that is straight Hybrid for Evelyn and works alot because most times fighting against teams, they will invest in Oracles and Wards but making her a Hybrid is liking turning her into a Master Yi but deadlier because of her Ultimate to give her tons of health back. This part of the guide iam going to explain the items to you and every thing you need to buy and how to go about gaining them because yeah, her main item core is a hell expensive but if you do it right, getting the items is a breeze.



Yeah that build there is very pricey and I have gotten it once so far because of a long game but most of the time the game ends around 25 mins anyway because most teams surrender when they are being dominated by an Evelyn. And here is why and how you go about doing it.

==== LEVEL 1-5 ==== X3
Evelyn at this stage of the game is very weak and not very dependant in lane or in the jungle unless you plan on recalling a few times just so the Nuetral minions don't kill you and even then getting the Blue Buff is a challenge because of the Low Mana pool. But the first thing you want to start off with is Boots of Speed and 3 Health Pots and choose Shadow Walk as your first ability just for scouting the bush purposes and possible stun for FirstBlood.
Once the laning phase commence, your main goal is try to last hit as many Minion Creeps as you possibly can. As a quick tip, you may take Smite with you with Improved Smite Masteries if you don't have a jungler on your team and just use smite on the Tank Minion that comes every 3rd or 4th wave to get him out the way since he gives out the most gold when killed. If you do have a jungler then take Ignite for run away strays with 200 HP and lower. But as you level you want to Level Ravage levels 2,4, and 5 ... so that it hits pretty hard when you use it on champions, but Evelyn's Mana Pool early game blows so be picky on how you spend your mana till level 6

==== LEVEL 6-10 ====
Once you get your Ultimate you can pretty much start dominating your lane because your Ultimate doesn't waste Mana and is good for jumping in the 2v2 fight and getting its passive when you get an assist/kill (health regen). Your Ultimate Malice and Spite has a nice cooldown of 75 Seconds but it lasts 10 seconds once activated and every time a champion on the enemy team is Killed, no matter you there or not, your Ultimate gets refreshed, so good to spam in team fights over and over when they are dropping like mice. By this level you should have enough to get your Wriggle's Lantern and return back to your lane or gank another lane where you see a potential Kill/Assist. Level 6-10 is your ganking stage of the laning Phase, you successfully gank means your team pushing that tower or possibly communicate with Dragon Lane to help you kill Dragon. Once you gank lanes or push your own lane, you should have enough to finish your Boots of Mobility and start on your Trinity Force by starting with Sheen. Your damage output will be small but noticable with a Maxed out Ravage and Sheen Proc to deal heavy damage, around 500 total HP. By the time your level 10, your opposing tower should be down and you should be working Mid, using Shadow Walk being at 20-30 Second stealth. Also don't forget to ward that key area on the map to help your team avoid possible ganks with your Wriggle's Lantern passive or Warding Dragon when its not up yet just in case the enemy tries to take it when it spawns before your team does. Dragon is a global 190 Gold to your entire team, thats like taking a tower. (which is alos Global gold of 150.

Boot wise when your choosing boots, you have 3 main choices, between these 3 is how you decide which one to get because they serve many purposes over the other boots.
Boots of Mobility are great Map Ganking boots because of the passive to make your movement speed, Speed 5, allowing you to be all over the map faster then you normally would and catch them Recalling champs at low HP that you normally wouldn't with you Speed 2 Boots. Makes catching people as they run away a breeze too, and tower diving because the speed is so fast when you combo it with your Ultimate. Opens many ganking potentials.

Sorcerer's ShoesI would suggest you buys these if they have a High HP team with Magic Resist to allow your to deal more damage then it normally would. They are a good choice but I usually wouldn't pick them over the Speed 5 boots.

Mercury's Treads I would recommend if they are a heavy Crowd Control team with alot of stuns and fears and taunts. These boots will save your butt so many times when you go for a kill and someone CCs you so you can't run and be focused down.

==== LEVEL 11-15 ====
This level is pretty simple, this is when eam fights break out and determine who has the better items and farmed/fed the most to decide whose mid towers are going down first because Mid Tower is usually the last tower to be touched in most games. So your main goal is to get as many Kills/Assist and target dragon and Blue buff as much as possible to get your main item of destruction Trinity Force. Once you have that, you will be hitting like a truck, most teams will expect you to go AP build but with this build allows you main roads of AD/AS/AP or even Hybrid ... because once you have Trinity Force, its GG 90% of the occasions. The items after that are your prime of choice based on what you want to do and what the other team is building.

==== LEVEL 16 & 18 ====
At this Level your item choice is strictly up to you to be completely honest because I hardly get past this point in many games to know what the right build of items to go but here are some general tips on what to choose.

=If You Want Ravage to Hit Harder=
to add more damage based on 100% of your current AP to your Auto Attack with a 2 second cooldown. Plus more movement speed to get around the map and in better positions.
Gives a big load of 155 AP and 30% increase to the total amount of AP you have, making your Lich Bane effects deal more damage and letting your Ravage hit even harder nearly 600 Damage alone if not more.
Giving you a nice amount of 100 AP and Defense to grant more durability against Melee's and using its passive to become invulnerable for 2 seconds to avoid the enemy Mage's Nuke while you slip away into the darkness again.
This will give you a grand total of 335 with your current AP and thats not adding Deathcap's 30% increase passive. Around 435 added your AP. Giving you a nice Nuke with Trinity / Lich / Rave of about 1200 Damage instantly...

