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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Cannonofdoom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cannonofdoom

New Jungle Xin (Gank early and often)

Cannonofdoom Last updated on December 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Xin Zhou is amazing in the new jungle. The name of the game is burst AD from the bushes. Come on a jungle journey with me and learn how to take down even the toughest enemy champion in only a couple hits.

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Attack Speed to assist in early jungling, flat armor and flat magic resist for some protection when ganking, and armor penetration quintessances for extra damage. Your runes are really a matter of personal taste, but these are the ones I take.

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21/9/0. Should be standard for AD Jungle.

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Always start with the Hunter's Machete and five health potions. You'll burn through the potions quickly, but that's okay because you'll be making plenty of gold. On your first back at level 6 you'll want to grab Berzerker's Greaves and maybe 1-3 more pots (they can save you from ignite and poison). Get Sheen as soon as possible to start building your burst damage. After that, begin building for The Black Cleaver and The Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Once you have finished those, work on completing your Trinity Force. Work on AD from this point forward. I usually take Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge but I've had success with the Hydra too. There is absolutely no reason to stack attack speed items. When you proc your q and w you will be attacking fast enough. I rarely upgrade my boots any further, but it's up to personal preference.

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Skill Sequence

When jungling with Xin always start with Battle Cry. It will make him survivable enough to jungle without a leash, and the attack speed boost is critical to killing the Elder Lizard first thing. Get Three Talon Strike at level 2 and Audacious Charge at level 3. Max Three Talon Strike first, then alternate Battle Cry and Audacious Charge.

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Smite and Flash. Come on. Ghost is an alternative to flash, but not nearly as useful.

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Start at Red Lizard. I always start at red because Xin can kill it without a leash. If you start at blue you will need a leash. The red buff is amazing on Xin, boosting every attribute that he is already good at. Start with Battle Cry and simply autoattack the Elder Lizard. Xin will heal himself a little, but you should also use a pot during the fight to keep your health up. Smite when he gets low enough. Ignore the Minor Golems until later. You don't need to clear them now, and they're tough nuts to crack at low level. Worry about them when you can kill them in one or two hits. After you get red buff get your Three Talon strike and clear the wraiths, then the wolves. You should have three potions left. Clear the Blue golem. Smite should come back up while you're attacking it. Make sure you use another potion so that you are near or at full health. Now comes the fun times. You are now level 3 and have all three of your abilities. Find a bush, ping your gank, and help your team. Gank whichever lane is closest to blue, then gank mid, then gank the lane closest to red. If the enemy jungler isn't in a lane, go into his jungle and start stealing his creeps. Leave one creep left in each camp to prevent them from regenerating and hurt his jungle. If you can find the enemy jungler, kill him. Xin is very tough at low level, and his audacious charge makes him difficult to escape from. It's best to kill enemy junglers now before they get their ults, and to keep them from snowballing. Once you hit level 6, go back to base, buy items, rinse, repeat. From here on out clear ALL of the jungle camps, yours and the enemy team's. Gank often, and help push lanes when you successfully gank. If you are having trouble killing an opponent perform an alpha strike combo of ewqr, run for a bit, kiting them behind you while your cooldowns come up, then repeat ewq.

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Team Work

Pay attention to how your lanes are doing. If one lane is struggling, gank it more often. Try to help push out top lane as soon as possible to free them up to roam a bit. In team fights, find and destroy enemy carries, especially ones with CC. Get in, get a kill, then get out, wait for cooldowns and go back in. Xin can also back door very effectively. Be everywhere at once to help your team out the most. Hunt down any lone enemy champions with impunity. Once you have your full build any other enemy champion will die so quickly they won't have time to react. Prepare to see a lot of "Xin OP" in all chat.