=If you want your Trinity Force to hit Harder=
Adding a nice total of 75+ to your AD and turning your crits into 150% instead of 100%. Allowing you to deal more damage and get more Life Steal from your Lantern. I usualy go this route because it allows me to take down any champ it be a Mage / Tank / or DPS. The DPS with & is amazing and can go through a team with little harm to yourself.
Gaining a little more attack speed and gaining the debuff proc to help you take down those Morde's and Cho's and Rammus's...
More attack speed and more crit chance to help your Infinity Edge's proc be more useful

Thos 6 items are very useful with each other and and you can combine them of your choice to build a Hybrid if you want to stay on the safe route just so that the other team doesn't try to counter your build with a specific defense.

=Defensive Items that work with Evelyn=
Gives more Health and Mana and a passive that allows you to avoid them nasty spells if a team fight breaks out and someone saves a CC just for you. Good way to block it and laugh at their face while you run or kill them. All around great item to have. Recommend this first if their Carry is a Mage.
Gives huge amounts of Armor and CD to help your Ravage come up a bit quicker and allowing you to defeat those Master Yi and Tryndamere champs by slowing their AS, as if take an item from their inventory. I recommend this item if they have a strong Melee carry, this item is very overlooked and probably one of the strongest Armor items out there.
Great item to have if the team buys oracles and wards so they can target you first to initate team fights, allowing you to come back from the dead while your team initiates and you can join the fight once again with all their ailities on Cooldown. I recommend this if your the enemies's main target.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to initiate a gank with Evelyn with her abilities?
A: You want to ping your target first to let your team know who you plan to stun with your stealth and once you begin your combination is simple:: (Activates your Proc -> Auto Attack (activates the stun, dealing proc damage) -> -> (Activates Proc again) -> Auto attack to deal Proc Damage.

Q: How do I activate the items like to use their proc damage?
A: Just by using on of your abilities, you will see a Red/Yellow aura around your hands and you know its active and once you auto attack a target, it will deal the extra damage with your attack betermining how much you have.

Q: Is Evelyn worth buying or just using her when she is free?
A: Evelyn is pretty cheap compared to most champs and is one of the most feared champions in the game, making people waste gold on Wards and Oracles when they could be buying an item to help them deal more damage or survive. So yes Evelyn is very much worth it and more.

Q: What is the best team comp to know to pick Evelyn so she works best in a match?
A: Evelyn works best when she has a Tank and Off Tank to take alot of the Abilities of the other team while she targets the carries. Have those 2 example a Cho Gath and Olaf will make her mid game and end game so much easier. But make sure you communicate with your team to let them know what road you will take AP/AD/Hybrid so they know what champions to pick. Tank / Off Tank / DPS or Support / Mage / Evelyn = GG.

Q: Can I jungle with Evelyn, I hear alot of people saying Jungle Evelyn is better then a Laning Evelyn, so which road should I go by then?
A: Jungle Evelyn has it's perks for more potential ganks but means you may be sacrificing a tower on solo lane and possible that they may send a stray to interrupt your jungling since your damage output won't be so great and your lack of your stealth to help you in the fight. Not to mention you will be wasting your money on Health Potions to keep you at half health or you will be recalling alot, wasting time on your Red/Blue Buff. But its a good road just very hard with the new Evelyn Nerf at her mana pool and Hate spike.

Q:Which is better AP / AD / or Hybrid Evelyn?
A: I personally believe Hybrid Evelyn is better especially against a good team and your both on a same gold level. AP allows your Ravage and Lich Bane to nuke squishies but leaves you vulnerable to the heavy MR and tank champs. But on the flip side, AD allows your Trinity Force to hit harder but also low survivability against Thornmail and Life Steal Champs with little damage on your Ravage which is your Nuke. While Hybrid gives you the option of both worlds, yeah the Nuking might not be so great and the AD might not be so heavy but it means you will benefit your team more by staying alive and doing considerable amount of damage to be very effective ganker. You may not get the most kills, but you sure won't have the most deaths, and it makes the enemy very confused on what to buy to counter you.

Q: They say a tank grabbing an Oracle will make Evelyn useless, or the team placing a ward down, is this true?
A: No it's actually the very opposite, when a certain person grabs an Oracle, that means their whole team has to stay with that person, because they are scared of your damage output. Yes it takes away your element of surprise but thats only the cherry on the cake, their main worries should be your Ravage because it hits so hard when you build around it. But oracle range is very limited, proximately 600 Range but doesn't stop you from stunning your target, just means your seeable just before they die. I say a waste of 400 Gold ^.^ when it comes to team fights.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Evelyn?
A: The haterism, i've been called every name in the book after killing people who think they are safe especially when they barely survive a team fight.

Q: Who do you think is better, Twitch or Evelyn?
A: I would say Evelyn is better mainly because she stun's her targets and they can't get away while their health bar disappears while you can easily Exhaust or Flash away from Twitch and get away with only a little bit of damage. Evelyn is the perfect assassin in my eyes besides Akali, mainly because you die before your able to react when she is fed with her items.

Q: If there is another Evelyn on the opposing team, how do I counter her?
A: This is easy, plz communicate with your team to hug the tower to not allow her potential kills or Harass her so that she starves from lack of Gold and Exp. Once team fights break out, your job as Evelyn fighting another Evelyn, is to wait till she unstealths first, and you take her out while she focus down someone else. You can also grab a Oracle of your own, just in case you might find her wondering in the jungle alone stealth.
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Purchase Status and Ending

Thank you for reading my Evelyn guide, I love this champion and by far one of my favorites with Akali. She is worth the RP and IP because of her great potential. Alot of people debate on who is better between Evelyn and Twitch and my personal Opinion Evelyn dominates Twitch because of her Stun and Burst Damage. While people can easily Exhaust or Flash to escape Twitches unexpected ganks.

Evelyn is VERY cheap and pretty much is worth 6300 but she is only
Riot Points :: 585
Influence Points ::1350

Thank You and Please Rate and Comment .. and plz try the build before judging the items negatively because you will do well if you play her right.